New CF Duplicator From Nexcopy

Nexcopy unveiled an all new CF Duplicator System

Nexcopy Corporation unveiled its latest range of flash memory duplication systems, introducing the CF Duplicator 150PC, 300PC, and 450PC models. These PC-based solutions offer an ideal method for efficiently handling bulk data loading onto Compact Flash cards.

CF Duplicator

Nexcopy’s CF duplication systems boast unique features designed to streamline data loading tasks. For instance, users can easily assign unique files to each CF card using the Unique Data Copy function. Additionally, bootable Compact Flash cards can be copied effortlessly using the bit-for-bit Short Image copy function. This function ensures that only the data clusters used on the CF card are copied to the target devices, rather than the entire contents.

Moreover, Nexcopy offers a Full Image copy function for scenarios where it is required. This feature proves beneficial for Ext2 or Ext3 Linux formats, where files could potentially reside in any sector of the CF media.

Nexcopy Inc.’s CF Duplicator line begins with the CF150PC model priced at $1,200, with an upgrade path available to the 30-port and 45-port systems. Thus, the CF Duplicator boasts a modular design.

Nexcopy also highlights the flexibility to mix and match duplicator boxes. This enables users to copy to SD media, CF media, and USB sticks simultaneously through a single software interface, providing convenience and efficiency.

CF Duplicator Copy Modes

The Drive Manager software offers six copy modes to cater to various user needs. These modes include:

  • File Copy
  • File Copy Add
  • Image File Copy (.img)
  • Unique Data Streaming to each card
  • Device Copy – short
  • Device Copy – full

For more information, visit the product page: CF Duplicator by Nexcopy.

CompactFlash (CF) cards serve various purposes, primarily for storing digital data in a myriad of devices requiring high-capacity and high-performance storage solutions. Although their popularity has somewhat diminished with the rise of other storage formats like SD cards and SSDs, CF cards find utility in diverse applications, including:

Digital Cameras: CF cards have long been the choice of professional photographers and enthusiasts, used in digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras and high-end digital cameras. Their ample storage capacities and rapid read/write speeds make them suitable for capturing high-resolution images and recording high-definition video.

Video Cameras and Camcorders: CF cards are commonplace in professional video cameras and camcorders, facilitating the recording of high-quality video footage. Their swift data transfer rates and reliability make them perfect for capturing high-definition video in demanding production environments.

Embedded Systems and Industrial Applications: CF cards find frequent use in embedded systems, industrial computers, and electronic devices necessitating robust and dependable storage solutions. Their resilience, generous storage capacities, and resistance to shock, vibration, and extreme temperatures render them fitting for use in harsh operating conditions.

Data Storage and Transfer: CF cards are employed for general-purpose data storage and transfer across various devices, including computers, laptops, digital audio recorders, and handheld devices. They can store documents, music, videos, software, and other digital files.

Gaming Consoles and Arcade Machines: CF cards have been integrated into certain gaming consoles, arcade machines, and gaming peripherals for storing game data, firmware updates, and other content. While not as prevalent as SD cards or internal storage, CF cards have carved out niche applications in select gaming systems.

Medical Devices and Equipment: CF cards find utility in medical devices and equipment, such as medical imaging devices, patient monitoring systems, and diagnostic equipment. Their reliability, compatibility, and storage capacity render them suitable for storing medical data and images.

Data Recovery and Forensics: CF cards are occasionally employed in data recovery and forensic applications, where they may be used to salvage data from damaged or corrupted storage media, scrutinize digital evidence, or conduct forensic inquiries.


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Press Release: Sugar on a Stick v2 Blueberry Now Available

Sugar Labs Nonprofit Announces v2 of Sugar on a Stick with Improved E-Book Readers, Recycles Any USB Stick Into Learning Environment for Children; Partners with Nexcopy, Inc. PARIS, December 8, 2009 — Netbook World Summit — Sugar Labs(R), volunteer-driven nonprofit provider of the Sugar Learning Platform for over one-million children around the world, announces the release of Sugar on a Stick v2 Blueberry. Available for download at, Sugar on a Stick can be loaded onto any ordinary 1Gb or greater flash drive to reboot any PC, netbook or recent Mac directly into the child-friendly Sugar environment without touching the existing installation. Sugar is also available for GNU/Linux distributions, runs under virtualization on Windows and Apple OS X, and features built-in classroom collaboration and automatic backup to a Journal. The latest version of Sugar offers simpler navigation, improved wireless networking, streamlined updating of Activities for children, easier keyboard configuration, better Gnash support for Adobe Flash content, and more. New Activities such as Physics and OOo4Kids join updated favorites such as Browse and Read, suitable for reading e-books.

sugar on a stick

“Sugar on a Stick is a great way to experience Sugar”, commented Walter Bender, Sugar Labs executive director. “In this holiday season, we wish to remind parents and teachers that e-books are not only for costly reader units for the well-to-do, but freely available as part of the open-access to knowledge movement to help children everywhere develop critical learning skills and to bridge the digital divide wherever it exists.” Continue Reading

USB Duplicator Movie Trailer – Say What?

