What is WUSB?

WUSB is Wireless USB a high-bandwidth wireless extension to USB which is short-range so also known as WUSB. WUSB combines the speed of USB 2.0 of 480Mbit per second with the convenience and ease of wireless technology. WUSB is the most common terminology used for Wireless USB but the Implementers Forum or USB-IF would rather you say Certified Wireless USB, but who’s got time for that.
wireless usb wusb usb-if
WUSB is based off the WiMedia Alliance’s Ultra-WideBand (UWB) radio platform which means WUSB will work at the 480Mbit/s speed up to 9 feet away and then slow down to Continue Reading

Wireless Digital Media Player or Wireless DMP

Steaming audio and podcasts are today’s hype on social media but when will this convenient and idealistic technology make it into homes and TVs via wireless channel for video. At least in the sense of built in technology rather then home-brew solutions.
dmp wireless digital media player
KestrelMedia has introduces their first generation of wireless streaming media solutions. The DMP or Digital Media Player connects to TVs and displays stored audio, video or just about anything over an 802.11g network. Using UPnP-AV protocols to discover and play back remotely stored content Continue Reading

Evolve Your iPod Speakers from Griffin

Wireless speakers never looked like this before. The Griffin Evolve wireless speaker system and iPod station is ideal for the contemporary. The Evolve is comprised of a two wireless speaker cubes and a dock station. The cubes can be picked up and placed anywhere within 150 feet of the base.
griffin evolve
What makes this system stand out are the wireless speakers which recharge simply by placing them on the dock station. With Lithium-Ion batters you can expect 10+ hours of continual play.
Continue Reading

Grab-n-Go FlashMic from HHB

Now this makes sense, if you’re a reporter and need to grab-n-go the HHB FlashMic is definitely the right choice for gear. With 1GB of flash memory the microphone can record over 18 hours of audio – perfect for the next Michael Jackson court hearing.
hhb flashmic
This time, however, the HHB FlashMic is a Cardioid version rather then omni-directional. What does that mean? The mic is a better gear for use in a uni-directional application, like places with high-ambient noise such as the CES trade show floor, press pits or conflict zones. Continue Reading

TRENDnet Boomerang ClearSky VoIP Kit

ClearSky is the latest conference call VoIP solution from TRENDnet. The kit includes a base unit and USB Class 1 Bluetooth dongle. Together the system provides a range of over 300 feet so a grab-n-go meeting is no problem.
clearsky voip
With a generous push-button nav area and large LCD display the ClearSky is breeze to use, even for the old lady working the front desk. LCD supports English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. Continue Reading

Touch-My-Screen Says LG Prada KE850 Mobile Cell – WOW

LG launched their KE850 mobile cell phone yesterday and with a 3 inch touch screen they’re looking for action. Although the phone was announced last year, it’s debut into the market place is still a little ways out.
lg prada ke850
Featured with a 2mp camera, Bluetooth enabled, USB connectivity and MicroSD card slot this tri-band GSM/BPRS/EDGE power house is ready to take on the iPhone. At nearly $750USD it’s a hard ticket to swallow without Wi-Fi but with a name like Prada I don’t think it really matters. Continue Reading

Finger Nail Bluetooth Adaptor with Flat Mouse

Update:  Read a full review of the MoGo Bluetooth Mouse. It’s been reported recently of Newton Peripheral’s MoGo finger nail sized Bluetooth adaptor, but no one pointed out the flat mouse – does MoGo do anything normal?
mogo dapter
The MoGo Mouse slides into your express card laptop slot (recharges) all the while having the nub of a Bluetooth adaptor hanging out the back-end. Excellent tools for the road warrior or, like me, the minimalist.
mogo mouse
Using v2.0 Bluetooth technology you get enhanced Wi-Fi and up to three times faster data-transfer rates then more common v1.2 adaptors. Of course we wouldn’t do this post unless the MoGo Bluetooth Dapter connected via USB. Continue Reading

Sleek VoIP Phone Stored in PCMCIA Slot While Charging

Store you’re VoIP phone in the PCMCIA slot, recharge your VoIP phone from the PCMCIA slot – the Vo200 Bluetooth Internet Phone is right on target. If you’re into VoIP phones this is one sexy looking unit.
vo200 kensington
The sleek design is designed for simplicity with auto detecting Bluetooth signal upon power up, what is now standard echo cancellation technology and compatible with virtually any VoIP service (Skype, MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk) 3 hours of continuous talk time, 30 hours standby time and a blinking light when only 10% of the charge is remaining. Nice built-in stand too. For one wireless, cable free Continue Reading

Kodak EASYSHARE Digital Picture Frames – A Long Journey from 1878

What other household name can we think of other then Kodak who consistently brings new and convenient technology to the masses. Well, since 1878 Kodak has been doing just that. Earlier this week Kodak took another step forward by introducing their EASYSHARE Digital Picture Frames. Here’s the EASYSHARE picture frame, but lets take a look back at the top 12 milestones the average consumer would care about (not industrial advancements) THEN we’ll get to the picture frame:
easyshare digital picture frame
  • 1878 – George Eastman developed a method for dry gelatin photo plates and a year later invented an emulsion coating machine to mass produce these dry photo plates.
  • 1881 – Built the business big enough to move into a four story building at 343 State Street, Rochester NY where even today remains to be the world headquarters.
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Cardo VoIP Wireless Headset w/ Control Wheel & Locator Buzzer

Cardo Wireless is a premiere Bluetooth and VoIP headset manufacturer with well established lines of Scala-500 and Scala-600 wireless headsets. Cardo has just announced their Scala-700 series – although an announcement made back in August, they’ve now been able to pull off a shipping product.
scala 700
So what came of the long Cardo Wireless wait – well the drawing board produced a rotating wheel for Cardo’s SWAP technology (switch between two devices such as Skype VoIP and mobile cell phone), headset locator buzzer, battery life indicator (nice) voice dial, mute, redial, call reject, conference calling blah blah Continue Reading

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