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Floppy Drive Looks Old, Acts Young

The floppy diskette was an icon of portable storage.  For years, this was the de facto standard for moving information from one location to another.  Heck, an entire industry was made for duplicating floppy diskettes.  Today things are a bit different.  We still have the specialized duplicator equipment, but the media has changed.  Now, the de facto standard are USB flash drives. Well, this commercialized floppy has the look and feel of the old days, but all the flare and space of modern USB sticks.  Check out this USB floppy drive.

usb floppy drive

Granted, the size is a bit much for today’s UberGeek, but clearly a great conversation piece. If this has your wheels spinning then check out our USB tutorial on modifying a true floppy diskette into a USB drive. Source:  UberGizmo. Continue Reading

USB Powered Mini LCD Screen For Your Laptop

Century is coming out with a mini LCD screen for your laptop which is powered via USB.  The hand-held size screen is ideal for users with a laptop and don’t have the horse power to run a second screen or don’t have the space.

mini lcd display usb

The LCD-4300U seems to be the perfect companion for running Instant Message or maybe Toolboxes for your Photoshop program.  Resolution is up to 800×480 with a total width of 4.3″ And if for some odd reason you fall in love with these little monitors you can daisy-chain up to 7 of them from your PC. The concept is great, but the problem I have with this is the cost.  Starting street price this November will be around 195USD.  I can get a 19″ flat screen for less then that…but sometimes you have to pay the price for the small size. Source:  CyberEddie. Continue Reading

Today’s Theme – Expensive Flash Drives

We don’t know what the deal is today, but several blogs have mentioned news about expensive flash drives.  I have to say, this is perfect timing of a product launch with the global economy in the tank.  I guess those guys with cash are looking for a bargin.  Doubt they’ll find anything here. First off from Engadget, they report an 8GB flash drive over $800 USD.  Sure it’s got 8GBs of storage and made of beautiful looking Titanium house inside a sweet looking case, but do we need $100 per GB?

expensive usb stick

Next up we have Gizmodo with a report about a $500 Mahjong USB drive with 16GBs of storage.  At least the storage capacity has come up, but things drop again with the material being that of wood.  The Mahjong drive has the option for customized engraving of whatever you fancy.

expensive wood usb drive

Next up we have Gizmodo with a report about a $500 Mahjong USB drive with 16GBs of storage.  At least the storage capacity has come up, but things drop again with the material being that of wood.  The Mahjong drive has the option for customized engraving of whatever you fancy. Bottom line – unless your bottom line is full of green cash, I don’t think these drives are for you [certainly not me]. Continue Reading

Dog & Penguin Laptop USB Cooling Fan – Great Look & Cool Design

No pun intended, but this laptop fan is cool looking with a great design.  The Dog shapped USB cooling fan is an ideal adition to those working from laptops.  With two 6″ built-in cooling fans, it can dissipate heat away from the bottom of your laptop and cool down the the under belly of your laptop.

usb cooling fan, dog

The USB cooling fan for your laptop comes in either a Dog or Penguin shape and acrylic top.  It’s almost a shame you cover up the design with your laptop. Here is a side view of the laptop cooling pad: Continue Reading

Budweiser Beer Hides USB Stick

Ahh, Budweiser.  I could use a nice cold one right now, but I don’t think this USB beer drive is the answer.  First off, it’s not cold – which is how I like it. Clearly a promotional USB drive for a trade show give-away, this Budweiser stick is the first I’ve ever seen with liquid inside the plastic case.  Then again, taking just 5 seconds to think about this and review the picture, there is no way liquid is inside.  Rather that’s some nice looking brown plastic and fake white bubbles for an ever-so-real look.  How could this thing still have carbonation?

usb beer

If you’re a fool and think this USB drive is drinkable – then you really do need a drink. Source [who could use a beer] TechEBlog. Continue Reading

Sony Introduces Marine Radio to Work with iPhone and iPod

Sony is definitely not a team player when it comes to formats and building a universal base for outside development [Betamax and Memory Stick to name a few] but Sony did make a small step in the right direction with their Marine CD Receivers. The Sony Marine CD Receiver is a wired remote which allows connection via USB from iPods or iPhones for digital music playback.

sony marine cd

The Sony Marine uses a powerful navigation dial system to weed through your extensive audio collection or you can use the connected device itself to select your song of choice. The Sony Marine is comprised of two units with remote connecting via USB.  The main unit, like a typical stereo and the RM-X60M remote to control your stereo, well remotely.  Both head units share DM+ technology that enhances the sound quality of compressed audio files such as supported MP3 and non-DRM WMA and AAC formats. The remote will be priced at $130 when it ships, and the CDX-H910UI marine receiver priced at about $350.  Nothing for a boat is cheap.  After all doesn’t B.O.A.T. mean Bust out Another Thousand? Source:  CyberEddie. Continue Reading

Magnets and USB Hubs – Good Or Bad?

It all boils down to where you connect the magnets.  For the most part this magnetic USB hub is best designed to work with office furniture, cabinets and the like.  Probably not the best idea to set it on the computer chassis – although it wouldn’t do too much harm.

usb magnetic hub

The idea behind USBFever’s magnetic hub is convenience.  Place it where you need it.  There are three magnets on the underside of the 4 port hub with enough strength to hold any combination of USB cables and flash drives in place. The 4 port USB magnetic hub will only set you back 14 USD plus a couple bucks in shipping.Available via USBFever. Continue Reading

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