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Web Server on USB Stick

Several weeks ago I ran an article on running WordPress from a USB stick. That tutorial uses the same utilities as this USB Web Server product BUT since I received 11 emails about the WordPress post – I think a version which can be purchased is worth posting.
usb web server
The USB web server is $69 and runs the following applications:
  • CGI/Perl
  • PHP/Python
  • MySQL
  • Java/JavaScript
  • Flash
  • RealAudio
  • Windows Media
WebServUSB is a full featured web server programmed into flash memory a USB device. It features HTTP and FTP web services, plus a companion email server program which provides POP3 and SMTP mail services. By plugging WebServUSB into any PC with a USB port, it can enable that PC to become and Intranet (LAN) or Internet based web server.
Since I’m a DIY type; I prefer this method. Continue Reading

Egg Shaped USB Thermal Label Printer

I love labels. I label folders, tools, lunch boxes (for the kids), miniDV tapes, flash cards – you name it. I currently use a Brother label printer but I don’t like using the small alpha-numeric touch pad. I like this Casio USB label printer because I can design the text on my PC and print directly to the label maker via USB.
usb label printer
The USB Egg shaped thermal label printer uses any TrueType font so you can print in any language. The USB printer uses a thermal print technology – yet I don’t know how long the roll of paper is…(email into manufacturer now) the roll is about 2 meters (6 feet) long and the replacement thermal ribbon is a standard Casio part number which can be obtained from most supply stores (so they say). At just $29, which is half the price of a Brother label printer, I will definitely purchase this if the replacement rolls are easy to get and affordable. Update to follow.  Purchased and awaiting arrival for review. Continue Reading

Color Chromatic USB Hubs Brighten Your Day

Looking for a little color on your desk along with some utility, this color chromatic USB hub should make the top of your list. Not that you need a colorful USB hub to connect your USB gas mask, USB aroma drive, USB fart fan and Coca-Cola flash drive, these hubs just make it that much more fun. Never again could someone else take the crown of most cheezy USB guy at your office. USB hi-speed compliant, 4 ports, self powered, $7 bucks – great addition, great addition.
chromatic usb hub
Circle Color Chromatic USB Hub product page
color chromatic usb hub
Square Color Chromatic USB Hub product page. Continue Reading

AppleTV Hack: External Storage via USB

The good folks at AppleTVHacks just released a way to use an external drive via USB for additional storage. Here comes the 1TB AppleTV! So here’s the high-level summary, the AppleTV hack allows the system to boot normally from the internal drive of the AppleTV then allows for digital content to be stored, pulled and played from an external drive. Unfortunately this AppleTV hack is only working on Max OSX at the moment, but a community call to action has been made to incorporate this hack to support other opperating systems. Ahh, how nice.
appletv hack usb storage
If interested visit the other side of this link for all the gritty detail. Continue Reading

IOCELL Teams With Young Kim For Stunningly Slick UFD

The new IOCELL UFD, the mDrive, is a slick design from the leading Korean design firm, InnoDesign. Young Kim is creating a Korean focus for this drive based off the national flag or Taeguk-ki, which emphasizes beauty and balance.
iocell mdrive
Wearing the mDrive means one has come into the deep philosophy of Taeguk and breaths the cosmos it creates. korean flagHmm…I know the American culture isn’t much into karma (isn’t that obvious!) but philosophy aside, this is still one slick looking flash drive. InnoDesign put specific detail into the color and lines of the drive to reflect the balance of the Korean flag. I especially like the small metal lanyard clip as it appears as durable as one would need not to lose those valuable personal files. The gold plated USB connector style also makes the drive very resilient against water damage.
mdrive ufd
IOCELL mDrive product page. Continue Reading

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