Wii Title JoySound Is A Karaoke Singalong Perfect for American Idol

It’s been said for a while now that WiiWare was expecting Karaoke ability under a software program called Joysound. It appears this is finally coming to fruition. The Joysound Karaoke program has some ambitious plans with over 20,000 title by it’s release in mid summer with an additional 1,000 songs added each month.

wii joysound, karaoke

“Although it’s being referred to as a WiiWare title, Joysound is a bit different from the rest of the WiiWare lineup. Users download the Joysound program from a server that’s being exclusively set up for it. This server will also house the songs for downloading. Hudson is currently considering a billing system based not on a per song rate, but on a subscription rate. Users will presumably be able to download as much as they want over a set period of time.”
As previously mentioned the Karaoke Joysound will be available in two packages. You can either download the software to run Karaoke but you’ll need to have your own USB microphone. Or a bundled package will be available which includes the software along with USB microphone. There are even talks about including Continue Reading

Review: Casio LK300 USB & TV Keyboard

Review: Casio LK300 Keyboard

Today I’m able to report about the Casio LK300 with USB and TV connectivity. I didn’t perform the review, rather my brother did. So lets see what Ned had to say: I have to say the Casio LK300 is bigger than I expected and definitely more solid and quality built than anyone would expect for the price (about $200). The LK300 keys provide just enough friction to make them feel almost real, but obviously not exactly like a real, piano hammer like feel. Although I’m not a piano enthusiast, I did pick up the LK300 to learn. After all part of the enticing thing about the Casio is the ability to connect it to a TV and learn along with instructional lessons. During a lesson, the LK300 keys will light-up as the song is played giving you the exact location of which key to hit and when. It’s even got a nice feature to cover any delay you might have in stroking the key…a little late…that’s OK, the sound still matches the lesson song.

casio lk300

With the lessons, the software will provide feedback in the form of a scoring system whereby it calculates the number of Continue Reading

Credit Card Size Digital Video Player

 Is that a PMP in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? Sorry, that’s all I could think of for this super mini video player that sports a 2.4″ or 2.8″ full-size bright high-res LCD display. The device can be expanded with a memory card (T-Flash or MicroSD) but comes with 2GB built-in. The battery life will let you play video for 3-4 hours and audio for 6-8 hours.

Credit Card Size Digital Video Player

The device is so simple but really combines many features people look for in a PMP including simplicity of transferring video to the device (supports USB mass-storage mode for easy transfer of video on any OS), expandability memory, charging via USB (when traveling I hate bring extra chargers) and can play FM Radio, Text, Pictures, Games and Videos. Continue Reading

LP 2 CD Is A Direct To CD USB Turntable

Ion Audio has continued development of their ever popular USB Turntable to now include a direct-to-CD model version. Forget about connecting the USB turntable to your PC and forget about burning CDs through your computer too.

LP 2 CD, Ion Audio

The LP 2 CD is your one-stop shop. This is the fastest and easiest way to convert your vinyl records to CD. Simply place your record on the turntable, insert a blank CD and record your album. ION Audio includes EZ Vinyl Convert 2 for the PC user and EZ Audio Converter for the Mac in case you are still interested in compressing the audio to MP3 so you can dump it into iTunes. I would think ION Audio created the LP 2 CD unit for Continue Reading

Hand Crank and Walk Away MP3 Player With USB

Seems everyone is going green these days.  I don’t mind – let the grandkids live longer, better design on products and less impact on the environment.  Veiro applied this philosophy to their new hand crank MP3 player.

veiro wind up mp3 player, usb

I’ve seen hand crank music players before, they where specifically design for [lack of better terms] 3rd world countries where batteries are hard to find or too expense.  I would think the Veiro is going after the same consumer base…but with solid state memory.  Why? The products I’ve seen before where Continue Reading

Give Your iPod Some Wood

Okay, so that’s a cheezy headline, but here’s the deal – Vers Audio has this all natural cherry-veneered wooden speaker cabinet to add that classic look/feel to your office.  Personally, I think there’s nothing better than the sound coming from a wooden speaker box.  I still have some solid cherry-wood Bang&Olfsen speakers from 20 years ago – that sound absolutely awesome. Although the Vers 2X isn’t Bang&Olfsen, the 3 inch full-range speakers backed with 20-watts per channel should livin up your space.  At just 11.5″ x 5.6″ x 5.6″ the Vers 2X wont take up much room either.

