Sony VAIO VoIP mouse doesn’t make much sense

This is another piece of VoIP equipment that comes with a built in additional cool function. The Sony VAIO VoIP mouse is a mouse that claims to be the first of its kind with a built in voip phone that is skype certified. This sexy gadget ships in a variety of colors which are white, blue, red, green and black and weights only 67g with a dimension of 45.5 x 23.9 x 89.2 mm. The impressive feature of the Voip Continue Reading

Wireless USB phone and media player

Let’s just cut-to-the-chase and make all phones look, act and feel like a cell phone, it seems What-Trend Technology is on the same page with our thoughts and offers a wireless full-functional USB phone designed for Skype users. It looks just like a cell phone. Equipped with a 2.4GHz wireless multi-channel communication system, the USB phone supports desk-top and laptop connections, and has an LCD with back lights. This sleek little guy also doubles as a music media player. Continue Reading

1.3 Mega Pixel USB web camera from Adesso

To have a USB web camera which displays a resolution of 1.3 Mega Pixels and built-in microphone tells me your serious about on-line communication. Adesso can help you with their new AstraPix PC230 web cam. So now you can xxplore the exciting world of Internet video conferencing in just minutes. It’s very easy to setup – after all it’s USB. The AstraPix PC230 USB PC camera captures still images and video on a PC, send it via e-mail, or go for a face to face chat. As a added bonus, this webcam has a built-in microphone so you could even use this as a Skype Phone. Simply plug it in, click, and send… Continue Reading

USB VoIP Bluetooth headset with multipoint technology

So what is so great about multipoint technology? Well…take the new Platonic’s VoIP-optimized Bluetooth Headset System for example, the headset allows you to click from one device to another with a single button. So now that awkward looking Bluetooth headset will NEVER leave your ear. Use the 510-USB at your desk, then click over to your cell phone and head out for that lunch meeting. It’s the world’s first VoIP headset which is meant primarily for wireless use with PC-based soft phones but also works seamlessly with other technologies like mobile phones. Continue Reading

New USB Skype phone from Brando

Brando has a USB Skype Phone looks and acts like your land line telephone at home. It’s got all those basic features, caller ID, including Skype titles & contacts, ring tone options, PC-to-PC or PC-to-phone operation, multi language support. What we like most is the high-tech look and simplicity of the unit. The Brando USB Skype Phone is available in two colors, (ahh) black and white. The list price for the Brando phone is $34USD. Continue Reading

BenQ DC C500 – Renaissance phone; jack of all traits

Those among us who loathe bringing around bulky gadgets, including cameras, will surely like the BenQ DC C500. This model is part of the highly-diversified product offerings of the Taiwanese tech giant BenQ which also sells computers and mobile phones. BenQ’s DC C500 is so light you don’t almost feel it’s there. This works great for me since I prefer carrying small handbags when I get out of the house. Continue Reading

8GB Samsung smartphone SGH-i310

Samsung has largest HHD capacity smartphone at 8GBs. The SGH-i310 is absolutely loaded with features. Windows Mobile 5.0, 2 megapixel camera, microSD slot for even MORE capacity, document viewer, TV output (camera can record video), voice recorder, play songs, videos with the same experience as on a PC. The i310 changes the way folks will use their phone with the 8GB capacity – that’s 2,000 songs (4MB each). Included are dual speakers and digital power amp to get the most of the audio. Of course USB 2.0 and Bluetooth compatible. There is so much to list, just hit our link for more details. Continue Reading

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