Disney MixStick MP3 Player With Feeble Attempt iPod Look

It’s always healthy to check in over-seas and see what trinkets are in the works. Well, the latest is a Disney MP3 player with a feeble attempt for looking like an iPod. The MixStick is a 512MB MP3 player where the navigation area is circular like the iPod but classy touch of a shuffle and repeat button atop for that Mickey tech look.
mickey mp3 player
And the stainless steel Mickey MP3 player isn’t alone, one can also select from all white, pink with Minnie MP3 player or the blue Stitch MP3 player.
minney stitch mp3 player
But wait, there’s more. Any of the above can also fit into this nice knock-off jukebox looking speaker dock station.
mickey jukebox player
MixStick Mickey MP3 Player is $50 Mickey Mouse Jukebox Dock Station is $45 All can be obtained from Source: ForeverGeek

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