Could a USB Key Better Your Child’s Web Surfing?

Japanese gaming company, Bandai is looking to make the world a safer place. Web surfing can offer a lot of unwanted information to children and expose them to content even the worst parent wouldn’t want them to see.
kids usb security key
Bandai created a USB security key to safeguard children while surfing the net. The USB Key automatically logs on with a “kids mode” interface. This allows the kids to surf sites like Yahoo! where it logs only to the kids games section. Additionally the Bandai key links to recommended or modified kid-friendly only sites. There is a “the toy box mode” as well. In this mode the children can experience playing games in a very different way. There is a message function that allows the children to communicate with their parents on the net. Bandai did some market research and found about 70% of children internet users are between the 4th and 5th grade. Bandai should have done some more research to realize the kid friendly Mickey Mouse and Poo design is too young…should have gone with Transformers or Ninja Turtles (yes their making a come back!) Source: New

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