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WD-40 Could Be A USB Stick’s Best Friend

wd-40 usbIn the rare situation your USB stick finds it’s way into the wash, there are a couple of steps you can take to help get the device back on track if it isn’t working. You’ll need a little space, time, [sunlight wouldn’t hurt] and some WD-40.  Ya, WD-40. According to Kevin at JK On The Run, it’s a critical step in the saving of your USB stick. So in the unlucky event your drive went through the wash, don’t throw it in the trash.  Try these steps first.
  • Open up the USB stick plastic case and set everything out for a dry.
  • Sunlight would speed the process, but I would recommend at least 24 hours of dry time.
  • Next, take the PCB board and memory and spray it down with some WD-40.  The idea hear is to avoid any metal contacts to become rusted or corroded, as once you close up the plastic case, it’s a great environment for moisture to do some good damage.  The WD-40 will help prevent moisture damage.
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ION LP-2-Flash Is For The Smart And Lazy

ION Audio has a handful of vinyl to digital audio converter products.  However, the ION LP-2-Flash is their first to directly off-load vinyl audio to a USB stick, USB hard drive and even SD card.  The LP-2-Flash is a standalone, PC-less vinyl audio ripper for simple operation for even the most lazy music junkie.

lp 2 flash ion audio

The LP-2-Flash has a built in SD slot where you can directly load up your flash memory.  The process fully logs, categorizes and separates the audio tracks and digitally converts them to MP3.  If you aren’t into SD then USB is equally available.  Now, connecting your USB stick or HDD for vinyl download is just as easy. Sample rates up to 192kHz.  Wow. Continue Reading

One Reason Not to Use USB Hubs – Slow iPhone Syncs

slow iphone

Some interesting news about iPhone sync speed and the use of USB hubs.  I seriously doubt there is an issue with USB 2.0 specification so this must be related more towards the USB stack the iPhone uses with their chip.  Apparently having the iPhone connected to a USB hub for sync will slow the process.  To throw more flame on the fire, if you have a USB 1.0 device [like a keyboard or mouse] also connected to the USB hub, the sync grinds to a halt. You’ll could definitely run into problems if it’s a self-powered USB hub, so try one with a separate power connector/source. Word on the proverbial street is that most who did a direct connect from iPhone to Mac or PC had a much faster sync time – down to a couple of minutes. How about you?  Have you tried with or without the hub?  Comment. Tip:  Wired. Continue Reading

8GBs of Sterling Silver Flash

People get attached to their USB flash sticks.  They really do.  If you don’t use one or have a USB stick then you probably wouldn’t understand the statement.  Because of this personal attachment one has with their flash drive, we continually see high-dollar, high-end USB sticks which most deem ridiculous.  We call it passion. Case-in-point:  The ZaNA Sterling Silver USB stick is beautiful as ever and now available in a convenient 8GBs.

sterling silver usb stick

To show you some of the craftsman ship which goes into the ZaNa stick Sebatian Zach states:
The modern and elegant design is obtained through the following materials: carbonic fibre, which is used in Formula I racing cars, exclusive wood such as wenge and teak, and Swarovski zirconia with displays the exceptional diamond sheen. ZaNa Sterling Silver USB sticks are not only a fine modern gadget noticed by anyone with an eye for style, but also a practical tool in daily life, work and entertainment.
The Sterling Silver USB stick comes with a variety of options such as sterling silver lanyard or leather strap with a silver clasp.  Sizes available from 2GB through 8GBs. To inquire about availability, visit: Continue Reading

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