Pick Up Girls With Your BMW MP3 Watch

Late last night I stumbled upon the BMW MP3 watch. It amazed me the product was still available on BMW’s website. This product was at the top-of-it’s game maybe 3 years ago when flash memory was expensive and 256MB of space seemed like a lot. Since then, MP3 watches have become a pure novelty item.
bmw mp3 watch
Just to make sure I wasn’t off base, I contacted my buddy Darren, who is also a proud BMW owner, and asked for his thoughts:
“If I was trying to impress a girl, I’m not sure if she’d be impressed or turned off by headphones connected to my watch.”
Enough said. Continue Reading

Cube Fun Series MP3 Player

Aztech has a Fun Series MP3 player which is nothing short of pure novelty. So common these days are MP3 players with a couple simply buttons for play, rewind, forward – it’s become our modern day widget.
square mp3 player
Definitely not your Sansa or iPod so I will file this under USB novelty as at least that’s the connection requirement for uploading to the 512MB of memory. If you’ve been called square before, then you might be interested, here’s the Fun Series MP3 link. Continue Reading

Limited Edition Disney Mickey, Pooh & Stitch Flash Drives

Gadgets Monkey tipped us about this one – Buffalo of Japan has limited edition USB flash drives. Buffalo is finally getting past the simple silk-screen and going with molded statuettes. The limited edition figurine collection (only 5000 to be made) is comprised of Mickey Mouse taking the helm, Winnie the Pooh, doing what he does best – eating, and Stitch getting loose on his surfboard.
disney usb
Available only in Japan sometime in February you’d better make the jump if you’re looking to A) buy some because you’re a Disney freak or B) looking to make a quick buck from an eBay addicted Disney fan. Continue Reading

Water Proof Mickey Mouse Flash Drive

Mickey Mouse flash driveInspired by Mickey Mouse, A-Data has a Mickey sports collection flash drive to make mass storage fun. The Mickey USB flash drive (RB18) comes with two capes, one with a smiley face and another as a brushed impression – basically Mickey’s head and ears. A-Data has made the Disney flash drive water-proof to sport him up a little. Looks like there will be more styles rolling out to include Continue Reading

SnowDrive – Burton Snowboard Flash Drive

burton snowdrive stumbled upon this one while researching another product, ACP-EP Memory teamed with Burton Snowboards to introduce two different styled USB flash drives or Snowdrives. With a cool rubberized feel, these snow board shaped UFDs have authentic Burton graphics of the legendary Custom model and the Vapor model. The LED light to indicate activity appears at the head of the board. Capacity ranges from 512MB to 2GBs with 2 year warranty. Continue Reading

Stormtrooper USB Mimobot

Mimoco creates a full breath of USB storage products and bring them to life with their artist rendition gadgets. Their latest is the Star Wars Stormtrooper Mimobot. If you’re into this kinda thing, then preorder your drive now as only 2,500 are being made. The limited edition mimobot will also carry exclusive Star Wars content.
USB Stormtrooper
Mimoco is 2/3rds the way down on a four character set and the Stormtropper is the third in series (USB Darth Vader, USB Chewbacca & USB Stormtrooper). Capacities range from 1GB to 4GBs and prices from $79 to $170USD respectively. So belly up with a non-refundable $10 deposit and book your 2 3/8in. Dark-Side protection. Items should ship early Jan 2007.
USB Stormtrooper
Source: Mimico Continue Reading

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