PlusDeckEX Puts Some Life Into Old Cassettes

I wouldn’t suggest throwing away those classic cassette tapes just yet. Put aside the fact you wont listen to them, might as well convert them to MP3 before the final dump. It will at least relieve some guilt.
cassette archiver
The PlusDeckEX cassette archiver allows direct connection via USB to the PC. Rip those cassettes to MP3 or better yet send your Grandmother an audio tape and record to the PlusDeckEX. You can still get cassettes at Amazon. The PlusDeckEX this time offers (compared to previous model – PlusDeck2C) RCA I/O, 7.1 Support, a USB port, an LCD control panel, an AM/FM radio tuner and remotes. That for sure will breathe a little life into your old cassette tapes. But, before you jump over to PlusDeck, might want to check out Ion Audio’s Cassette Archiver version. Continue Reading

Review: iPod FM Transmitter From Proporta

I received the iPod FM Transmitter from Hannah over at Proporta and today had a chance to play around with it.
ipod fm transmitter
The iPod FM Transmitter is a compact, light and simple product to use. Using the iPod connector you click the FM transmitter into your iPod Nano (also supports iPod mini, Photo, 4 & 5GB pods and video iPod – but today tested with Nano) which is nice to have the direct connect because no extra cables or wires are needed to make your iPod work with a 3rd party radio. proporta fm transmitterUpon connection you get a confirmation the FM transmitter is sending a signal on FM frequency 88.8Mhz channel. This is the default setting, however, you have 9 memory channels to set the FM transmitter to. The Proporta FM transmitter has three buttons. A memory button to select one of nine preset channels, a scroll up button and scroll down button to navigate through the radio frequencies. It’s simple. It’s easy. Using the iPod FM transmitter I had mixed experience. Overall a good product – this is what I found: Using the iPod FM transmitter without a power connection I had decent reception. Using the iPod FM transmitter indoors gave much better reception to the radio than using the transmitter in the car. I can attribute the poor performance in the car due to many other electrical disturbances. The same results where found on different frequency settings. I did find the best reception was having the iPod close to the radio itself to boost signal strength over distance. Using the iPod FM transmitter with a power connection did yield slightly better performance. When the Proporta iPod FM transmitter is connected it’s best to set it and leave it. I found the connection between the two devices didn’t like being moved around and upon picking up and moving there would be static across the radio. This isn’t a big deal to me as I figure most users would set it and forget it. If you plan on walking around with your iPod forget the FM transmitter and use your headphones.
ipod nano fm transmitter
Bottom Line: For the $24 price tag it’s a good product for getting your tunes to a radio; however, we’d like to see some more signal strength to make the music clear in all situations. Continue Reading

MPixx 7000 FineArts PMP from Grundig

Following the no-button design of the iPhone, Grundig is launching their MPixx 7000 FineArts series PMP player. Brushed aluminum holds in the button less screen and with a 2.4 inch TFT display there is plenty to look at.
grundig mpixx 7000
Two models are available; 2GB and 4GB. Both Grundig FineArts models support all the audio and video formats along with FM radio support. If these guys could figure out how to get my satellite radio stations in there we’d be set! The MPixx 7000 also comes with a microSD slot for expanded memory, integrated loudspeaker (how loud is another question) double earphone connection and USB connection for download and power charging. Due out in October at $200 and $240 respectively. Source: Grundig via Audio Junkies Continue Reading

Dictation Fit For a Queen

(read that headline again) Grundig is doing dictation digital style. The DigtaSonic xMic is all professional and hard to call a typical dictation gadget. None-the-less, it’s out there with elegance and style. The design has a “soft touch” texture for … wait for it … long lasting pleasure comfort.
Using USB connectivity the DigtaSonic takes control of any PC application via Grundig’s Track Point mouse technology. For custom integration (medical applications) the Grundig mic comes with SDK tools for 100% software compatibility. Digital quality is claimed to be top shelf with integrated sound card and dynamic speaker for optimal recording and play-back. Clearly not a dictation tool for the common office executive but would make a great item for that afternoon rant.
Source: Grundig Continue Reading

iMake My Music My Way with iBuddy and iSpin

We’ve seen iPod mixers before but none like this with over sized dials and clean layout design. The iBuddy and iSpin from Sergio are two devices that let you do your music your way. Both iPod DJ systems let you run iPods or MP3 players from the dock stations simultaneously.
ibuddy ispin
The iBuddy center dial is used for flange and autophase between songs on the two iPods and the iSpin center dial is used for spinning between MP3 players with jog wheel for cross over fades. It would be nice if both features where in one – but they’re not. The iBuddy and iSpin accept all iPod models and have a couple pre-program settings along with ability to route a mic through the effects, if you want. Continue Reading

USB Cassette Archiver for the Old School

So the grandparents have the Ion Audio USB Turntable for converting vinyl records to MP3 and now Ion introduces the TAPE2PC USB cassette archiver for the 40 Somethings.
usb cassette archiver
With a dual dubbing cassette deck and advanced software to convert directly into your iTunes library, those old cassette tapes will never feel left out again. Ion Audio left no stone unturned with a “metal” or “CrO2” tape selection feature – if you even remember what its for. The TAPE2PC connects via USB therefore no drivers need – yet another plus for the technically challenged middle aged. Price is around $100USD. Continue Reading

