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MPixx 7000 FineArts PMP from Grundig

Following the no-button design of the iPhone, Grundig is launching their MPixx 7000 FineArts series PMP player. Brushed aluminum holds in the button less screen and with a 2.4 inch TFT display there is plenty to look at.
grundig mpixx 7000
Two models are available; 2GB and 4GB. Both Grundig FineArts models support all the audio and video formats along with FM radio support. If these guys could figure out how to get my satellite radio stations in there we’d be set! The MPixx 7000 also comes with a microSD slot for expanded memory, integrated loudspeaker (how loud is another question) double earphone connection and USB connection for download and power charging. Due out in October at $200 and $240 respectively. Source: Grundig via Audio Junkies Continue Reading

Home Brew USB Charger / Power Supply

Over the years I think we’ve all gathered some extra power supplies and wall adapters. Here is a quick guide to a home brew USB charger or USB power supply. This USB tutorial is from the Hacked Gadgets website and Alan runs a good site – check’em out.

This unit is great for charging your iPod, PSP or any USB device and only costs pennies to make.
usb power charger
The main unit needs to run from a regulated 5vdc wall adapter with at least 500ma or higher. These are very common and I’d think most households have at least one extra laying around. You’ll also need:
  • 330 ohm 1/4 watt resister
  • 10k ohm 1/4 watt resister
  • 3mm LED (any color)
  • USB type A jack (female)
So this is what we have for total parts: Continue Reading

Poll Results: USB Webcam For You?

USB web cameras seem creepy but it’s one of those things you just don’t know about until you try it. Once you get past the idea of seeing yourself on screen, as you chat away the afternoon, you begin to realize how nice web cameras are. Sometimes words can’t describe the idea or thought – this is especial true in business. Sometimes it’s just nice to see the person you are talking to. Well, whatever it is the majority of us aren’t ready. Over 40% of our visitors doen’t have a webcam and over 30% thought it would be creepy – putting it all together the minority are USB webcam fans. Frank, a Colorado visitor, ended up winning the set of USB cables for this poll. Congrats! He visits GetUSB a couple times a month (I’ll have to work on that) and has a variety of flash drives – largest being 8GB. Frank is anxiously awaiting the cut-the-cord with his USB devices and drop some coin on a wireless hub. They’re out for the taking. Continue Reading

U3 Software: UltraEdit Text Editor for Any Web Enthusiast

Sure Notepad is basic and free for a text editor, but if you’re a webmaster worth your salt, Notepad wont do. UltraEdit has been around for years and is now available to launch from your U3 flash drive.
u3 software text editor
Running UltraEdit U3 Software from a UFD is ideal because this powerful program installs once, doesn’t mess with registry files and is 100% portable. UltraEdit is a text editor and offers much more…
…configure it for your favorite preferences like syntax highlighting, code folding, basic or advanced menus/toolbars, add your macros, scripts, user-defined tools, and/or FTP/SFTP account information—all in a “digital briefcase” no larger than the size of a stick of gum.
The trial version is 45 days and full price of the software is $49. A small investment for the web guru. Grab the free trial at U3 headquarters or click the publisher IDM Computer Solutions. Not sure what U3 is? Read this. Continue Reading

Singer Futura Is Now Taking USB

Attention ladies, Singer now takes USB. WOW – this article is starting off to be rather sexist. Why should I assume only woman are interested in a Singer sewing machine with USB? Having USB, one can transmit embroidery designs and pattern selections directly from your PC or laptop. Let me re-word. Attention metro sexual males – you may now use Singer Futura to sew your club logo’s or personalize your towels, handkerchiefs and dress shirts.
singer usb futura
There are three models from Singer that offer USB connectivity. The Futura CE-350, Futura CD-250 and Futura CE-150. Seriously, I would think those into sewing would appreciate the ease-of-use USB offers for a process like this. Continue Reading

Collapsible USB Connector Falls Flat On It’s Face

Apple is motivated to introduce an ultra portable laptop and according to their calculations one of the biggest limiting factors is the port connectors. With that in mind, Apple submitted a patent for a collapsible USB connector (and other connectors like FireWire and RJ-45) to aid in the ultra slim effort.
After reading a summary of the report here it’s clear Apple is looking to create a “highly tapered chassis shape.” (although the picture in that report does show it). So how does this collapsing port work? Without to much detail the idea is this: When the ultra portable laptop is closed so are the ports. When the laptop is opened those ports expand and allow connectivity using traditional sized cables. Seems to me this methodology is asking for trouble, unless the only thing being connected are low speed peripherals like mouse or scanner. Source: AppleInsider Continue Reading

