Wireless USB Keyboard with Data Encryption

Wireless keyboards are a dime-a-dozen and sometimes the low-end just wont do. Wireless Computing turned their back on standard wireless keyboards and produced a high-end, commercial grade wireless keyboard that also carries 2-way data encryption technology for secure communication.
wireless keyboard with encryption
Albeit not a common need of the average computer user, USB input devices like this make it possible for retail and commercial organizations to do business without sacrificing security. The RF-250 encrypted wireless keyboard can distance itself about 100 feet from the USB dongle and include a detachable wrist rest and [touch] mouse pad. Continue Reading

The Pink Samsung 8mm Slim Mouse

Aving News gave some visual news about the new Samsung 8mm ultra-slim mouse. Although it’s no MoGo Mouse that slips into your PCMCIA slot, it is another great product for the minimalist. The Samsung USB slim mouse is going on sale in Korea next month – not sure if it will ever hit the states.  Specs include a USB connection, wheel that scrolls horizontally and five buttons.   Without seeing any buttons there must be a click feature on the wheel, and if there is – I’ll be the first to tell Samsung it’s a poor design.  But kudos for being slim.
samsung slim mouse
samsung usb slim mouse
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Minimalist Falls in Love With microSD USB Reader

For the minimalist the PQI USB card reader S721 is what you’ve always wanted. There is no better way to compliment the microSD card size than with a micro USB card reader.
pqi s721 microsd usb card reader
microsdhc usb card reader
The PQI S721 is exceptionally small. It also supports the microSDHC format so an ideal purchase for future use. The microSD USB card reader comes in orange-yellow, blue and red to match your phone look…if you’re into that. Continue Reading

USB Arcade Joystick, Happy Gamer Stays Up for Hours

Although I’m not a gamer, my buddy pointed this one and wanted fellow gamers to know. This new USB joystick from Elecom is finally what many are looking for – a well built, sturdy PC controller with enough buttons to play any game. The new Elecom USB JC-AS01BK would be ideal to re-live the glory days of Mortal Combat, Track-n-Field and even Asteroids. Although no dual joystick configuration for classics like Karate Champ.
usb joystick
The USB joystick is compatible with PS3 and check out these stats; truly arcade caliber components with micro switched steel-shafted ball joystick and eight heavy gauge push buttons with four auxiliaries for use as start/select buttons or what ever. The Elecom USB joystick runs just under $60USD.
elecom usb joystick
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Mario Brothers USB Mouse

Stuck in the past, listening to your play-list of 80s music and still trying to beat your high score on Donkey Kong? This stylish Mario Brothers or Golden Star mouse might get you that mojo you need to actually do it!
mario brothers mouse
Both offer a retro 8-bit appeal and feature the original mechanical mouse ball mechanism that you probably forgot existed. Push one of these beauties across your desk and imagine that you are playing Super Mario Brothers… rather than filling out those boring TPS reports. For only $24 give your self the gift of the past – or maybe a good Father’s Day gift. Continue Reading

Kingston’s Version of a Hatch Back (9 in 1 Card Reader)

The MobileLite 9-in-1 card reader is Kingston Technology’s version of hatch back – reminds me more of a beetle. MobileLite takes the shape of a flash drive but where you would typically find the flash memory, Kingston has placed a host of card reader slots. The top pops open reveling the memory card slots.
mobilelite card reader
The PC connection is USB (of course) and the nine flash memory formats are; microSD, miniSD, Secure Digital, SDHC, MMCmicro, MMCmobile, RS-MMC, MMCplus and full size MMC (MultiMediaCard). Continue Reading

USB Microscope – View Everything but DNA

Microscopes have long been a favorite for kids looking to see the details. With the ProScope HR USB Microscope the convenience of getting close is infinitely easier. Designed like a toy gun, the USB microscope is like a point-and-shoot device with the ability to capture what ever is being viewed.
usb microscope
There are three methods on how to use the microscope.
  1. Touch View – hold the microscope to item being viewed
  2. Distant View – Using one of the lens kits view an item from a table top.
  3. Analog Microscope – Connect the ProScope to a traditional analog microscope for viewing and capturing image
The ProScope HR magnification range is from 1x to 200x. Construction of the unit is durable and ideal for classrooms or CSI crime scenes. With the on-board camera, the ability to take snapshots and save images to your PC via USB is what truly makes this a convenient tool. The microscope is designed with backlighting to provide illumination while viewing. Continue Reading

Four New Must Have Geek Items from IOGear

IOGear is like a rising tide when it comes to cranking out USB products for Geek consumption. It just never stops coming. From the long list of new IOGear products, here are the four most needed geek items you must have. 1) The IOGear wireless laser mouse with germaphobe coating. I mention this because not only having a wireless mouse is a must-have, but raising the geekness level to the antibacterial state is definitely cool.
IOGear wireless antibacterial mouse
2) Show me one Geek who wouldn’t like to have another monitor. And since a primary intrinsic value of geekness is saving space, working from a laptop is very standard, thus limiting the options for endless monitor configurations. The IOGear USB VGA video card adaptor is definitely a must-have for the monitor lacking. Continue Reading

Review: MoGo Bluetooth Notebook Mouse

Just the other day, Martin of Digital Reviews Network sent me a product review of the MoGo Bluetooth mouse from Newton Peripherals. I report on the Mogo Mouse earlier and commented on the slim design and handy storage area, in the PCMCIA slot. Martin’s review proves this point and a whole lot more. The primary goal of the review was to find out if the MoGo mouse really performed as a functional device, despite the small size and slim design.
MoGo bluetooth mouse
However, Digital Reviews was very surprised to find it’s an elegant design which is very useful.
“one quick flick and the (hind) legs spring out from underneath making the MoGo mouse poised and more comfortable to use! With that “kickstand” it is eminently “holdable and usable” but not as comfortable of course as a normally proportioned rodent.”
Martin continues; here is another beauty: Continue Reading

USB KVM Extender Goes the Distance via CAT5

This is definitely a product which is more commercial, but there are a few home users who could get excited about this. Network Tech Inc introduced a KVM box that connects via USB and through CAT5 can expand the Keyboard, Video and Mouse another 300 feet.
kvm USB extender
For the gamer, this means you can put your water-cooled, dual processor kick a$$ PC off in the remote bedroom closet while game without a hint of PC noise. Although at $385 it might be a tough sale. Don’t kid yourself, the ST-C5USBV-300 Xtendex gives a crisp clear 1920×1440 resolution at 300 feet. Continue Reading

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