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Here is a short introduction for those interested in creating a BlogAd for First off, let me say that BlogAds are a very effective way to get your message out amongst the visitors. The unique aspect of BlogAds is the ability to create a “blog like” campaign that melds very well with the theme of The rates are not expensive and easily worth the amount invested to get a BlogAd going. You can run a BlogAd from one week to three months. It’s your choice! So lets get started. Please read this tutorial first, then click on my BlogAds link to begin the process. None of this is hard, it’s just nice to know… The first step is creating a nickname and headline. The nickname is not necessary but nice if you decide to run multiple BlogAds, the nickname allows you to see which one is running. Create an Ad Headline. This is the headline of the Ad. Like company name or catch phrase. For this example I used the tag line with is “USB Powered Gadgets and more.” Next select your ad size (99% of people go with standard) and the duration of the ad. The price will reflect accordingly. Please note: The price in this example is NOT correct.
The next step is uploading your image and creating your message or ad. BlogAds does give you the option to select a start date in the event you are coordinating a marketing launch date. Please note, the maximum image size for a standard BlogAd is 150 pixels wide by 200 pixels tall. It’s good to have your image ready before starting the BlogAd process. Your message can be a total of 300 characters, but this number does not include the text used in HTML links or hyperlinks. So be creative and put in as many hyperlinks as you want.
The next step is simply a preview of the work you’ve done. Remember, the BlogAd will look different on my site because I use certain color themes, so again, this is just an example to make sure you’ve selected the correct image and typed the correct message/text.
The last step is checkout. Here BlogAds will confirm the duration of the ad and amount. After you hit the submit button, will be notified, the BlogAd will be approved (unless there is profanity or nudity) and begin running after approval. That’s it! Easy and fun. Here is the link to begin a successfull advertising campaign with
Link to advertising via BlogAds on the website.

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