Mini MP3 Speaker Has Some Pop

Clearly this mini speaker will not produce the best sound, but considering the compact design and unique pop-out speaker – I for one think it has some value. Sometimes it’s just necessary to shed some noise on those around you, whether it be playback of a voice recording from your phone or PDA or share your most recent MP3 download with a buddy.
mini speakers
Obviously there are better solutions, but this one is compact and convenient. With a watt output, 82db range and small dimensions at just 35 x 46 x 58mm it’s no wonder she only weighs 60 grams. The mini speaker also rotates a full 360 degrees as you can spin/reposition on the audio jack.
mini mp3 speakers
Continue Reading

Little Miss Sunshine USB Radio Van

Okay, so the VW Bus is missing the flowers, but the USB clock radio is kinda cool when in the shape of a gelopie van.
usb clock radio volkswagon van
Available in the four color configurations (above), you get a fully functioning AM/FM radio along with alarm clock which displays out the rear window. If you’re looking to down-grade your sound system connect an MP3 player or CD player to the Volkswagen USB bus via audio jack for below par sound. Obviously a “green” VW Bus as no gas is needed, just a AC power source or USB connection to your PC.
usb van
Product retails for about $65 USD and can be purchased directly from Abaido. Continue Reading

Boom Box Plays USB Flash Drives

Kinyo is peddling some portable speakers that supports direct connect from a USB flash drive. The Kinyo portable audio player is designed to make your life just a little easier with the USB connection along with support of your popular music players like iPod, Zune, CD players and minidisc players.
speakers play usb
The USB boom box runs from AC adapter or from 4 triple AAA batteries with six equalizer settings to optimize sound in any location. I wouldn’t expect too much with just a total output of 2Watts, but might be a good must-have beach item. Continue Reading

Turtle Beach is Pinnacle of USB Headphone PC Gaming

Turtle Beach has long been a pioneer in personal digital audio. The new Ear Force AK-R8 is no exception. Released just days ago, the perfectly tuned, surround sound USB headphones are self-proclaimed to be the pinnacle of PC gaming headphones.
While headphones and sound cards have traditionally been considered separate items, the Ear Force AK-R8 multi-speaker headphones and USB interface are designed to work as an integrated system to enhance the unique surround sound capabilities of the headphones.
turtle beach usb headphones
What is unique about the AK-R8 is the ability to tweak the surround sound to your exact liking then saving those settings for future use. The Turtle Beach headphones provide five independent 10-band equalizers for the two front, two surround and center speakers, allowing individual customization so given all the 3D games on the market it’s important not to underestimate the value of getting the exact sound you want during game play. Some of the bullet point/features include:
  • True 5.1 surround sound from 8 speakers
  • Ability to monitor outside sounds while wearing headphones
  • USB audio interface with multi-channel amplifiers
  • DSP sound environments with presets
  • High-fidelity large-diaphragm drivers
  • Dual sub-woofers for deep vibrating bass
  • Professional grade, durable construction
  • Super comfortable ear cup and headband design
  • 10 band, 6-channel EQ
  • Ambience effects
  • Positional and removable boom microphone
  • Built-in stereo microphones
The USB audio interface, which drives the multi-channel headphones, also features separate 5.1 or 7.1 analog and digital outputs. In addition to the headphones and the USB interface, the AK-R8 includes a USB cable, an optical S/PDIF adapter for connecting to home theater equipment, an installation CD and a quick-start manual. The AK-R8 are compatible with Windows 2000, XP or Vista. You can purchase the Turtle Beach AK-R8 Surround Sound Headphones for $150 at retail stores or directly from Turtle Beach. Continue Reading

Bob Marley Exodus USB Music Album

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Bob Marley Exodus album a re-release is coming out as a USB Music Album.
usb album bob marley exodus
The USB album will be available May 28th to a limited 4,000 with exclusive video footage of Bob Marley and the Wailers playing at London’s Rainbow Theater back in June of 1977. 2,000 copies will also be released in the MicroSD card format along with a CD version. The CD version will have the exact look and feel as the original LP which was released in 1977. Continue Reading

Spiderman Web Design MP3 Case for Sony Video Walkman

Excited to see the new Spiderman 3 movie? Well nothing would show off your enthusiasm better then a Spiderman themed MP3 Case.
spiderman web mp3 case
For the new release, Sony Pictures teamed with Proporta, a leading MP3 case design firm and manufacturer to develop a spider web like silicone case fit for the latest Sony MP3 player, the NW-A800.
spiderman case
Katrina from Proporta said, “The soundtrack to Spiderman 3 is packed with class acts such as The Killers, Snowpatrol and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs which can all be downloaded onto your new Sony NW-A800 – the latest offering from Sony’s MP3 player range.”
The Spiderman web silicone case along with a Sony Video Walkman are free at the movie premier Continue Reading

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