New USB Designs Are Nothing More Than Lame

Cruising around last night, I found CoolBuzz posting some new USB designs – which are far from Cool Buzz.  (sorry guys).  Lets take a look:

usb designs

I like the idea of convergence, but a cyber-latte which “fills up” during USB data loading is a little rediculous.  Maybe good for a 2nd grader who needs to understand the concept, but I think we are all savvy enough to check capacity using the properties function. Next up, and along the same line would be the hourglass and pie-chart shape.  Wouldn’t you love to have that pie-chart sticking out the side of your laptop?  Introducing a heating plate on that huge platter to keep your latte warm might be worth it, but even then a hard sell. The hourglass?   Come on.  No comment there. The only product I could see working is the Empty or Full USB device, and this would only work in one niche market.  NASCAR. Continue Reading

Parasolar Concept Includes USB

The Parasolar umbrella performs the very obvious of shielding you from UV rays, but did you know it soaks up those UV rays and converts them to energy? Oded Shorer is thinking outside-the-box with this concept design. The Parasolar pops open a cloth canopy which converts the sun’s rays into electric energy thanks to it’s integrated photovaltaic panels.

parasolar usb umbrella

The Parasolar can discharge it’s stored energy via a 12v outlet or two USB ports. As UberGizmo points out, this is a great gadget for those camping trips. After all, what’s worse than losing iPod energy while stomping the North 40? Continue Reading

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