Off Topic: Mr. Pitiful Official Music Video

Taking things off topic for a moment, GetUSB’s blogging buddy, Zedomax, has a friend of a friend who just released their first official music video. I’m working hard to convince them of using USB music albums rather than vinyl or CD. Below is the official video. The song is called Mr. Pitiful. I must say…it’s good and the guy has a great voice. If this single doesn’t help him break into the music industry, than he sure as hell should try American Idol next season. Take a listen: As for my buddy at Zedomax (Max) he’s also the founder/developer for the viral and ever popular website SiteHoppin. If you like Stumble or Digg or any other social network than SiteHoppin is the next big thing and an absolute must. If you can’t view the video go to the YouTube channel. Continue Reading

DIY: New Term For Video iPod (Hint: Projector)

I enjoy the Instructables weekly email about DIY projects. Occasionally you see one worth trying or sparks your interest enough to consider trying. This week we found an instructable for a DIY iPod Video Porjector. To turn your dream into a reality, you’ll need an iPod, mirror, lens and flat wall for projected image. Here’s the DIY video for the iPod video projector…and sure you could get a dock station and connect your iPod to your TV, keep the lights on and enjoy the latest Jon Stewart download…but where’s the sizzle in that? Source and full tutorial: Instructables video iPod. Continue Reading

Tiny Wii Remote Isn’t a Wii Remote At All

Before you Wii addicts get too excited, it’s not a Wii remote at all, but a well disguised USB stick. This design uses the Wii A button to pop out the USB connector. The spring loaded mechanism looks a little stiff (see video). What’s great about this product, is it looks just like the Wii remote – but far from it and for the Wii fan – it stores between 1 & 8GBs of whatever you want.

usb wii remote

So what do you call a Wii remote look-a-like USB stick? The Wedisk of course. For those interested in a gift giving idea, the company will also custom label the remote with your logo. Source: Techeblog. Continue Reading

USB Tutorial: USB Telescope for Under $40

The guys at Instructables have come up with yet another great tutorial to add some USB gadgetry to your closet. This time we take a look at building a USB telescope from an old analog zoom lens, webcam and PVC piping for housing. Reading through the instructions, the USB tutorial is a seven step process. You will need some prep work done at the hardware store and have your zoom lens and webcam available (both items can be found on eBay for under $15 each). Here is a video summary:
For the full USB Telescope tutorial make the jump. Continue Reading

World’s Smallest USB Charger, USB to VGA Adapter and iPhone Power Cradle

Lets bring you some USB Fever in the form of smallest USB charger, USB VGA adapter and iPhone power cradle. Lets start with the world’s smallest USB charger. The idea is very simple: embed a USB connector inside a power plug. No LED for complete charge but the device is intelligent and turn off when a charge is complete. So what size makes up the world’s smallest USB charger? How about 7cm tall.

smallest usb charger

Smallest USB Charger product page. Next up is this slick USB to VGA adapter. Although we are seeing more USB monitors these days, it’s safe to say most monitors our there still have VGA connectivity. Well, as you make the transition, this easy to use, plug and play adapter will aid in the process. Continue Reading

Video: USB Engine Isn’t a Joke reported on the USB Engine Hub back in June ’07 from SolidAlliance and we scratched our heads on the reason why. Well the product is real (which we didn’t doubt) and below is a short clip of what the USB engine hub can do. What we didn’t report on…or didn’t know at the time…is the USB engine also vibrates during operation. What is comical about this, and you’ll see it in the video, is the USB hub vibrates enough it could easily fall off your desk. So your USB hub could end up pushing your $1,500 DSL camera off the desk and onto the floor. Makes total sense. Can’t see the video? Click for the YouTube link. Continue Reading

The Social Network Bubble

I lived through the dot com bust back in the late 90’s and now the internet is buzzing again with Social Media and Social Network sites as our next big cash cow. Even the buzz about Blogging has gotten a little out-of-hand. Today I found a nice YouTube video spoofing the social network bubble and whether it’ll burst as quickly as the dot com days.

Continue Reading

Onion Powered iPod

So it turns out a white onion is not only good for salsa, but good for charging iPods too. Here is a video showing you how to charge an iPod with an onion, Gatorade and USB cable. I knew those electro-lights are good for something. For those not interested in watching a 3 minute video here is the down-n-dirty:
  • put two holes on either side of your onion with screwdriver
  • soak the thing in Gatorade until most is gone (about 1 cup worth)
  • use the iPod USB cable and push in the USB connector into the onion.

Your iPod will then turn on and charge shortly there after. So for about 1 cup of gatoraid soaked into the onion will get you about 30 minutes of charge time. Source: TreeHugger, YouTube link If you like this we have other USB hacks and USB Tutorials. Continue Reading

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