Slim Proporta USB mobile device charger

USB mobile chargerA USB Mobile Device Charger is always a nice resource for the gadget endowed. Proporta introduces an impressive 3400mAH mobile charger to juice up even the most power-hungry portable devices. With 5v, 700mA output it’s one of the best charges has seen. Standard USB input and USB output and comes with a retractable cable and inter-changeable connector heads for Continue Reading

Digital terrestrial TV on your Mac, export to iPod

Miglia TVDuoExperience a new realm of TV viewing on your Mac with the Miglia TVDuo, a dual channel digital miniantenna and recording system. The unique thing about the TVDuo is the dual antennas available. This is a big plus if you are experiencing a poor signal as setting both antennas to the same channel will greatly enhance reception and viewing, which is the point of HDTV. Continue Reading

Flash drive swims to 4 feet and still works

I was about to mention folks in Seattle will love this flash drive, but since New York gets more rain fall per year, it’s the big apple city slickers who’ll appreciate this one. Kingston released a rugged USB flash drive that is water proof up to 4 feet. So if you’re puddle jumping and this jumps from your pocket, the data is safe and secure. Continue Reading

iLoad – Computerless CD ripper auto-loads iPod

iLoadThere are, without a doubt, a majority of iPod owners who just loath the idea of ripping every CD into their iPod. Well the iLoad from Wingspan makes life just a little easier. The iLoad is a standalone device which rips your CDs directly to the iPod, no need for a computer, no sample rates selections, no tag editing, just slide in the CD and let the iLoad do the work. In just under 8 minutes (avg time) your CD will be stored, cataloged and ready to use with your iPod or iTunes software. Continue Reading

New iPod Shuffle, looks like a matchbook

iPod shuffleThe cool factor from Apple has out done itself again. The new iPod shuffle is like an aluminum matchbook with a side clip. The new iPod will store 1GB of audio…or about 240 songs. The anodized aluminum chassis for the Shuffle contributes less then half an ounce to the overall weight and wont scratch up like the previous, plastic model. Continue Reading

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