If Nexcopy where to make a movie about USB duplicators and data loading USB flash drives, this would be the movie trailer to draw in attention. Clearly, it would be ‘the most boring’ movie in the world, but I’ll have to admit the movie trailer is quite impressive given the mundane product. Nexcopy did a good job of putting a unique spin on their product announcement for the new 40 and 60 port USB duplicators via a movie trailer.  The 1 minute video gives you just enough information to peak your interest, yet doesn’t bore you enough to click away. The high definition version is posted on youtube, but you’ll get the point from this:
<a href=””>LinkedTube</a>
Click to learn more about the Nexcopy USB duplicator and SD duplicator solutions and their all new 40 and 60 port solutions. Source: Zedomax. Continue Reading

USB Duplicator By Nexcopy Expands to 60 Ports

Nexcopy just released two large USB duplicator systems that are 40 and 60 ports.  Geared towards in-house USB duplication from fortune 500 companies, schools, universities and service bureaus, the Nexcopy units offer the largest PC based systems on the market.

USB Duplicator, Large 60 Ports, Nexcopy

It would be interesting to know how they got past the Windows drive letter limitation to reach the larger capacities.  The two new USB duplicator systems are modular in design.  Meaning you can start with a 20 port duplicator and expand it to 40 or 60 ports by simply adding more boxes.  I like this feature because it allows the user to grow as their duplication requirements increase. Nexcopy also mentions their new Data Collection feature.  This is an interesting concept as it does the reverse of what you would think a USB duplicator is designed for.  The Data Collection feature allows you to suck data OFF the USB stick and put the content to the host computer. Continue Reading

USB Copy Protection vs. USB Encryption

There are some fundamental differences between USB copy protection and USB encryption to files on a flash drive.   I have seen many companies confuse and muddy the terminology between the two.  It’s time to clear things up and explain the difference.

In short; USB copy protection secures a file or set of files so they cannot be copied – thus copy protection.  USB encryption scrambles the source files so they cannot be read unless you decrypt them.  Take a moment and think about this…there is a BIG difference.

USB encryption

Encryption is the process of scrambling files and data so they cannot be accessed unless a password or key is supplied to reassemble the content and put everything back together.  This process is known as decryption.

The fundamental use for USB encryption is to protect files and data in the event the USB stick is lost or stolen.

Where encryption and USB copy protection differ is with “encryption” once you have the password you can

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SD Duplicator Copies 20 At a Time For The UberGeek

SD Duplicator

Update: Since the original post, Nexcopy has redisgned their SD duplicator box, the image from the original post has been updated to what is now published. Jan 2024

Nexcopy recently unveiled its industry leading edge in the market with the all new SD200PC Secure Digital card copier; a 20-target SD Duplicator designed for the tech-savvy enthusiasts and businesses immersed in Secure Digital media. While the idea of duplicating 20 copies of a personal SD card may initially raise eyebrows, it becomes apparent that Nexcopy is catering to a niche market, specifically targeting companies engaged in distributing software applications on SD cards for field devices or managing numerous miniSD cards for a fleet of Palm Pilots.

The SD200PC is compatible with microSD cards, opening up possibilities for phone companies to efficiently load promotional materials onto phones for their customers. Considering the increasing power of smartphones and PDAs, coupled with the expanding capacity of media, many individuals now store a significant portion of their data on microSD cards.

With ease-of-use in mind, the SD200PC connects via USB and features 20 numbered SD ports, simplifying the identification of each card. The accompanying software supports FAT, FAT32, exFAT, NTFS and any proprietary formats an OEM or manufacture has dreamed up. This is possible because of the bit-by-bit copy code design to make a perfect digital copy of the master. This function is compatible with Linux distribution packages but also caters to the intricate requirements of embedded applications that tech enthusiasts often envision. All SD formats are supported, and for those less tech-savvy users, Nexcopy provides a user-friendly job wizard within their software to guide through the SD duplication process seamlessly.

Priced at $1,299, the SD Duplicator is poised to deliver exceptional value, considering its advanced features and immediate availability for delivery. While this investment may seem steep for casual users, it positions itself as a crucial tool for businesses and tech enthusiasts with specific requirements for bulk SD card duplication.

The Nexcopy’s SD200PC is a sophisticated solution for businesses engaged in SD card distribution and tech enthusiasts seeking efficient duplication capabilities. With its broad compatibility, user-friendly features, and competitive pricing, the SD Duplicator offers a compelling option for those looking to manage large quantities of SD and microSD cards effectively. Source: PRWeb.

