Attention Mac lovers – TV to go with TVMicro

Do you travel and can’t stand to miss American Idol or Survivor, well the TV Micro from Miglia is geared up to service you. The TVMicro, powered by EyeTV 2, enables you to watch analog TV on your Mac wherever you are. Barely the size of an iPod Shuffle, TVMicro delivers a great picture and is compact enough to take with you on any journey. Simply plug TVMicro into a free USB 2.0 port, connect your antenna or cable and start watching TV! TVMicro is perfectly suited for users on the go or people wanting a quick and simple solution to watch TV on their Mac. Key Features
  • Watch analog TV on your Mac almost anywhere in the world
  • Watch TV in a window or in full screen
  • Browse Online TV Guides to find the right TV show for you
  • Remote Control included for perfect viewing experience
Record TV TVMicro can record TV straight to your hard drive with a single mouse click. Files are recorded in VCD (MPEG-1), S-VCD (MPEG-2) or DVD (MPEG-2) quality. Unlike its big brother EvolutionTV, TVMicro relies on your Mac to transform the TV signal into a digital file. Be aware that you will need a dual G4, dual G5 or Intel DualCore processor to record in full DVD quality. Remote Control Make life easier with the included remote control. Instead of fiddling with keys and the mouse, simply press a button to change channels, volume, etc…after all you are watching TV!

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