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U3 Error with Vista?

u3 error vista

U3 announced a bug prevents some applications from running on Vista. The problem occurs when your Vista computer has one or more non-U3 mass storage devices attached. A good example would be your PC having a card reader connected while trying to launch a U3 drive. Not all hope is lost as the error [message: #0x80040210 (DAPI_E_COMM_FAIL)] only occurs when that non-U3 device is connected with a drive letter assigned yet no media in the device.

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Easy SlideShow Your Grandmother Could Put Together

Easy SlideShow takes your pictures and synchronizes them with transition effects and audio for top-shelf looking slide shows even your Grandmother could put together. Created for the U3 addicted flash drive user – it’s a snap to put together your award winning life for on-the-go display. U3 is a portable software platform which runs from your U3 flash drive so the Easy SlideShow will run on any PC.


Easy SlideShow is free to try and $15USD to buy. Takes up about 4.5MBs of flash space…plus pictures and audio of course. Here’s other U3 related items.

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Install Yahoo! Widgets on USB Flash Drive

Back in Octoboer of 2006 Yahoo! Widgets and U3 came together to offer the Yahoo! Widgets engine for U3 flash drives. The Yahoo! Widget Engine for U3 allows you to run 1,000 of widgets directly from your U3 flash drive. Take your Yahoo! Widgets everywhere you go. Below is the link to grab the Widget engine and install it onto your flash drive.

u3 yahoo widgets

Be sure you have a U3 flash drive and it’s inserted and active (powered up in PC) in your OS before installing. The download is 10.7MBs and from there you can launch for installation. The Yahoo! engine comes with some Widgets pre-installed. You need 32MBs of space on the flash drive and need to run at least Win2000 or XP with SP1 or better. Sorry Mac folk, since U3 is only Windows compliant you are SOL.

Yahoo! Widget Engine for U3 downlaod. It’s free.

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Portable Bookmarks – U3 App with Notable Features

Portable Bookmarks is a U3 compliant internet bookmark management utility which is easy to use with unique features. Portable Bookmarks makes for a great edition to heavy internet users who rack up numerous bookmarks while going about their business.

portable bookmarks

What we like most about this package is the software’s ability to deal with multiple PCs and browser types while maintaining the web links. In addition Portable Bookmarks does a good job of providing duplicate sorting and parsing features to

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Flash Drive Tracks Your Weight via U3

Little on the heavy side and looking to track those extra pounds? CalorieKing introduces a diet log for the U3 flash drive platform to record everything you eat and the exercise you do against the world’s largest food and exercise database. But then again, if you are disciplined enough to download CalorieKing software, activate it in your U3 flash drive and enter daily food intake and exercise routines then chances are…

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Is that a Switch Blade or New Lexar 360 JumpDrive?

Lexar announced their new Lexar JumpDrive 360 USB Flash Drive at the 2007 CES show. The new style is a capless design and encased in a rotating metal jacket you flip out before use – kinda like a switch blade.

JumpDrive 360

All Lexar drives will now ship with BitLocker Drive encryption software and Windows PE 2.0 for Vista. Of course Lexar is claiming the JumpDrive 360 is compatible with ReadyBoost, but who isn’t making that claim these days. Finally, Lexar will include their PowerToGo software on the JumpDrive 360 and all other devices, which BTW is a spit image of U3.

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