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The Ugliest USB Keyboard

I am all for spicing up the computer world with cool designs, colors and shapes, but sometimes even the most valiant effort fails.  Case in point: The Nishi-Ki keyboard is the ugliest keyboard you will ever see, despite it’s attempt to be a beautiful piece of artwork. At just a glance, or even long stare, you can’t guess what’s printed on the keyboard.  Just ugliness.

ugly usb keyboard

Apparently there are unique and customized butterfly and flowers painted on to each key.  Wow – that takes time, and to justify those wasted hours Nishi-Ki is charging about $155 per keyboard. Source:  Slippery Brick. Continue Reading

Double A Battery Gives 15 Emergency Minutes of Power

IOGear releases their version of the USB battery, with the GearJuice Rescue charger.  What IOGear has done differently from other battery shaped USB solution, is make a miniUSB connector for cell phones, PDAs and other handhelds rather than the traditional full sized USB connector.

iogear gearjuice recharger

The unit is just larger than a double A battery and will provide your device with an extra 15 minutes of performance.  Just enough time to call the bails-bondsman after getting the late night lock down because of too much party’in. IOGear GearJuice Rescue Charger product page. Continue Reading

Multi Functional Dock Station For Just About Everything

It would be nice to have a dock station to house all your hard drive and memory gadgets…say, one interface to connect them all. Oh wait, that’s what the Brando Multi-Functional Dock Station does…USB + eSATA + 2 port hub + 4 slot card reader. All this dockability in a slick looking design:

multi functional dock station

The multi functional dock station may be connected to host computer by either a USB cable or eSATA cable, both of which provide the highest possible data transfer rate. The card reader includes support for the SDHC and mini SDHC formats along with the long list of standard flash card formats. Probably the most noteable feature of the multi functional dock station is the Continue Reading

USB Forum at

There is nothing like getting involved and making a difference, no matter how small.  In this case, we ask you get involved with the Forum. The USB Forum is definitely an under-developed portion of the website, so with a little elbow grease and good discussion we can turn this into a valuable resource. If you haven’t already, Log In and register.  It only takes a minute.  From there you can post, link and other simple HTML functions to make your statement ‘clear as day.’

usb forum

Some of the most recent discussions include: So if you’ve got 1.538 minutes, make a difference and let your voice be heard! Continue Reading

Vista SP1 Users Report Broken USB Devices

microsoft vistaTo many a service pack from Microsoft is the first sign their newest platform is becoming stable. For Vista the SP1 pack came out in April and it was a good sign. At least for some. The deal with SP1 is Microsoft sending a signal to corporate world it’s time to drop XP and make the upgrade. However, even with the Service Pack 1 revision from Microsoft some are still seeing problems with their USB devices. Most notably, users are reporting mice, keyboards and flash drives still not performing as they should.
“We are aware of concerns that a recent Microsoft update may be causing problems with USB devices,” stated a Microsoft spokesperson. “We are investigating the matter and at this time do not have any additional information to share.”
It’s not clear how widespread this USB problem may be. For those installing Vista SP1, Microsoft recommends using Microsoft Windows Update, which checks and verifies if updated drivers are present before the upgrade. So now the question becomes – have you upgraded to Vista AND have you seen problems with your USB devices?  Let us know and comment here… . Continue Reading

GetUSB Dealz: Sharp 1280×720 DLP Projector – CHEAP

Although you might not be able to afford a Runco home theater and projector system, you can still put together a decent projection system with the Sharp 1280X720 DLP projector. has a good deal on the unit where the MSRP went from 1,799 to 999 and a limited time special down a couple more $100 bucks to a bottom line of $799.

sharp projector

The DT-510 is a feature packed high definition DLP projector that is ideal for the dedicated home heater or any viewing room in the home. The DT-510 utilizes DLP technology from Texas Instruments that includes BrillantColor technology and TrueVision Image processing that produces vibrant images and extraordinary video performance.
Grab the GetUSB Dealz now!
Continue Reading

Wireless USB Multi-Media Remote

Wireless USB has gotten some hits for not picking up developers over the past 18 months. Some of the only items we’ve seen are wireless USB hubs with poor performance. Well, maybe a slow data transfer is what’s needed, like that from the AMEX wireless USB multi-media remote.

