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Iomega Makes Full Switch to USB 3.0

Iomega is charging forward with USB 3.0 technology integrated into all their products.  Despite the fact that recent reports [In-Stat] indicate USB 3.0 will be slow to adaption throughout 2011 and 2012. Iomega says the change will not cost consumers a penny more in retail cost, but will deliver faster transfer speeds.  USB 3.0, as […]

Attention Gamers: Iomega Media Xporter Is For You

Iomega is shifting it’s focus to the consumers with more disposable income, the gamers. Well at least in theory. The Iomega Media Xporter is a portable 160GB hard drive designed to seamlessly integrate with cross-platform applications to PlayStation 3 consoles and Xbox 360 console. With the gaming console become more of a home entertainment center, […]

Iomega at it again with 60GB mini USB HD

Compact storage on the go! Is Iomega’s catch phrase for their 60GB mini hard drive. This little guy comes snuggled in a leather case and boots up via USB-power so no additional cables are needed. Power switch gives you control of the device and at just 3.5 ounces you really can take this anywhere. But […]

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