Converter Kit for SATA or IDE to USB

This SATA/IDE to USB converter kit would be the easiest way to clone your hard drive and finally upgrade your laptop storage space. However, the combo kit isn’t limited to just 2.5 inch hard drives but includes connection support for 1.8, 3.5 and 5.25 inch hard drives along with CD-ROM drives, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD blah blah blah – anything in 5.25 inch size.
sata to usb converter
The USB to SATA/IDE combo kit is fully compliant with USB 2.0 so you can expect maximum transfer speeds of 480Mbps (yet that never happens) and plug-n-play connectivity with hot-swap support. For the techie, the chipset used in this guy is JMicron-JM20337. With $3 shipping for any order this converter kit to go from USB to SATA/IDE (product page) puts you back exactly $32USD. Takes about 7 days to receive anywhere in the world. Continue Reading

Egg Shaped USB Thermal Label Printer

I love labels. I label folders, tools, lunch boxes (for the kids), miniDV tapes, flash cards – you name it. I currently use a Brother label printer but I don’t like using the small alpha-numeric touch pad. I like this Casio USB label printer because I can design the text on my PC and print directly to the label maker via USB.
usb label printer
The USB Egg shaped thermal label printer uses any TrueType font so you can print in any language. The USB printer uses a thermal print technology – yet I don’t know how long the roll of paper is…(email into manufacturer now) the roll is about 2 meters (6 feet) long and the replacement thermal ribbon is a standard Casio part number which can be obtained from most supply stores (so they say). At just $29, which is half the price of a Brother label printer, I will definitely purchase this if the replacement rolls are easy to get and affordable. Update to follow.  Purchased and awaiting arrival for review. Continue Reading

Color Chromatic USB Hubs Brighten Your Day

Looking for a little color on your desk along with some utility, this color chromatic USB hub should make the top of your list. Not that you need a colorful USB hub to connect your USB gas mask, USB aroma drive, USB fart fan and Coca-Cola flash drive, these hubs just make it that much more fun. Never again could someone else take the crown of most cheezy USB guy at your office. USB hi-speed compliant, 4 ports, self powered, $7 bucks – great addition, great addition.
chromatic usb hub
Circle Color Chromatic USB Hub product page
color chromatic usb hub
Square Color Chromatic USB Hub product page. Continue Reading

Very Versatile LED Light USB Web Cam

usb web cam
This USB webcam is for the egotistical with glowing white LEDs to nail those perfect internet first impressions. Although anonymity is what most internet users strive for, if you need clear shots with bright environments the USB Big Eye does just that. Resolution is 1280 x 960 and focal points from 5cm to infinity, built-in image compression, dynamic image e-mail and 24-bit RGB color it’s a decent USB web cam.
usb web camera
Brando has this for under $30.  International shipping is quick and cheap (I’ve order from them several times) Continue Reading

USB Virtual Friend

Everyone can use a virtual friend, and what better friend could one have than a USB buddy.
usb buddy
Okay, so you probably don’t need a virtual friend, but for those who work from the home office, extreme introverts or Harry Potter fantasy freaks (Disney too) you can get this USB virtual friend and pre-progam over 100 says to keep yourself entertained. With embedded infrared motion sensors your virtual buddy will always know when you’ve arrived or when you’re leaving. The set of USB buddies will run about $30 or specific gender for $17.
usb virtual buddy
Continue Reading

I Love You USB LED Laptop Light

Funny how things happen. I just got off a forum page reading up on how much folks hate Blue LED lights and here comes Brando with a product update email to include this “I Love You” LED laptop light.
I love you led light
I use a Compaq LED laptop light from time to time and it only has two white LEDs and I’ll tell you that one more would be nice. Just a little more light would be perfect and I’d probably use the USB gadget that much more. So, although not a great fit for the Techie guy, maybe a good gift for the Techie girl. At just $9 it’s a good addition to your iTunes gift card to ‘that’ girl friend.
usb led light
I Love You USB LED light product page Continue Reading

