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iPhone 1.1.3 Leak [video]

Here it is… video evidence of the new unreleased iPhone 1.1.3 software improvements. The embedded video below is a nice and thorough walk-through of the unreleased iPhone 1.1.3 feature updates hosted by Andru from Watch it fast before Apple’s lawyers take it down. Anyone still think it’s fake? If the embedded video above doesn’t load, then click here. methodshop Continue Reading

USB Egg Cluster Moves Us Into Easter Preporations

It’s not even New Year’s Day and we are moving things along with prep for Easter.  Today I received info on a USB egg cluster from GiftWhole Electronics.

usb egg cluster

Using either USB power or wall power, it’s easy to get your cubical or front office up and running for Easter.  The color LEDs, not the case, make the unique color set seen above.  The bunch of 8 measure about 3 meters in length and from the looks of the picture make quite a rats nest with cabling. For pricing and product details jump over to GiftWhole Elec. Continue Reading

USB CD Carousel Aids in Organizational Skills

I’ve got at least four different piles of CDs and DVDs around the house.  I just can’t find a happy medium.  I’ve tried the DVD case with matching DVD cover clipped out.  I’ve tried the library with the discs still in the jewel case, but nothing satisfies my ideal organizational methods. However, Skymall, that gadget company we are forced to fall in love with, has a possible solution.  The USB CD Carousel is just what this doctor ordered.  It holds 150 discs and through included software and USB cable you can database your entire collection, and select a given CD by simply entering keywords or title.  Within seconds the correct CD or DVD is popped out ready for viewing.

usb cd dvd carousel

What’s better, is the USB CD Carousel can also be used in standalone mode.  You can also use the included software to manage multiple CD carousels…after all, who only has 150 discs these days? Continue Reading

USB Drive Ejector Software

I reported a while back on a product called Unlocker if you are having problems unlocking your USB drive from a Windows operating system. Today I bring you another package which does the same function; however, is easier to use. USB Drive Ejector is a simple utility which lists all USB devices on your buss and with a double click – you can unlock and eject the device.

eject usb drive

This is a great tool to have in case you’ve ran into:
  1. Cannot delete file, access denied
  2. Sharing violation
  3. Source destination file in use
  4. File is in use by another program, etc.
However, you should always proceed with caution when a stubborn drive wont eject. Sometimes…and I mean sometimes…there are reasons. Such as virus software scanning the memory device or Windows writing to the device in cache memory. These examples are far and few between so a couple of common sense activities might be in order, such as Continue Reading

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