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Nexcopy Offers USB Duplicator With USB Copy Protection

We’ve seen plenty of data encryption solutions for USB, but what about true Digital Rights Management for USB drives and their content? Well, Nexcopy seems to be thinking the same thing. Nexcopy has teamed with TrusCont to offer true DRM to flash drives.

USB duplicator USB copy protection

The USB Copy Protection includes the ability to copy protect .exe files and .pdf files. With both formats you can set time limits, password protection, anti-copy and anti-rip protection. In addition, the technology will apply copy and paste restrictions and printing rights to pdf documents. Sounds like real digital rights management to me. The enhanced USB drive has more in it’s back pocket than just copy protection – which is ground breaking enough – but includes the ability for end-users to configure a USB CD-ROM partition, USB Read Only partition or combination of those plus an Open partition for general read/write use. CD-ROM partitionFor the ultimate in flexibility, the flash drive can be configured again and again with the USB CD-ROM partition or USB Read Only partition so if you’re looking to make your own custom U3 drive, looking to mess around with auto-launch software or need a combination of both for some high end application, this is it. Nexcopy is offering a TSFD Publisher Kit which is a combination of the USB duplicator plus, TrusCont’s USB copy protection and USB configuration utility along with various bundles of enhanced TSFD USB drives (qty 50, 100, 300, 500+). I’ve requested a drive to see what this is all about and will report back. Source: PRWeb. via Nexcopy Inc and TrusCont. Continue Reading

VConsole USB Flash Duplicator

VConsole, a notable player in the field of USB flash drive duplicators, has unveiled an advanced system featuring enhanced capacity and encryption technology. In a previous report, we highlighted the Nexcopy USB Flash Drive Duplicator, and now VConsole enters the scene with a compelling alternative.

One notable feature of the VConsole is its remarkable speed, boasting a swift copy time of 91 seconds for 512MB of data. Intriguingly, this speed remains consistent across various configurations, such as the 21 drive system, 42 drive system, and 60 drive system. This uniformity in transfer speed raises eyebrows, as it is uncommon for such systems not to exhibit even slightest signs of speed degradation.

Beyond its speed, the VConsole distinguishes itself with a 128-bit encryption function, providing an added layer of security. However, it’s worth noting that this encryption feature does not come included with the base unit, which is priced at $8,000.

The versatility of the VConsole is nice as it can function as a standalone unit or connect to a host computer offering users the option to access a graphical user interface (GUI) for more detailed insights. VConsole is actively developing multi-casting technology, allowing users to connect multiple units for expanded production capabilities. This advancement is particularly advantageous for overseas operations involved in mass USB drive production.

Despite the impressive features of the VConsole, a strong contender in the market remains the Nexcopy Inc. USB Duplicator. Priced attractively at $999 (as of 2024), the Nexcopy USB Duplicator presents a more budget-friendly option compared to the VConsole’s $8,000 price tag. Choosing between the two systems requires a careful evaluation of specific needs and budget considerations.

Wrapping things up here… the VConsole introduces a high-performance USB flash drive duplicator with notable encryption capabilities. While its speed and security features are commendable, potential users must weigh the costs against their specific requirements, especially when comparing it to more cost-effective alternatives like the Nexcopy Inc. USB Duplicator.

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USB Duplicator by Nexcopy Makes Content Loading a Breeze

Update: Nexcopy reports the USB duplicator will duplicate 30MBs of data to all 20 flash drives in about 40 seconds. The USB duplicator will copy 250MBs of data in about 3.5 minutes. So the USB duplicator has good performance on data copy speeds.
Nexcopy announced earlier this week their USB200PC USB Duplicator is available for purchase. This unit appears to be the easiest and most economical way to load content to USB flash memory. The USB duplicator is a PC based system which copies fro m a master location to 20 slave ports. I would think this an excellent product for those looking to produce interactive product information, sales presentations or even USB music albums on flash memory.

usb duplicator, nexcopy

Granted this could all be done on CD or DVD, but the idea I like about USB flash, is it being extremely portable, more durable than optical media (no scratching or damage from direct sun), and can be reused again and again as a big, fat floppy drive by the user. The USB duplicator concept seems to be a great method to manage an arsenal of flash memory, whether it be content loading to a new set of flash drives for a trade show, or updating a rotation of information to a group of USB drives (say for sales force or medical applications). The Nexcopy USB200PC USB duplicator has some interesting features. The software will not only duplicate data, but an option to duplicate only new and newer data. Meaning, if you don’t want to over-write current data on the device, selecting the Copy New and Newer means it will only add data to the existing drive. This function also updates an old file with the newer version. This feature in itself makes USB drive flash management extremely easy and convenient. The Nexcopy USB duplicator is priced at $1,299 for a 20 target USB copier so the solution wont kill your budget (like some $10,000+ systems I’ve seen). Nexcopy USB Duplicator product page. Continue Reading

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