LED USB Light Tube Speaker Thang

LED lights are leaking there way into many things these days, and this over sized LED light tube speaker from Brando is another classic example.  It doesn’t pulsate with the beat, but it does glow your speaker system into a cool looking desk fixture.

usb led light tube speaker

It’s USB powered and the USB powered gadget costs just $22 so an ideal gift for a kids night-light who needs some music to help fall asleep. Source:  Brando. Continue Reading

USB Cube Hub – Lots Of Color and Little More

Brando has a small collection of USB Cube Hubs to color up your desktop.  The USB ports are spread all over the USB Cube for easy connection of fat devices or bulky gadgets.  The USB Cube Hub includes two On/Off switches to take control of Bus power to the device.

usb cube

Brando gives you light blue, white, green, yellow and orange as your collection options along with a $12 price tag for those on a budget.

usb cube

USB Cube Hub product page from Brando. Continue Reading

USB DJ Plasma Tube – Get Your Funk On

Get your funk on with this USB plasma tube from Brando.  Using the latest plasma technology this little rod turns into a glow fest upon USB power up.  It pulsates and jams with the beat of the music to create a psychedelic like atmosphere.  The USB plasma tube is also a good tool for testing your rhythm, something us tone-deaf folks would have a hard time with.

usb plasma tube

You can chose a USB plasma tube with either blue, green or red light and just $15 each you might as well get all three.  At just 56 x 78 x 214 mm you’ll need all three too. USB plasma tube product page. Continue Reading

Dress Up Your HHD Dock Station

The Data Tray from Brando is their most recent gadget to dress up a HHD dock station and give more functionality than just a dock. The data tray includes additional slots to house a 4 port USB hub and 15 type card reader. The HHD sled will accomidate any 2.5″ hard drive along with all the power connections needed for integration. What I like most about this dock station is the sleek look Brando has put together for the enclosure. Makes the portable USB hub or card reader almost something you want to tote around.

data dock station

The advantage with this system is easily swapping out one of two 2.5 hard drives to hot swap in a USB hub or card reader for quick connection for data transfer. Given all the flexibility this system has to offer you could pick up two – one for work, one for home – at just $69 each.

usb dock station

Brando Data Tray Dock Station product page. Continue Reading

Multi Functional Dock Station For Just About Everything

It would be nice to have a dock station to house all your hard drive and memory gadgets…say, one interface to connect them all. Oh wait, that’s what the Brando Multi-Functional Dock Station does…USB + eSATA + 2 port hub + 4 slot card reader. All this dockability in a slick looking design:

multi functional dock station

The multi functional dock station may be connected to host computer by either a USB cable or eSATA cable, both of which provide the highest possible data transfer rate. The card reader includes support for the SDHC and mini SDHC formats along with the long list of standard flash card formats. Probably the most noteable feature of the multi functional dock station is the Continue Reading

USB Mouse Stands on Four Port Legs

With the exception of Mickey Mouse…is a mouse really that cute you need to make a million gadgets shaped like them?

usb mouse

Nope.  But that doesn’t stop Brando.  Here is a classic example.  The USB mouse stands on four USB port legs.  The legs can swivel around for easy connection, but even after a single device is connected the mouse wont stand…so what’s the point.  Oh there isn’t one?  OK. Available in two colors of green or pink with high speed USB transfer rates you can add another animated animal to your drawer of crap for just $12. USB Mouse by Brando Continue Reading

Canned Card Reader & USB Hub

I’ve often thought of what shape [not] would make the perfect card reader and USB hub, and I must admit the idea of fitting all this into a can never crossed my mind.  However, our friends at Brando did think outside the box, with this canned shaped card reader and USB hub.  The 3 port hub supports SD, SDHC, MMC, XD, CF and microSD flash memory cards.

canned card reader

Granted the design is unique and different but not designed for travel or someone looking for a card reader in a compact size.  The canned card reader does not include a power adapter and is USB powered, thus not the ideal unit for large or long data file transfers.  Read to know why. As for a marketing product, the card reader seems to be the ideal promotional product for a company like Coke or Pepsi or any other canned food or drink manufacturer. Continue Reading

iMono 80-in-1 High Speed Card Reader

Just last week I talked about the USB Fever 62-in-1 card reader thinking that was just about everything one would need.  Today iMono announces an 80-in-1 card reader.  It’s very likely either card reader will satisfy your every need, and I’ve still found a way for you to buy both [not that you would].

80 in 1 card reader

The USB Fever card reader is a 5.25 inch bay system making it ideal for a standard component on build out for numerous machines whereas the iMono 80-in-1 card reader is an external device making it an excellent sidekick for your laptop. I didn’t take the time to count out all 80 devices – which begs the questions:  Does anyone audit this stuff? In case you are asking, Continue Reading

RFID Security Is Ironclad For USB HHD Enclosure

Click – Hard drive locked and encrypted. Click – Hard drive unlocked and ready for use. Yup, that’s it for security when using the RFID USB hard drive enclosure. The enclosure is designed to hold any number of 2.5 inch hard drives and with the embedded RFID technology a simple RFID ringkey is all that holds your data safe and secure.

rfid usb hard drive enclosure

Upon connection to your system, the RFID key identifies the USB hard drive for setup and connection, from that point forward the USB enclosure needs the same RFID signal to lock and unlock the drive.Several LED light configurations provide status: Red for lock, Green for unlock and Blue for write process. With all this high tech RFID security, you can still be a knucklehead Continue Reading

Wireless USB Missile Launcher

On the heels of USB missile launcher with webcam we have the Wireless USB Missile Launcher from Dream Cheeky. I’m not sure how much value the wireless missile launcher brings to the table, other than distancing yourself another 15 feet from the firing source, the webcam version with MSN software controls seems a little better.

wireless usb missile launcher

None-the-less, if your boss doesn’t allow Instant Message software on your PC then roll in the Wireless USB Missile Launcher. At 15 feet distance, it would be easy enough to hide it behind a plant and fire “at will” from an office down the hall. Albeit a direct hit on the forehead of your boss would be funny enough, I don’t think Continue Reading

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