Limited Edition Resident Evil 5 USB Stick

The Resident Evil 5 limited edition USB stick is immediately available for purchase [about a hundie]. The game pack comes with a 3 DVD ‘making of’ feature, the flash drive and some additional marketing swag.

resident evil usb flash drive

Imagine:  The bio-hazard threat has not ended: Just when it seemed that the menace of Resident Evil had been destroyed, along comes a new terror to send shivers down players spines. Chris Redfield, returning Resident Evil hero, has followed the path of the evil literally around the globe. After joining a new organization, Chris heads to Africa where the latest bio-terrorism threat is literally transforming the people and animals of the city into mindless, maddened creatures. Chris must take on the challenge of discovering the truth behind this evi. Continue Reading

Copper Case With Encased Gears Steampunk Custom Flash Drive

Here is a great looking Steampunk Custom flash drive.  The creator, Marcos, put a brass shell around the outside of this USB stick, then decorated the outside with miniature gears and watch components.

custom flash drive

It appears Marcos took the USB cap and attached it to the end with some included brass gears and other Steampunk detail. The custom flash drive uses a piston gear from the USB connector to the watch components as a representation of the power from the PC being transferred to the heart of the USB stick. The 2GB steampunk custom flash drive is only $50, is 100% handcrafted and completely unique.  There is limited stock, so if interested get on it. The USB Steampunk can be found and purchased at Etsy. Continue Reading

Ground Breaking 192GB Flash Drive – Don’t Be Fooled

Gresso Design has released a ground breaking USB stick with a total capacity size of 192GBs of data.  Sounds impressive doesn’t it?  Well, don’t get wet just yet – the number is really just 3 individual flash drives sharing a single case.

192GB usb flash drive

Granted the customized case from Gresso Design is unique, but to claim a flash drive is 192GBs when really it’s just a broken up set of three, is miss-leading. I think something along the lines of “USB case holds 192GBs of flash memory” would be a bit more appropriate. Even so, if you’ve got cash to burn these days, then drop $6,400 on this Enigma USB drive. Continue Reading

New 4 Port USB Lego Hub

Etsy is a website dedicated to helping those who make unique and customized products and looking for an easy channel to sell to the public.  Why they don’t use Amazon is a totally different post, but while I was searching their site, I came across this new 4 port USB hub made from a lego.

usb lego hub

The 4 port lego hub looks very cool and would be a fun little addition to the office.  A bit much in price for the concept of a 4 port USB hub, but given the custom build and stylized look, one could make the argument for the $50 price tag.Product is made by Databrick [great business name] and is available for immediate shipment anywhere in the world. To help close the deal, check out this ultra boring YouTube video with crazy brackground noise music. Jump to product page. Continue Reading

Snake Coffin USB Flash Drive

We stumbled upon this Snake Coffin USB drive when writing about the Han Solo Carbonite USB stick, neither of which make a great USB promotional drive, but definitely a unique looking device. For the select few who would enjoy this wondrous USB Snake Drive, you can grab a 2GB version for only $25 bucks.  The custom snake casket is a limited edition drive and only available while supplies last.

usb snake coffin

Jason is the creator of this device and many other gadgets.  He resides in Bolivia North Carolina and will ship anywhere in the world. Product page. Continue Reading

Star Wars Fans Rejoice – Han Solo Carbonite USB Drive

We’ve got a select few readers who’ve purchased all the Mimobot Star Wars drives, and now they can expand their collection with the Han Solo Carbonite USB drive.

As SlashGear points out, Han Solo was suppose to be frozen for eternity but without encryption technology your data wont have that same possibility, so maybe it’ll escape just as Han Solo came back to life.

han solo carbonite

The creator, Jason’s Creations has just sold out…but send him an email as more will make it to market, I’m sure.

Source:  SlashGear.

Continue Reading

Today’s Theme – Expensive Flash Drives

We don’t know what the deal is today, but several blogs have mentioned news about expensive flash drives.  I have to say, this is perfect timing of a product launch with the global economy in the tank.  I guess those guys with cash are looking for a bargin.  Doubt they’ll find anything here. First off from Engadget, they report an 8GB flash drive over $800 USD.  Sure it’s got 8GBs of storage and made of beautiful looking Titanium house inside a sweet looking case, but do we need $100 per GB?

expensive usb stick

Next up we have Gizmodo with a report about a $500 Mahjong USB drive with 16GBs of storage.  At least the storage capacity has come up, but things drop again with the material being that of wood.  The Mahjong drive has the option for customized engraving of whatever you fancy.

expensive wood usb drive

Next up we have Gizmodo with a report about a $500 Mahjong USB drive with 16GBs of storage.  At least the storage capacity has come up, but things drop again with the material being that of wood.  The Mahjong drive has the option for customized engraving of whatever you fancy. Bottom line – unless your bottom line is full of green cash, I don’t think these drives are for you [certainly not me]. Continue Reading

8GBs of Sterling Silver Flash

People get attached to their USB flash sticks.  They really do.  If you don’t use one or have a USB stick then you probably wouldn’t understand the statement.  Because of this personal attachment one has with their flash drive, we continually see high-dollar, high-end USB sticks which most deem ridiculous.  We call it passion. Case-in-point:  The ZaNA Sterling Silver USB stick is beautiful as ever and now available in a convenient 8GBs.

sterling silver usb stick

To show you some of the craftsman ship which goes into the ZaNa stick Sebatian Zach states:
The modern and elegant design is obtained through the following materials: carbonic fibre, which is used in Formula I racing cars, exclusive wood such as wenge and teak, and Swarovski zirconia with displays the exceptional diamond sheen. ZaNa Sterling Silver USB sticks are not only a fine modern gadget noticed by anyone with an eye for style, but also a practical tool in daily life, work and entertainment.
The Sterling Silver USB stick comes with a variety of options such as sterling silver lanyard or leather strap with a silver clasp.  Sizes available from 2GB through 8GBs. To inquire about availability, visit: Continue Reading

USB Steampunk Mouse Is All Russian Style

Wish I had the talent and I wish I had the time. Steampunk seems like a very cool way to take any product and turn it into something outstanding. Take this Steampunk USB mouse for example.

steampunk usb mouse

Some Russian modd’er put in some serious hours making this Steampunk probably one of the best we’ve seen. Right down to the brass wear on the USB connector and cloth material used for the cord. Well done. It seems the mouse itself was shaped into a tank link design with cannons on the top left and right, hatch on the top and oval brass pieces on the side for tread. I don’t know if this is what the modder was going for, but the Steampunk mouse seems to resemble it. As with all Steampunk gear, this one’s not for sale or in production, it’s just a nice piece of hardware which drools craftsmanship and time suckage. Continue Reading

Hand Crafted Flash Drive Brings Back Tradition

Markus Bischof is a Germany craftsman who’s recently applied his skills to the creation of hand crafted USB drives. Made from extremely old wood and veneers it’s hard to believe a single tree hasn’t been (recently) cut down for it’s creation. Rather, the materials used, come from old wood collections where the wood is as hard as stone and incredibly smooth to the touch. For example some USB drives where made from an old pipe organ built in 1839 and dismantled years ago. It’s clear these materials aren’t collected from local trees but rather hand crafted and hold a historical past from the materials used.

hand crafted usb drive

The image above is a sample shot which the German Bundesumweltminister (Federal Environment Minister) ordered as a representative giveaway to the ministers of other countries. Continue Reading

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