WUSB TV Spot – The Official Sales Pitch About Wireless USB

The USB-IF posted a somewhat interesting TV spot on YouTube about the convenience of wireless USB technology. The ad makes sense and sure is nice to watch, but where the hell are the WUSB products? I see the ad as a motivator to encourage faster development of WUSB products while at the same time, peak the interest of the consumer. Wonder if it will work…well, with respect to getting products out there faster – I think we can already agree consumer’s interest is there. Continue Reading

Old Twist on New Product – Dust Cover

Ion Audio released their iTTUSB USB Turntable several years ago and has since introduced the product with dust cover, the iTTUSB10. But isn’t the dust coming off those old records?
Once you get the convert vinyl to MP3 process down, grab the portable iPod PA system and head outdoors. The iPA03 is from Ion Audio and is built for outdoor abuse with the roadie looking case, wheels and handle. With microphone included this might be Continue Reading

Bored? Kill 1min 27sec and Watch Vista Load Using USB Readyboost

So… things are a little bit slow this morning with USB so jumping over to YouTube I found this 1min 27sec video on Vista booting up using the USB Readyboost technology. Although it’s not an official test using multiple machines and configurations, I think you’ll conclude that if you’ve got an extra 512MB flash drive laying around, use it for Readyboost. If you want the money shot without video, read the end of this post:
Sorry – Video off Youtube but the point was the benefit isn’t all that great using Readyboost to speed boot process
Results: Without Readyboost – 43 seconds to boot. With Readyboost – 14 seconds. Continue Reading

MP3 Guitar Trainer Helps You Rock On

Wouldn’t it be great to loop a guitar solo to your MP3 player so you could mimic that perfect lead axe riff? The TASCAM MP-GT1 MP3 Guitar Trainer does just that along with a long list of other mind-blowing features.
tascam mp3 guitar trainger
How about pitch a song up or down to match the tuning of your guitar, or play back MP3s at variable speeds, or maybe cancel out the guitar all together so you become that lead guitarist? The TASCAM MP3 player can do that and Continue Reading

Titan the Unequivocal Indestructible Flash Drive

So we’ve seen UFDs that withstand 2,000 pounds of weight, we’ve seen underwater flash drives and we’ve seen rugged flash drives, but what about all of that, plus the security of anti-shock and anti-static? After all, UFDs are most susceptible to static electricity which is a leading factor in failing flash drives. Slava Tyukalov answered this call with his highly customized and durable flash drive line specifically designed to address these types of issues, the Titan.
Each Titan is hand made with the highest quality materials and the greatest level of care. Here’s the run down: Each flash drive starts with a graphite/aluminum composite metal combination to create a light yet very durable enclosure, this type of mixture is something you’d see in NASA products or prototypes, next coat the UFD with Continue Reading

BeoLab 9 – An Unconventional Bang & Olufsen Design

The BeoLab 9 from Bang & Olufsen is the latest high-end loudspeaker system with performance past it’s modest design. Using B&O’s Acoustic Lens Technology the treble area sits atop the loudspeaker as if a lighthouse.
beolab 9
This position gives a uniform sound in front of the bass and midrange tones so even the unappreciated will notice the high range – at least that’s the idea. Although the BeoLab 9 is a little Star Trek looking, Continue Reading

Grab-n-Go FlashMic from HHB

Now this makes sense, if you’re a reporter and need to grab-n-go the HHB FlashMic is definitely the right choice for gear. With 1GB of flash memory the microphone can record over 18 hours of audio – perfect for the next Michael Jackson court hearing.
hhb flashmic
This time, however, the HHB FlashMic is a Cardioid version rather then omni-directional. What does that mean? The mic is a better gear for use in a uni-directional application, like places with high-ambient noise such as the CES trade show floor, press pits or conflict zones. Continue Reading

Wi-Fi Sansa Connect MP3 Player from SanDisk

SanDisk, the 2nd largest seller of MP3 players just gave the well known Sansa a face lift. The Sansa Connect is the next step in wireless MP3 players. What we like about the Sansa Connect is the ability to access your music or photos via any Wi-Fi hotspot. This means the storage capacity of the player itself isn’t limited, but rather your PC storage capacity determines that – something we all know is east to upgrade.
sansa connect
In addition, the Sansa Connect receives a wide range of music subscription services and streaming Internet radio. With a “live” button to connect into communities and grab features or recommendations for music genres. At 4GBs you can stuff (on average) 1,000 songs into the flash memory, but again, virtually unlimited when exchanging anywhere, anytime via Wi-Fi. Product is expected to hit March of 2007 at about $250USD. Continue Reading

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