wireless usb remote

The AMEX remote is stylish in look, and will control your multi-media system including music, photo, video and DVD titles. The RM-mp1 uses a touch pad mouse, a slick laser pointer, basic nav buttons and includes a wireless USB receiver. I’d say it looks like a cell phone, and with dimensions of just 104x38x12mm in size, it’s the size of one.Source: Akihabara News. Continue Reading

iPhone Line Forms Already at Apple’s 5th Ave Store

“This morning I had to go buy another copy of OS X Leopard (my original copy got scratched). As I walked closer to the Apple Store on 5th Avenue I was somewhat surprised to see a line of about 50 people waiting in line. The 3G iPhone announcement isn’t rumored to happen until June 9th right? Are these people going to wait in line for over 2 weeks or do they know something we don’t? I asked the security guard by the Cube what was going on and he said it was for the iPhone. That’s all he knew and he very was annoyed at me for asking him about the iPhone line. I’m doubt I was the first person to ask. Still confused I walked downstairs and bought my copy of Leopard. Before I left the Apple Store, I asked Jessica, my cashier, if the people outside were waiting for the new 3G iPhone. She cryptically said “They are waiting to buy an iPhone. We will sell them whatever phones we have in stock.” She was kind of pissed off too. For some reason the majority of people waiting in line were Chinese. I was later informed by a friend that to get around iPhone quantity restrictions (one one per person), you can pay people (usually from Chinatown I guess) to buy you extra iPhones and even hold your place in line. I wonder how many of these people will still be in line on June 9th. methodshop Continue Reading

Spanish Website of Gets New Look

Blogging is a tough gig that’s for sure.  One way stays on top is through real, translated websites from dedicated authors.  The most popular translated website for GetUSB is the Spanish version.  Today we went through the long process of update the look.  Check it out: The Spanish GetUSB looked similar to our older layout like the Dutch version.  If you review the two, you must admit the updated look is clearly the better site for reading.  The colors are easy on the eyes, less ads and large text. Carlos runs that Spanish site and is diligent about translating every post from the English mothership.  The other domains we have include: If you’ve taken the time [which I doubt you have] to click the other domains you’ll see the Dutch, Indonesian and Italian sites are out of date.  The authors from the Dutch and Indonesian site had personal issues and couldn’t continue the translation process.  The Italian site was clicking along great, then a system crash deleted the Authors profile, and that killed all his posts.  Needless to say he [Andrea] was very upset and gave notice for the position.

Want to work for  I’m seeking authors for established sites of GetUSB in Italian (PageRank 4), Dutch (PageRank 4), Indonesia (PageRank  4) and looking to establish new sites for French, German, Swedish and Russian.  If you have interest in translating pre-written posts and a chance for revenue stream income, please contact me: gmo<@>getusb dot info for all the juicy details. Continue Reading

WordPress On USB

wordpress logo

Back in July 2007 I made a USB tutorial post about putting WordPress on a stick.  Shortly there after, several visitors emailed me indicating I had too much time on my hands and it really wasn’t worth the effort.  But how do I disagree!

Even in the past year, WordPress has gain momentum in the blogisphere and becoming the #1 blogging platform.  Even Alexa, a fairly decent gauge on web traffic ranks WP as #26 in most popular sites.

Given this information, I’ve seen more and more website – not blogs – use the WP platform to create their static website and webpages.  So for those SEO and web designers out there, putting WordPress on a stick allows them to demo the site to clients, run SQL runtimes for testing and troubleshooting and isolating their web environment during development.

A good example is my RSS Filter website: FilterMyRSS.  Take a look at the source code, you’ll see the script which runs the utility along with supporting pages and blog entries…all based off WordPress.

I do agree the masses wouldn’t care about putting WordPress on a stick, but if the web is your bread-n-butter it would probably be smarter for you to know how – than to not.

Install WordPress on a stick tutorial.

Continue Reading

USB Tutorial: Wiki On A Stick

wiki on stickToday LifeHacker syndicated a short description on how to place a Wiki on a USB stick…and I thought…hmm interesting idea. So digging into things a little deeper it seems no more complicated than putting WordPress on a stick. But I think most of you would ask, why? The reason would be for off-line edits, organizing or remote access where there is no internet connectivity or you are in a facility which limits your access (schools & gov’t agencies). Here is the web page from the MediaWiki website which gives you all the juicy details on placing a wiki on a stick. Continue Reading

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