Brando USB Microscope: If We Don’t Have It, You Don’t Need It

Brando is filling in their spectrum of product offerings to include both low-end and high-end. From the seasonal trinket like USB Christmas trees and USB Plasma Balls to higher end products like quality USB solar chargers and today; USB Microscope, Brando is building their brand.
usb microscope
This just isn’t any old microscope either. It’s literally packed with features. Features, that of course, make total sense. The Brando USB Microscope connects via USB, houses a two port USB hub and includes a web camera for sharing.  So if you can’t find it…you just don’t need it. Taking a closer look at the junk around your house or office has never been easier. Easy to share too. Zoom in from 30x, 200x 400x and 600x to see every gory detail using any one of three Continue Reading

Break Your Fist on USB Stress Button

I definitely could have used a USB stress button today. My cable service was down all day so jumping on the internet didn’t happen for most the afternoon. For someone like me, that’s a LONG time. I guarantee this USB stress button would be broken.
usb stress button
Brando, maker of all things USB, now has a USB stress button which strides to reduce your blood-pressure via a bright red target button to slam down upon when you’re stressed. To put some creativity into an otherwise boring product, Brando incorporates three modes; crack open an Excel spreadsheet (um, no good for me), boss punch out (again no good as I am the boss) or simulated bomb explosion – now we’re talk’in.
usb stress button
At just $17 bookmark this for the holiday season. If this USB stress button isn’t exactly what you need check out our USB Easy Button and USB Panic Button (still love the title of this post). Source: Brando USB Stress Button product page. Continue Reading

Finally – A Well Designed Two Port USB Solar Charger

Brando yet again steps up with another useful product. The two port USB solar charger from Brando has all the features a road warrior, power hungry gadget guy (or gal) would need. Slick design with durable enclosure and plenty-o-connectors to power up any USB gadget you throw at it.
usb solar charger
Some notable specs include output voltage to 4.5v, 5.4v, 6.4v and 9v devices. The battery is lithium with 2000mAH of power.
usb solar charger connector
What GetUSB likes about this solar USB charger is the ability to charge up via three different sources. Solar – of course – as well as wall AC adapter (universal with 90-240v) and car power adapter as well. Put this all together with 7 different connector heads and you are covered. Just make sure the solar charger isn’t. As a closing note, the USB solar charger can power up two individual devices via the double on-board USB port design. Source: USB Solar Charger product page. Continue Reading

USB Car Adapter Has What You Need

Update:  USB Car Adapter Charger Review We recently did a write up about the Brando 3-in-1 USB car adapter, but they had it all wrong. Three cigarette plugs and only one USB port. Today we found a USB adapter better suited for our needs.
usb car adaptor
The car adapter is small, light and provides two useful USB ports. Not much to report on specs – you get what you see. LEDs for port activity and power output is DC5.0V / 1000mA +/- 5%. Roger of USB Fever put together a special deal for readers, free shipping any where in the world (about 7 day transit time). At just $13.95 and free shipping, it’s an excellent deal. Roger also has a universal charger that is a cut above the rest. Typically chargers only support three markets, the UK, US and EU. However, Roger’s charger includes support for Australia and China. ($16.99) Continue Reading

USB Port on Cigarette Car Adaptor

If I where to design this product the ratio would be reversed. I’d create a 3 USB port adaptor with one cigarette plug. After all, I only need one car frig to keep my beer cold at the baseball games. But I do have an MP3 player, phone and camera I’d like to charge up while on the drive over.
car adapter usb port
The Brando 3-in-1 car adapter with USB port is definitely a good idea. There have been several occasions where I’ve wanted one. UberGizmo brings up a good point – it might not be the best idea to daisy chain some USB hubs off the single port to power everything you’ve got. Might strain the car battery too much over a long period of time, none-the-less, an excellent item to have for those long hauls. Brando has them for $20 and ships to the US (and globally) very quickly and inexpensive. Continue Reading

USB Plasma Ball; Shocking Twist

usb plasma ball
Brando, maker of all cheezy USB things, is attempting to rekindle the plasma ball. Although you wont find the USB plasma ball at your local Spencer’s Store Brando is offering it for $16 and ships directly to anywhere in the world. Here at we couldn’t think of a better way to idolize the USB stick then putting some electric shock around it. Potential security feature? Maybe I’ll stop giving Brando a hard time for the boat-load of USB crap they keep pumping out. Continue Reading

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