Two Outstanding Trust USB Gamer Wheels

Trust raises the bar for the pedal-to-the metal type. They’ve just released two new USB gamer steering wheels, the GM-3200 and GM-3400, and Trust didn’t lack in upgrades. The GM-3200 is for the tiny-tikes looking to break-it-loose with a smaller wheel diameter for smaller hands and rubber coating for optimal grip and sensitivity of wheel. The 3200 also comes with sturdy clamp and suction cup so nothing shakes loose.
trust usb gm-3200
The GM-3400 is the vibration feedback steering wheel version of the earlier GM-3100 series wheel. The vibration feedback technology should provide one of the most realistic experiences available. This too, comes with Continue Reading

U3 Game – Drops (Addictive and Fast)

A German software company (Derbrill) now offers Drops for U3 flash drives. This U3 game is fast paced and very addictive.
Drops is a cross between Bejeweled, Connect Four and Tetris. Open U3 Drops and a screen with colored balls appears. Simply click the group of balls connected with the same color to score points. The more in a group the better your score. Although not difficult at first glance, Continue Reading

New Razer gaming mouse

Habu MouseMicrosoft hardware joined forces with gaming peripheral innovator Razer. The result is a fantastic, 2000DPI Microsoft Habu Gaming Mouse. The Microsoft Habu is jam-packed with technologies that will give gamers a performance edge in a comfortable shape. The black bullet has interchangeable side button panels to provide gamers with two options for different hand sizes or preferences. Odd feature, but unerstandable. Continue Reading

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