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Canned Card Reader & USB Hub

I’ve often thought of what shape [not] would make the perfect card reader and USB hub, and I must admit the idea of fitting all this into a can never crossed my mind.  However, our friends at Brando did think outside the box, with this canned shaped card reader and USB hub.  The 3 port hub supports SD, SDHC, MMC, XD, CF and microSD flash memory cards.

canned card reader

Granted the design is unique and different but not designed for travel or someone looking for a card reader in a compact size.  The canned card reader does not include a power adapter and is USB powered, thus not the ideal unit for large or long data file transfers.  Read to know why. As for a marketing product, the card reader seems to be the ideal promotional product for a company like Coke or Pepsi or any other canned food or drink manufacturer. Continue Reading

Personal Pocket Safe Is Pin Pad USB Stick

Here is the Personal Pocket Safe UFD which is the first of it’s kind that is an “encrypted, epoxy coated, pin-protected smart drive.”  Not the first pin-pad USB stick we’ve seen.  But with military grade encryption and a mysterious “track-covering” feature to insure no one can trace it’s where-a-bouts after removing from the host.

pin pad usb drive

Lets say you did find the Personal Pocket Safe, well you still need the pin number.  This guy features a 10 digit touch-pad pin code using between 4 and 10 digits to lock down your passwords, documents etc.  Get the pin number wrong and the Personal Pocket Safe goes in complete lock-down.
“The Personal Pocket Safeâ„¢ is powered by proprietary software embedded within a pin protected pocket safe that features a host of security-rich options that lock in all of the confidential and critical information that powers the lives of today’s consumers.”
Here are some key bullet points from the press release: Continue Reading

DIY: Customized Neon Sign Kit

I believe we have all thought of…or wanted a…customized neon sign over the years.  Whether it be making your kegg’r party that much better, or let the world know you are open for business, a customized neon sign would have fit the bill.  Well, wait no longer.

customized neon sign

ThinkGeek is offering up a customized neon sign kit and it will not only fit the bill, but make a damn big one.  The customized neon sign is $30 to start, then add $7 for each letter, or $5 for each number. The snap-together letters are 2″ x 3″ which connect to a single power source.  There is low heat and power consumption so it’s ultra safe for the front office or the kids bedroom.
  • Sealed blue neon letter blocks
  • Low heat generation
  • Choose from letters, numbers, and special characters
  • Push button control for blinking or steady-on
  • Up to 22 neon letters can be connected to a single Power Supply unit
Even though the customized neon sign for “free beer” would run you $86, it pails in comparison to buying a REAL customized neon sign.  Let your communication juices begin the free flowing.
Available from ThinkGeek starting at $29.99.
Continue Reading

Cellink Swivel USB Stick Is Charger, Reader & UFD

Lets just raddle off the use of the Cellink USB swivel gadget.  Of course you have the shape, look and feel of a typical UFD.  With flash memory for…well you know.  Next, swivel the Cellink and you’ve got a microSD card reader.  Swivel the other direction and you’ve got a direct connected to your USB port and cell phone for some wireless charging.  Of course you’ll block all the other ports in the process, but that’s the cost of cool gadgetry.

cellink swivel usb

If these become readily available it would be a great item to have.  It seems like down-sizing your basket full of gadgets is a continual process.  So here we streamline to a single UFD, forget another reader and the power cord to your cell phone. That’s progress.


Source:  Aving. Continue Reading

SiteHoppin – Such a Social Viral Web Thaang

It’s like bar-hoppin, but on the web. I was doing some Social Marketing today and was tipped off on the great affect SiteHoppin can give a webmaster.  I checked it out, and sure enough the site is a brilliant twist on social bookmarking and networking. In a nut:  SiteHoppin is a way to view other website without clicking your mouse – EVER, kinda like watching a movie of websites flash across your monitor. How SiteHoppin works:  Think of a browser within a browser.  As shown below, you have a sidebar and top nav area.  Everything else is the real-live-web.  In the sidebar, just click the play button and start watching website slide-show across your desktop – you don’t do a thing!  Use the top navigation area to zero in on your specific topic of interest.

sitehoppin page layout

Hit the pause button to dig in deep into something of interest…use the Tag or Talk button to make things social.  (arrows) Check it out and try it.  SiteHoppin – GO. So this is where it gets interesting for webmasters.  SiteHoppin offers Beer Credits.  These are credits you can earn to send traffic to your site.  Beer Credits are given by you simply using/viewing your own topics of interest via SiteHoppin.  The more you use, the more you get.  Sounds fair. I’ve started using SiteHoppin and have already seen my web hits increase.  I’ve even requested Max (owner/developer) to include a USB category for all the lovely USB thaangs. SiteHoppin has a host more of features and benefits and the only way to truly see and benefit from this tweak of a social media idea is to view their testimonial page. Continue Reading

