USB Disco Laptop Light

The pathetic man’s disco laptop light from Brando is now available. Not much to this $10 USB laptop light other than a blinking light every second which toggles between green, red, blue, purple and yellow colors.
usb disco laptop light
I guess you could home-brew a disco light show with a handful of these and a USB hub. Might be a good mood-setter for the traveling sales man and his recent “friend” from the hotel lounge. Thus; pathetic. Continue Reading

Vista Readyboost Dream Machine

Brando is distributing the A-Data turbo speed USB flash drive, the PD7. This is a Windows Vista Readyboost dream with 133x (20MB) per second write speeds.

Not sure what’s up with brushed aluminum case, as this is the second release in one day, but it appears to be the trend – what can you say, good looking and durable.

a-data pd7 readyboost

Caution about the Vista Readyboost claim as today Microsoft got slapped with a lawsuit for false Vista compliance ads with regards to compatibility of “signature” features working in peripheral products.

Continue Reading

New Trinket Disney USB Hub from Brando

Brando released another Disney trinket, this time a Disney USB hub available in either a blue Donald Duck or Black-n-Red Mickey Mouse. Not much else to say other than the Disney USB hub has four ports and runs $14.
Disney usb hub
As I’ve mentioned before, although you order directly from Brando in Hong Kong shipping is quick and cheap. The last item I purchased was the USB Circus Cannon. You can read a review of the USB circus cannon but if you’re going to drop some coin stick with the USB missile launcher. Continue Reading

Car Stereo USB FM Transmitter From Brando

USB FM transmitterFM Transmitter via USB or SD card is not a problem with Brando’s new Car To USB Transmitter. When you’re not smoking just plug in the USB-FM Transmitter via cigarette lighter, connect either a USB flash drive or SD card, tune in your stereo and you’re rock’ in. There is an LCD display along with play, pause, shuffle, next, volume, previous and FM tuner selections. As we’ve said before, Brando Continue Reading

Review: USB Circus Cannon

USB Circus CannonThe USB Circus Cannon from Brando is manufactured by Dream Cheeky of Hong Kong. Along with the USB Circus Cannon, Dream Cheeky also makes the USB Missile Launcher, Aroma Diffuser, USB Chess Game and a handful of other USB gadgets. Since the manufacturer doesn’t offer a purchasing option Brando is the distributor. wrote about this a while back so we wanted to give her a shot, literally. Continue Reading

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