You Are Your Own Hotspot – New Franklin EVDO USB Modem

Franklin Wireless is churning out their smallest EVDO USB Modem so you can be your own hotspot – whether you’re hot or not. EVDO or Evolution Data Only/Evolution Data Optimized provides fast wireless broadband (3G) internet service directly to your [I’m assuming] laptop [or any computer really]. All this access is now portable and available via Franklin’s USB CDU680 modem. You can take the internet with you and surf the web in your car, on the train, in the airport, at your Starwars technology convention or in your Luv Bus RV.
evdo franklin usb modem
Some exceptional features too. 64MB flash drive – okay maybe THAT’S not impressive, built-in GPS, antenna port for external signal boost, pre-configured for PC/ Mac and swivel base USB connector.
evdo franklin usb modem
Source: Franklin via EVDO Info Continue Reading

USB Gluttony – Frank’s Cubicle

No this isn’t me; and my office doesn’t look like this. Not unless GetUSB came to life and ran me out of house and home. Frank’s Cubicle is not a demo room, but an absolute time killer (in a good way). So if your boss stepped out and you have some time check out Frank’s Cubicle.
On a more serious note, the USB Implementers Forum runs the site and Frank’s Cubicle is a tribute to all the gadgets we’ve come accustomed to love.
The USB Implementers Forum drives certification testing and logo awareness for Hi-Speed USB, Hi-Speed USB On-The-GO and Wireless USB technologies. We developed Frank’s Cubicle to show the ubiquity and proliferation of the most successful interconnect technology in the world, with more than 2 billion implementations to date. Today consumers demand interoperability and ease-of-use. I’d like to think the USB technology has those benefits mastered. Now when consumers think USB we’d like them to remember the associated brands. The latest technology we are supporting is Wireless USB, in which the first five certified products were introduced a few weeks ago from Lenovo, Dell, IOGEAR and D-Link. Set to perform like USB 2.0 sans the cables. Consumers can expect to see more products arrive on the retail shelves before the holiday season.
Thanks – Kim! Continue Reading

Dictation Fit For a Queen

(read that headline again) Grundig is doing dictation digital style. The DigtaSonic xMic is all professional and hard to call a typical dictation gadget. None-the-less, it’s out there with elegance and style. The design has a “soft touch” texture for … wait for it … long lasting pleasure comfort.
Using USB connectivity the DigtaSonic takes control of any PC application via Grundig’s Track Point mouse technology. For custom integration (medical applications) the Grundig mic comes with SDK tools for 100% software compatibility. Digital quality is claimed to be top shelf with integrated sound card and dynamic speaker for optimal recording and play-back. Clearly not a dictation tool for the common office executive but would make a great item for that afternoon rant.
Source: Grundig Continue Reading

Waterproof Speaker Swims and Makes Sound – Kinda

Shaped like a shampoo bottle and about as waterproof, this standalone juke box will let you get jiggy in the shower without harm to you or the system.
waterproof usb speaker
Now that we’ve found that waterproof Juke Tower speaker system you’ve always wanted; Step 2 – find that waterproof flash drive. The standalone system pulls music from your flash drive and includes basic volume, skip, stop, play, etc controls. What your shampoo bottle doesn’t have, but the Juke Tower does, is an illuminating clock display so you’ll never be late because of too much American Idol practice.
waterproof mp3 usb speaker
Source: TFTS + Image Continue Reading

Hyundai Integrates USB Port Into 2009 Elantra

Hyundai Motors will place a USB port into their 2009 Elantra car for stereo connectivity and support of the Microsoft automotive initiative Blue&Me. Given the fact you’d find yourself in a Hyundai it’s not clear on how you can actually use the USB port, although it’s obvious the USB port would give you access to sync GPS devices, access the stereo for flash based music libraries and display contact information from your PDA on the upgraded nav station.
hyundai usb port
Blue&Me Link to Microsoft page. Continue Reading

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