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The gas most commonly associated with balloons and chipmunk voices has recently seen use in Western Digital’s hardware. The memory provider unveiled a new set of their helium-filled drives this week, aimed at personal and small business use. While some of their sizing options are above and beyond what many users would care for, bringing these kinds of options beyond just server use can be a step in an uplifting direction.


Just like their predecessors, the new hard drives come with SATA III interfaces. With a density one-seventh that of air, helium filled hardware reduces the drag force acting on the spinning stack and lowers fluid forces affecting the disks, enabling thinner platters in larger numbers. The family of WD’s hermetically-sealed hard drives will include 8TB options with 5400RPM or 7200RPM spindle speeds and looks to be optimized for mixed workloads. While the only helium platforms available are for NAS drives, the use of the gas leads to speculation that Western Digital is working on more inexpensive helium-filled platforms. Hopefully, this will lead to helium adaptations of their high-performance HDDs currently on the market for desktop use.

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Energizing How We Charge Our Phones

At trade shows around the world, StoreDot is showing off the Samsung Galaxy S6 with a modified battery and charging port which enabled the device to charge from 10% to 100% in 5 minutes and 25 seconds. This solution isn’t simply faster, the physics within the battery is a new generation of lithium ion batteries which sets it apart from companies pursuing similar avenues to solve the battery inconvenience.

Possibly one of the most impressive features is how the charger manages heat. At Nexcopy we manage temperatures between each piece of our products to keep them safe and durable throughout their use, so we can appreciate some solid thermal decorum when we see it. These new batteries will make sure your phone is never hot to the touch during or after a charging session and it does so with modifications to the connector itself. This however, means there isn’t simply a wire between the phone and the charger but rather a solid, wall-mounted charger unit.

Wall Mounted Charging

What does this means for the industry? Well the technology is alive and well to make our charge times negligible. The delay will be in the coordination needed to make the improvement. There has to be a suitable connection port to enable the top speed charging, and a StoreDot 150W charger is required to reach these speeds. Most notably, Samsung has invested alongside other interested parties so eliminating the wait time of charging could be a thing of the past in the next generation of our smartphones.

Source: StoreDot

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Review: Adesso Wireless USB Trackball Keyboard

Review: Adesso Wireless USB Trackball Keyboard

Don’t you hate it when you buy a new gadget and don’t have the batteries it needs? This new keyboard from Adesso avoids that let down. Batteries ARE included. No more scrounging around for those AA Batteries that you need just to get this keyboard to work

USB wireless keyboard

This little keyboard is great for the multi-media user. With the 100-ft range you can sit on the couch, relax, and set up your music without having to get up and go to the computer. Or if you are that Fortune 500 CEO and you are doing a presentation in the conference room. You can now walk around the room and still control your media presentation. Even if you are just the basic computer user you will find much utility and love for this little guy. It is an easy to use, plug-n-play, keyboard that requires no Continue Reading

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