Creative USB webcam follows you around

Live!Cam Optia

Pulling-out-all-the-stops is Creative’s MO for product release and it’s no different with their new Live!Cam Optia USB web camera. Besides the cool factor and sexy look the small, stylish Live!Cam is stuffed with usable features. Although 1.3MPs isn’t the best webcam spec we’ve seen it does have auto lighting and brightness level settings. There is greater viewing flexibility with the multi-axis swivel arm connector you can view angles up to 270 degrees. Sweet auto image flip feature to insure things stay up-right as the camera follows you around. Yes, the camera follows you around. Creative uses their Smart Face Tracking utility to insure the camera automatically follows you as you move about, so that you’re always in the video. Included is Advanced Video FX which is a special effects utility to spice up those late night chats. The Live!Cam Optia is fully compatible with VoIP services like Skype, Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live. Pricing is about $130USD.

Creative Livecam Optia

The Creative USB Webcam is available from Amazon at a much lower price than I’ve found at or even

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