vers 2x

The Vers 2X supports the entire Apple i-stuff line (including iPhone) and comes with a brushed aluminum remote for the armchair music enthusiast. Continue Reading

Sony Style USB Turntable

So now ION has some competition and from who else, the monster retailer, Sony.  The PS-LX300USB is a vinyl playback turntable with USB output to easily convert those cherished records into MP3.

sony usb turntable

With a belt drive motor for reduced motor noise and rotational stability – the PS-LX300 USB turntable includes a static balance tone arm with a bonded diamond stylus for precise tracking and low record wear (ok that was straight of the Sony site). Continue Reading

USB Stomp Box Gets Musicians Ready to Rock

IK Multimedia is shipping their new USB stomp box, the StompIO for a plug-n-play floor contoller and audio interface for guitars. I’m a bit familiar with embedded designs and especially those related to USB, so the reports of the StompIO being delayed wasn’t a surprise.

usb stomp box, stompio

None the less, the USB stomp box is a unique product which provides the musician with a host of benefits such as replicating numerous amps, mics, stomps, cabinets and rack effects on the fly. So here’s the deal, the stomp box is the first of it’s kind with high quality effects in a compact floor control design. You can operate every aspect of the software without connecting a monitor and keyboard. Connecting the box [via USB] to a host computer (Mac & PC compatible) , the StompIO is a powerful tool for recording making it an excellent [portable] solution for the touring and gigging guitarist. The StompIO is the only software-based guitar amp and FX that can truly be used live.  Since you need a computer for processing the effects, IK Multimedia sells a nice add-on computer to run the StompIO while on stage. The IK stomp system comes with five pre-loaded software packages. They are:
  • AmpliTube 2
  • Ampeg® SVX
  • AmpliTube Jimi Hendrixâ„¢
  • AmpliTube Metal
  • AmpliTube X-GEAR
The grubby details include StompIO having 51 stomps, 26 amps, 33 cabinets, 11 mics and 23 rack effects. The IK Multimedia StompIO will set you back $1,050 and is available now. IK Multimedia webpage. Continue Reading

USB CD Carousel Aids in Organizational Skills

I’ve got at least four different piles of CDs and DVDs around the house.  I just can’t find a happy medium.  I’ve tried the DVD case with matching DVD cover clipped out.  I’ve tried the library with the discs still in the jewel case, but nothing satisfies my ideal organizational methods. However, Skymall, that gadget company we are forced to fall in love with, has a possible solution.  The USB CD Carousel is just what this doctor ordered.  It holds 150 discs and through included software and USB cable you can database your entire collection, and select a given CD by simply entering keywords or title.  Within seconds the correct CD or DVD is popped out ready for viewing.

usb cd dvd carousel

What’s better, is the USB CD Carousel can also be used in standalone mode.  You can also use the included software to manage multiple CD carousels…after all, who only has 150 discs these days? Continue Reading

U2 Previews New Tracks for Joshua Tree on iLike

U2 used to post a video of Bono singing “Wave of Sorrow” while sitting on a couch. It’s a track that U2 demoed during sessions for The Joshua Tree in 1987. Just recently Bono laid down vocals for the song and it will be released for the first time next week on the remastered release of The Joshua Tree. As Bono plays the track, he sings over it and talks listeners through the story of the song and explains the lyrics. “Wave of Sorrow” is one of several rare and previously unreleased cuts which are featured on the bonus audio CD of the remastered deluxe and super deluxe versions of the remastered release of The Joshua Tree. Continue Reading

Oakley iTunes MP3 Sunglasses Sport USB, 2GBs and Detachable Speakers

Looking cool and sounding cool will sure as hell make you feel cool. The Oakley MP3 Sunglasses could up your game with their all new MP3 sunglasses with full iTunes support.
oakley mp3 sunglasses
The MP3 sunglasses use a built in Mylar speakers system which can be detached in case you need some peace and quiet. The inner arm of the sunglasses have MP3 control buttons so this setup eliminates any wires while on the go. I see this as an ideal product for Continue Reading

USB Turntable has Direct Connect to iPod

Ion Audio introduced the USB turntable a while back. It’s an excellent tool for converting vinyl records to MP3. It’s interesting to see the growth of this product from when I first reported on it. At the time back orders took nearly 6 weeks to fill, now I see them at Costco and every holiday mail-order magazine that appears on my doorstep. Ion Audio has stepped it up – and I’m thinking it’s from popular demand. The Ion USB turntable now has an iPod dock station so going from LP to iPod is nothing more than Continue Reading

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