1.3 Mega Pixel USB web camera from Adesso

To have a USB web camera which displays a resolution of 1.3 Mega Pixels and built-in microphone tells me your serious about on-line communication. Adesso can help you with their new AstraPix PC230 web cam. So now you can xxplore the exciting world of Internet video conferencing in just minutes. It’s very easy to setup – after all it’s USB. The AstraPix PC230 USB PC camera captures still images and video on a PC, send it via e-mail, or go for a face to face chat. As a added bonus, this webcam has a built-in microphone so you could even use this as a Skype Phone. Simply plug it in, click, and send… Continue Reading

Print Server without wires from D-Link

D-Link enhances wireless performance for inter office interoperability with the RangeBooster G (WBR-1260) Print Server. With the quick install wizard the D-Link Printer Server can connect up to 4 printers in minutes. The techs have tested the print server with over 100 printer models and is compatible with a wide range of USB multifunction printers and is backward compatible with USB 1.1/1.0 printers. The Ethernet port on the Print Server can be used as a wireless bridge. This provides wireless connectivity for any Ethernet-enabled device, such as a computer, Digital Video Recorder (DVR), or Network-Attached Storage (NAS) to the wireless network. Continue Reading

USB MPEG video capture device from Sensoray

Sensoray, a leading input device manufacturer, announced a new addition to their video capture products, the 2250. The video capture box, which looks a little like a stereo car amplifier, accepts NTSC or PAL analog video source (composite or S-video) and converts it into one of supported MPEG streams along with the optional audio (line or microphone). Capture in JPEG format is supported as well. A USB interface allows video capture at full resolution and frame rate. Flexible resolution and bitrate selections provide the optimal balance between quality and storage requirements for a wide range of applications. Continue Reading

High definition USB TV stick from AverMedia

AverMedia debuts their HD ready USB TV tuner called the DVB-T Volar. With this USB flash drive shaped tuner you can avoid installing a TV tuner card on your PC or laptop and still get all the terrestrial channels available. AVerTV DVB-T Volar allows you to enjoy digital free-to-air TV programs with just one connection to your notebook or desktop PCs without carrying an extra bulky power adapter. The power Stand By mode is a value-added bonus to spotlight the ultra low power consumption feature-the power drawing from the Notebook battery can be greatly reduced even when the AVerTV DVB-T Volar connects to the Notebook computer without running AVerTV 6.0. Continue Reading

SMC wireless bluetooth USB adaptor

The SMC Wireless Bluetooth USB Adapter allows your USB PC or notebook to work with all Bluetooth devices. Simply plug in your SMCBT-EDR Wireless Bluetooth USB Adapter into the USB port on your laptop or desktop. Bluetooth technology allows you to communicate with other Bluetooth devices to wirelessly share files, transfer data, print, synchronize your PDA information, send and receive email, browse the web, and use a mobile phone to access the Internet. The SMC Wireless Bluetooth USB Adapter supports Class 2 Bluetooth and has an operating range of up to 300 feet/ 90m. It also supports 3 connection tasks at the same time. Continue Reading

Silver or gold USB football mouse

The Football USB Mouse from Genius is a special edition for this years World Cup. The NavigatorP300 is available in bright silver or shining gold and specifically designed for that football fanatic we all seem to know. With self retracting cord, interchangeable cover, magic roller for quick browsing and 800dpi optical sensor it’s not only cool but well engineered too. Continue Reading

Samsung with new digital photo frame at CeBIT

Samsung has launched a a new digital photo frame for users to share their images on. The new photo frame is aimed at making it easy to view digital pictures without the need to print them out. In addition, GetUSB feels the color representation will be more true to what is seen on the camera playback screen then to photo frame rather then digital picture printing. According to the press release, the frame can be used with an internet service enabling the user to upload pictures taken with a digital or phone camera, and to send them to another user’s digital photo frame. Samsung didn’t elude to the connection type and how management of the picture display will be controlled. Price points are yet to be determined. Continue Reading

USB bridge & recharger for mobile phones

Pretec Electronics is on to something with their new Idisk Connect USB stick. The Idisk acts as a bridge between mobile phones and your PC making it a seamless process to exchange data, sync and download content from your cell phone. Of course the Idisk also has flash storage capability. In addition, the Idisk Connect can recharge your cell battery simply by connecting it via USB. The Idisk controls and manages the flash drives connectivity internally so there are no switches or buttons to toggle. The Idisk is currently supported by Nokia and Sony Ericsson mobile phones, Pretec indicates Motorola, Samsung, BenQ, LG and more are soon to follow. Continue Reading

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