Break Your Fist on USB Stress Button

I definitely could have used a USB stress button today. My cable service was down all day so jumping on the internet didn’t happen for most the afternoon. For someone like me, that’s a LONG time. I guarantee this USB stress button would be broken.
usb stress button
Brando, maker of all things USB, now has a USB stress button which strides to reduce your blood-pressure via a bright red target button to slam down upon when you’re stressed. To put some creativity into an otherwise boring product, Brando incorporates three modes; crack open an Excel spreadsheet (um, no good for me), boss punch out (again no good as I am the boss) or simulated bomb explosion – now we’re talk’in.
usb stress button
At just $17 bookmark this for the holiday season. If this USB stress button isn’t exactly what you need check out our USB Easy Button and USB Panic Button (still love the title of this post). Source: Brando USB Stress Button product page.

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