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Like JVC, Sony Has USB Car Stereo

Sony GT Series car stereo grows with feature-packed USB head unit. Via USB you can connect any music source to the Sony head unit for mobile music. Two models are available, the CDX-GT610U / CDX-GT616U and play MP3, WMA or AAC formats from any digital music source, CD or USB. With the new model Sony […]

USB key plugs into Clarion car stereo

Now this is USB On-The-Go technology…the new Clarion DB568RUSB is a CD/MP3/WMA receiver equipped with a USB port, which allows drivers to play music downloaded on to a memory stick. You can now connect all kinds of peripheral equipment using the common USB (Universal Serial Bus) standard interface.

USB port on JVC KD-G720 car stereo

The JVC KD-G720 features a front USB port (on right side) to provide connectivity to thumb drives, portable media players and memory card readers. With USB being so widely accepted JVC thought this interoperatabilty would give them an edge, JVC is right. The car stereo supports MP3 and WMA file playback from any memory device […]

Parrot Car Receiver Peppered with USB Ports

Parrot is launching their new car stereo receive which has strayed away from the trend of all touch screen interface.  The Asteroid is a Google Android based receiver with loads of features and functionality. The receiver still has a graphical interface to display the content being played, but the navigation is all “old school” buttons […]

Ford Making An App Store for Cars?

Wouldn’t that be nice – an app store for cars?  Ford isn’t there yet, but they could be.  I read earlier this week that Ford is pushing out a new SDK for software developers to create applications for For Motor cars. A simple example of an app would be syncing your smartphone with the car […]

Impressive Porsche USB Drive

Porsche is shipping a limited number of Panamera USB flash drives and we’ve got the pictures.  It’s clearly a drive with a great amount of detail and pristine looking Porches logo on the USB cap. It’s not clear if this is a marketing piece for Porsche or things to come about how we interface with […]

You Can Do What With This USB Car Cassette Case?

Converging technologies collide.  At first, I thought this to be just another MP3 player, but it does more than just play music. The USB MP3 cassette player also works as a car stereo adapter to connect your iPod or iPhone, CD player or a different MP3 player.  Or simply insert a loaded SD card with […]

Geeky Games: USB Domino Flash Stick

Not that domino’s has traditionally carried the “geeky” stereotype, but putting some flash memory and a USB connector on would definitely capture a Geek’s attention. Although the USB domino is just a design, the creator wanted each domino dot to represent 1GB of memory.  Not too far fetched for the lower end, but what about […]

Old School Analoger Appreciates Plantronics USB Headset

For those just not willing to give up their old school analog headsets, or gaming headsets that plug into an audio card, you can now have an easy and convenient direct connect through USB with Plantronics new design Audio 625 USB Stereo Headset. And to make sure background noise doesn’t interfere, the Audio 625 features […]

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