Recycle USB Drives For A Good Cause

If you are like me [and most people] you have a favorite flash drive.  It’s not necessarily because of the way it looks, but rather – over time – all of your important information has accumulated to one stick.  You get to a point where if you are going to save any kind of data to your USB drive, then you might as well save it to the one which has everything else.

Recycle USB

This is where comes in…if you have extra sticks lying around, which aren’t gett’in the love – donate them.  Recycle USB has partnered with SugarLabs to turn donated USB sticks into portable learning computers. What do I mean by portable learning computers? Well SugarLabs created a Linux distro [based off Fedora] which boots directly from a flash drive.  The distro is a customized learning platform for kids to Continue Reading

USB Tutorial: Charge Any USB Gadget With Your Bike

The world is going Green.  This is your chance to keep those USB gadgets, yet charge them without consuming electricity and leaving your carbon footprint.  The idea behind this USB tutorial is taking the kinetic energy of your bike and turn that into re-powering any USB gadget.

recharge USB

I found this fun little project off the Instructables website.  Apparently the author received some grant funds from Lemelson-MIT program and put together a team of 6 students to create this solution. The team got their idea from shake-up flashlights which are based off the Faraday Principle – which is a type of electromagnetism reaction to generate energy. You will need to get a bread-board and create a small circuit to capture the energy produced by the bike and turn it towards your USB gadget.

USB recharge bike

Next, you’ll need a motor provider that will actually “capture” the energy, feed it through your newly made circuit.  There are many options for this, check Continue Reading

Not So Biodegradable Corn Based USB Drive

This corn based biodegradable flash stick is definitely a step in the write direction, but a little over zealous on the claim of being a biodegradable flash drive.  The stick has a corn based shape for the outside, but you’ve still got the internal flash memory and PCB board holding it all together.  So don’t feel too good when you dump this in the trash – it’ll still be around after 500 years.

biodegradable flash drive

But, it’s a step in the right direction.  At least the outside is biodegradable, so we’re going to give you props for that. As EverythingUSB says “Should be a great promo gift at the next Ethanol trade show…” Source: Continue Reading

The “Go Green” USB EarthDrive

ATP is a northern California memory manufacturer who’s just launched the most “green” USB drive you’ve ever seen. The EarthDrive is designed and built using the maximum amount of bio-recycled materials resulting in a fully recyclable product.

recycle earthdrive

I’ve been meaning to do something about recycling USB drives as I purchased domain a while back and intended to do something about recycling. I still plan on doing it, but ATP has sure come up with a great environmental plan for USB memory recycling. ATP doesn’t stop with just a bio-recycled drive either, part of the purchase price of the EarthDrive includes a contribution to American Forests, a world leader in planting trees for environment restoration. ATP doesn’t disclose Continue Reading

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