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It’s been a hard day because your USB stick or SD card with important content doesn’t have the file you are looking for. Somehow, maybe your kid, formatted the device and what you are looking for is no longer there.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get some recovery software to find that file?

Better yet, wouldn’t it be nice to have a free download to show you what files can be seen… and then you can decide to buy the software? I mean, your day has already been bad enough, why spend money for a shot in the dark?

EaseUS Data Recovery software is just what you need. Today is a review of this software. Our first and last impression, it’s good stuff!

Here is the “Readers Digest” version of the data recovery software review. Oh, and if you’re a millennial who doesn’t know what “Readers Digest” is, it was a small magazine that would provide short stories and reviews and jokes. Nothing long, everything quick and to the point.

The EaseUS Data Recovery software is free for download with upgrade options.

The fee download gives you the ability to recover up-to one GB of data. The types of situations the free software is best used for is when the file was deleted or the file was formatted off the drive.

With the Upgrade of $69 USD, you can get a deep scan, which is a sector be sector scan and recovery tool, and you are no longer limited to one GB of data recovery.

Probably the best feature, is the free version will show you everything the software can recover… even if your content is over one GB. So you get to see what the results will be, before you click the Recover button.

The second best feature, is the ability to filter what files you need to recover. So for example, if the USB stick was formatted and you only need to recover that one PDF document, you can filter the recovery process to only PDF files. Nice.

The above is our short review of the software, below is our extended review with screen shots and examples of data recovery steps.

Here is a USB flash drive with content I am about to delete:

Here is what EDR (EaseUS Data Recovery) found:

Here are the files EDR started to recovery:

The software gives you the option to save the recovered data anyplace you want, I saved it to my desktop, here are the recovered files. The software even recovered the System Volume Information folder, which is a system file that even “View Hidden Files” will not find. So this scan goes deep.

The software auto detects it was drive letter G and saves the content in such named folder. Sorry my screen shot of data wasn’t more impressive.

Next, you can see my flash drive with content and I’m about to format the USB from FAT to FAT32. Let’s see what happens with EDR…

The recovery went as expected. The software labels much of the content in the “Extra Files” category because technically they are extra files that where found from an older partition table. When you drill down, you can see things, like my recovered video.

Okay, so now let’s push the limits. Nexcopy has some duplication software that also performs a binary Erase function. With that said, I took the same USB and Erased the data.

I then formatted the drive so Windows could see the flash drive, and then pointed the EDR software at the flash drive:

The result from EaseUS Data Recover was no love. The Erase function which writes random data to the entire drive and clears out the boot code, partition table, file system and files and folders destroyed all the data and could not be recovered.

Note, this is an extreme situation with a very exact purpose, so really not a surprise.

Our last screen shot is the Filter function to show how you can select specific categories of files during the recovery process. give EaseUS Data Recovery a positive review and would recommend this product to anyone needed to recover data.

For more information please visit EaseUS Data Recovery website.

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