Off Topic: Mr. Pitiful Official Music Video

Taking things off topic for a moment, GetUSB’s blogging buddy, Zedomax, has a friend of a friend who just released their first official music video. I’m working hard to convince them of using USB music albums rather than vinyl or CD. Below is the official video. The song is called Mr. Pitiful. I must say…it’s good and the guy has a great voice. If this single doesn’t help him break into the music industry, than he sure as hell should try American Idol next season. Take a listen: As for my buddy at Zedomax (Max) he’s also the founder/developer for the viral and ever popular website SiteHoppin. If you like Stumble or Digg or any other social network than SiteHoppin is the next big thing and an absolute must. If you can’t view the video go to the YouTube channel. Continue Reading

Dixau USB Scanner Does More Than OCR

Dixau put a new spin on an old product. Take our traditional OCR scanner (optical character recognition) and digitally translate any written page into electronic form. Well, what if you’re scanning in a topic you know nothing about? The folks at Dixau developed a method to automatically searches Google or Wikis on text scanned, but not familiar with.

hand held, USB scanner

The hand held Dixau USB scanner has the ability to OCR a physical page, then click a button to take a picture of the text and the scanner will display explanations and background information from an auto search function built into the software, right on your screen. No need to type in complicated words into Google, the intellegent software will do the work for you. The hardware, software combination increases productivity and although initially used for Koreans to learn translation, this would also be useful for young children to learn about words and subject matter. The Dixau OCR USB scanner is available for $90. Source: EverythingUSB via OhGizmo. Continue Reading

USB Drum Kit

USB Drum KitGeek Rockers rejoice and get your bang on with this USB Drum Kit.  The kit is much like the USB piano whereby everything rolls up for ultra portability, and of course, is a one-connect USB gadget so no additional power cords or cables. The kit has six different pad areas (snare, kick and a couple of toms) and the included software allows you to control and select the various sounds programmed to each pad from 50 percussion sounds, 20 preprogrammed percussion sets and 100 preprogrammed beats.Girls will flock to your cube as you become a Geek rockstar! Purchase online at Thinkgeek. Source: Continue Reading

Credit Card Size Digital Video Player

 Is that a PMP in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? Sorry, that’s all I could think of for this super mini video player that sports a 2.4″ or 2.8″ full-size bright high-res LCD display. The device can be expanded with a memory card (T-Flash or MicroSD) but comes with 2GB built-in. The battery life will let you play video for 3-4 hours and audio for 6-8 hours.

Credit Card Size Digital Video Player

The device is so simple but really combines many features people look for in a PMP including simplicity of transferring video to the device (supports USB mass-storage mode for easy transfer of video on any OS), expandability memory, charging via USB (when traveling I hate bring extra chargers) and can play FM Radio, Text, Pictures, Games and Videos. Continue Reading

USB Wireless Rocket Launcher

USB Wireless Rocket Launcher It’s kill or be killed in office warfare so you need every advantage you can get and this USB Wireless Rocket Launcher gives you 15 extra feet from your base station to smite your enemies, er co-workers, down. No longer do you have to worry about an abduction of your Red Swingline Stapler, your special neon-colored dry-erase markers or that last piece of your boss’ birthday cake while this Rocket Launcher’s got your back!Purchase the USB Wireless Rocket Launcher online at ThinkGeek. Source: Continue Reading

USB Duplicator by Nexcopy Makes Content Loading a Breeze

Update: Nexcopy reports the USB duplicator will duplicate 30MBs of data to all 20 flash drives in about 40 seconds. The USB duplicator will copy 250MBs of data in about 3.5 minutes. So the USB duplicator has good performance on data copy speeds.
Nexcopy announced earlier this week their USB200PC USB Duplicator is available for purchase. This unit appears to be the easiest and most economical way to load content to USB flash memory. The USB duplicator is a PC based system which copies fro m a master location to 20 slave ports. I would think this an excellent product for those looking to produce interactive product information, sales presentations or even USB music albums on flash memory.

usb duplicator, nexcopy

Granted this could all be done on CD or DVD, but the idea I like about USB flash, is it being extremely portable, more durable than optical media (no scratching or damage from direct sun), and can be reused again and again as a big, fat floppy drive by the user. The USB duplicator concept seems to be a great method to manage an arsenal of flash memory, whether it be content loading to a new set of flash drives for a trade show, or updating a rotation of information to a group of USB drives (say for sales force or medical applications). The Nexcopy USB200PC USB duplicator has some interesting features. The software will not only duplicate data, but an option to duplicate only new and newer data. Meaning, if you don’t want to over-write current data on the device, selecting the Copy New and Newer means it will only add data to the existing drive. This function also updates an old file with the newer version. This feature in itself makes USB drive flash management extremely easy and convenient. The Nexcopy USB duplicator is priced at $1,299 for a 20 target USB copier so the solution wont kill your budget (like some $10,000+ systems I’ve seen). Nexcopy USB Duplicator product page. Continue Reading

China Now #1 Internet Market

The United States is no longer the nation with the largest number of internet users. China overtook the US last month in users for the first time, according to the state-run China Internet Network Information Center. Researcher BDA China Ltd. estimates there are now over 220 million internet users in China, compared with 217.1 million in the U.S. Online ad revenue continues to lag in China, however, totaling $1.3 billion in 2007 compared to e-Marketer estimates of $21.4 billion in America. Maybe it’s time for me to start promoting the Chinesse translation of my blog. methodshop Continue Reading

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