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Run Instant Message on Your iPod Touch

Unlocking the iPod Touch isn’t too difficult and the transformation allows for some powerfull and fun applications to find their way into your iPod Touch.  Take for example, this tutorial which gives you the tools to run Instant Message on your iPod Touch Click for a tutorial on installing Instant Message on your iPod Touch […]

USB Powered Mini LCD Screen For Your Laptop

Century is coming out with a mini LCD screen for your laptop which is powered via USB.  The hand-held size screen is ideal for users with a laptop and don’t have the horse power to run a second screen or don’t have the space. The LCD-4300U seems to be the perfect companion for running Instant […]

i-Knock A Self Inflicting IM Notifier

The i-Knock is another knock-off Instant Message notifier.  With any of the popular instant message services like Yahoo, MSN, AOL or Skype this i-Knock is there for support and alerts.  This time, however, the notification is in the form of a knock to the head.  The i-Knock doesn’t stop there, you can also load specific […]

MSN i-Buddy Alerts You When Boss is IMing

MSN has this exclusive i-Buddy design for their instant message customers.  The idea is providing a visual message when a new instant message arrives.  Akihabara reports the i-Buddy will perform various motions when an new instant message arrives which corresponds to the emotion of the sender.  Not sure how that works, but… The i-Buddy connects […]

Wireless USB Missile Launcher

On the heels of USB missile launcher with webcam we have the Wireless USB Missile Launcher from Dream Cheeky. I’m not sure how much value the wireless missile launcher brings to the table, other than distancing yourself another 15 feet from the firing source, the webcam version with MSN software controls seems a little better. […]

Review: Logitech MX3200 Wireless Keyboard

The Logitech USB MX3200 is a stylish wireless keyboard, loaded with hotkey options and built in LED display features. Our Across-the-Pond friends at Gadget Centre did a nice review and it’s worth a read if you’re shopping for a wireless keyboard. The Logitech MX3200 is a sleek black HID (human input device) that connects instantly […]

USB Webmail Notifier Lets The World Know You Have Mail

If you have the personality which requires attention from your co-workers, family and friends, then the Brando USB Webmail notifier is definitely for you.  The USB webmail notifier uses a large envelope box which illuminates each time you receive an email.  As you can tell from the picture, it’s quite a ghastly looking thing. The […]

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