iPod DJ Mixer and Video Mixer

The Ion Audio iPod DJ Mixer is a compact console which docks two iPods for mixing at your late night shingdigs. Using the iPod Mixer you can also connect two additional turntables or MP3/CD players. Reading through the specs I noticed you can take things a step further and connect via S-Video, so the Ion Audio could be a good video mixer for schools, churches or corporate applications where you have multiple people presenting and don’t want to fumble around with PC connections and projectors.
ipod audio mixer
The Ion Audio Mixer accommodates the 3rd gen iPods, mini and photo iPod. Inputs include what’s mentioned above along with microphone input. The iPod Mixer does have a turn-wheel, but I read this doesn’t allow one to scratch the music but rather used for navigation- damn! If you’re looking to scratch iPod audio then check out Continue Reading

Evolve Your iPod Speakers from Griffin

Wireless speakers never looked like this before. The Griffin Evolve wireless speaker system and iPod station is ideal for the contemporary. The Evolve is comprised of a two wireless speaker cubes and a dock station. The cubes can be picked up and placed anywhere within 150 feet of the base.
griffin evolve
What makes this system stand out are the wireless speakers which recharge simply by placing them on the dock station. With Lithium-Ion batters you can expect 10+ hours of continual play.
Continue Reading

Touch-My-Screen Says LG Prada KE850 Mobile Cell – WOW

LG launched their KE850 mobile cell phone yesterday and with a 3 inch touch screen they’re looking for action. Although the phone was announced last year, it’s debut into the market place is still a little ways out.
lg prada ke850
Featured with a 2mp camera, Bluetooth enabled, USB connectivity and MicroSD card slot this tri-band GSM/BPRS/EDGE power house is ready to take on the iPhone. At nearly $750USD it’s a hard ticket to swallow without Wi-Fi but with a name like Prada I don’t think it really matters. Continue Reading

Is Apple iPhone Synaptics’ ClearPad?

The big push from Apple’s iPhone is the multi-touch capability of the screen where multiple activities can take place simultaneously. Well, Synaptics released ClearPad back in August ’06 stating just that. ClearPad is based on Synaptics’ proprietary sensing technology and offers unique capabilities like multi-finger input, proximity sensing, text entry and high resolution finger input.
Enabled through Synaptics clear, capacitive sensing technology Onyx, here, displays the future of mobile technology. ClearPad is a thin solid state film that can be curved and mounted beneath plastics offering mobile designers (Apple) the ability to create sleek and stylized industrial designs. More photos Continue Reading

World’s Fastest Flash Drive

Patriot Memory is claiming the world’s fastest flash drive at the CES 2007 show this year. The X-Porter XT Version 2 can achieve 39MB transfer rates. Now besides the fact of anyone reproducing a manufacturers test specs, lets take it at face value – WOW that’s fast.
Patriot X-Porter XT
With flash drive capacity getting larger and larger this type of news is well received. Now, if iPods and PDAs could get this transfer rate then we could do much better things on Friday night then sync our portables.  Available capacities are 1GB to 16GB…what, no 32MB version? – I’d like to transfer all my data in 1 second. Continue Reading

Twisty Tangle Tronics iPod Speakers

Tangle Toy DNA speakersThese twistable iPod and MP3 player speakers add a level of clutter to any computer desk, unless you are a 13 year old looking for something goofy. The Tangle Toys Tronics DNA Speakers are available for around $60 USD the DNA is for Dynamic Neural Audio sound which give the speakers an omni-directional sound for simulated surround-sound. Connect via USB or stuff it with a couple AA batteries Continue Reading

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