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The USB Missile Launcher Is Back

Everyone loves a good USB missile launcher and Thanko has released yet another version.  The first thing you will notice is the cosmetic change to look more like an Army missile launcher, but Brando reports hardware changes as well.  The new missile launcher was retooled to have more power for longer distance and the software […]

80 Port USB Power Overload

At first glance we became very excited about this 80 port USB board, we thought it was a huge USB hub.  Then we read the details and realized it’s just an 80 port USB power source.  And we say “just” with all the enthusiasm that word can carry.  Wicked awesome from our point of view. […]

USB Soldering Iron Is One Hot Rod

Thanko is getting us one step closer to computers fixing themselves with the USB soldering iron.  The USB soldering iron can heat up to 390F on a single USB connection or 570F with a dual connection so it’ll handle just about any quick fix job you need while out on site. Thanko included a well […]

USB Lock Keeping The Honest People Honest

Engadget reported on the new USB luck from Thanko.  The not-so-clever device uses a 3 wheel number combination lock which attaches to the USB connector of your USB drive, or anything else with a USB connector.  Although this looks like something more to keep the honest people honest as disassembling the lock itself doesn’t look […]

USB A$$ Blower

We all blow hot air from time-to-time. Whether it be talking smack to our boss about how busy we are, or literally blowing hot air after a Mexican lunch outing, it’s good to know we have “back up” from the folks at Thanko. The USB cooling system is designed to cool off that hot seat […]

LOL – USB Gas Mask

Thanko, maker of all things cheezzy, released the USB gas mask, or to make it less alarming, USB dust mask. Either way it’s hard to swallow any logical reason for this device. Sure you could make the argument for a dirty work environment, but if things are so bad you need a USB mask, just […]

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