Make the Most of Your Desk Grommet

Belkin USB desk grommet
Let me help Belkin help you with their latest product announcement the In-Desk Grommet USB Hub and In-Desk Grommet iPod Dock Station. Every now and again, a real great idea comes along and I believe this is one of them. What I like about this solution are the side spaced so you can still fit your other cables, like monitor and keyboard connections down through the desk grommet.
iPod desk grommet
At $39 the Belkin In-Desk USB iPod dock station and hub are a fair price. Belkin also has two other “flat” models available. Grommet size solutions are standard 2 inch and 3 inch holes. I was going to click the Buy Now button, but Belkin is just prepping the market, nothing is available just yet. Continue Reading

New Trinket Disney USB Hub from Brando

Brando released another Disney trinket, this time a Disney USB hub available in either a blue Donald Duck or Black-n-Red Mickey Mouse. Not much else to say other than the Disney USB hub has four ports and runs $14.
Disney usb hub
As I’ve mentioned before, although you order directly from Brando in Hong Kong shipping is quick and cheap. The last item I purchased was the USB Circus Cannon. You can read a review of the USB circus cannon but if you’re going to drop some coin stick with the USB missile launcher. Continue Reading

USB SyncMaster 940UX Samsung 19inch Monitor

Samsung announced a new 19-inch LCD monitor called, the SyncMaster 940UX, which can be connected to a PC using only a USB port. I’ve been saying this for years, but a move like this from Samsung once again proves my point…USB is king of plug-n-play solutions.
940ux samsung usb monitor
The SyncMaster approach of USB connectivity for monitors eliminates the need for a second graphics card and although it never took a masters degree in engineering Continue Reading

Free Style USB Optical Mouse Strapped to Your Finger

I’m a little skeptical about the USB optical finger mouse. The potential is there, but I see some issues with the strap working loose and thus becoming more of a nuisances then asset. None the less, the optical finger mouse is worth a closer look.

usb optical finger mouse

So the USB finger mouse straps to your index finger via Velcro, then use your thumb to push two levers up or down for scrolling. There is a rotary navigation dial as well, and I’m guess you depress the dial for

Continue Reading

Two Outstanding Trust USB Gamer Wheels

Trust raises the bar for the pedal-to-the metal type. They’ve just released two new USB gamer steering wheels, the GM-3200 and GM-3400, and Trust didn’t lack in upgrades. The GM-3200 is for the tiny-tikes looking to break-it-loose with a smaller wheel diameter for smaller hands and rubber coating for optimal grip and sensitivity of wheel. The 3200 also comes with sturdy clamp and suction cup so nothing shakes loose.
trust usb gm-3200
The GM-3400 is the vibration feedback steering wheel version of the earlier GM-3100 series wheel. The vibration feedback technology should provide one of the most realistic experiences available. This too, comes with Continue Reading

Review: Logitech MX3200 Wireless Keyboard

The Logitech USB MX3200 is a stylish wireless keyboard, loaded with hotkey options and built in LED display features. Our Across-the-Pond friends at Gadget Centre did a nice review and it’s worth a read if you’re shopping for a wireless keyboard.
logitech mx3200
The Logitech MX3200 is a sleek black HID (human input device) that connects instantly via the secure USB receiver supplied, using Logitech’s SetPoint software to configure a range of hotkeys to work within Windows. Continue Reading

OrbiTouch is the Keyless Keyboard

Is it just me or is someone getting frisky with their keyboard?
The OrbiTouch is a revolutionary keyless keyboard for improved ergonomic experiences while computing. Using two dials a user will twist the domes into location for typing letters, numbers and symbols. For example, turn the left dial to a blue zone and the right to the UVWXY zone and you’ve just typed “Y” Continue Reading

Rugged QWERTY USB Keyboard

For the select few a rugged keyboard is the only solution, and I’m not just talking about Police, Fire and military what about kids and their infinite number of juice cups which always find their way onto your keyboard.
rugged keyboard
Staco Switch just released their USB ruggedized keyboard and although not priced for the home user, it is the leading edge keyboard system for police, fire, EMT and military. The M779 Keyboard series connects via USB and has a small built-in touchpad. The QWERTY keyboard is compact and designed for tight-fit applications and use. What’s especially nice about this keyboard is Continue Reading

Transcend RDM2 Card Reader Does It All

Card readers are a dime-a-dozen but with newer cards such as SDHC and miniSDHC you could be missing what you really need. The Transcend RDM2 has a boat-load of connectivity and as I write this, the most diverse card reader available.
rdm2 transcend card reader
The multi-card reader is lightening fast for data transfer when using SD, miniSD, Compact Flash, Microdrive, Multimedia Card, Memory Stick new generation Secure Digital cards and all important SDHC and miniSDHC. Now if you didn’t know the SDHC and miniSDHC are not backward compatible so although they look like the form-factor of SD and miniSD, they don’t work like them. Continue Reading

Sweet 16 – For a USB Hub?

Yep, Japanese company Century tweaked a PCB board to house 16 USB ports. Not bad for a USB addicted gadget freak and with an internal power supply even those poorly made USB flash drives that suck too much juice…will have…well, juice. Also included are two PC USB-B adaptors to spread the wealth of 16 ports. Doubt this will make it to the US so here’s the company link for 16 port USB hub.
16 port usb hub
Continue Reading

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