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M-Flyer Pilot; Doesn’t Sound Like a Flash Drive

memorex m-flyer mflyer
Memorex went to the streets with the M-Flyer Pilot TravelDrive UFD. Using the retractable USB connector design we’ve seen before, Memorex changed it up a spring loaded USB connector. So with the click of a button the USB connector pops-in and pops-out. With the capless design flash drive, Memorex also bundles in some 256-bit encryption security software also called their Portable Vault Software. Several colors are available (blue and red) which color arrangement is dependent upon storage capacity.
m-flyer pilot
Blue = 4GB. Red = 2GB. $79 and $49 respectively. Continue Reading

Buy Certified, Apple has “Works With iPhone” Logo

The iPhone is out. Letting the big-boys do the iPhone coverage I thought to chime in with something a little less mainstream. Apple released a “Works With iPhone” badge, mark, logo, whatever you want to call it.
works with iphone logo
Viewing the accessories page Apple has the following USB related accessories for the iPhone:
  • USB Power Adapter
  • Apple Dock Connector to USB Cable
  • iPhone Bluetooth Travel Cable
  • Apple USB Power Adapter
  • iPhone Dual Dock
Other iPhone accessories include Bluetooth connectivity, headsets, AirPort Extreme support and fancy TTY adapter.  Given you just dropped at least 4 bills on the iPhone I’d sport the little extra cash for certified accessories products, but that’s just me. Visit iPhone accessories page Continue Reading

Slim Jim Sony USB Mouse Does the Wrap

I’ll give Sony one thing, their high priced products do have style. Take the new travel USB mouse from Sony. Not your average looking optical mouse and added design with cord wrap feature underneath. I also like the fact Sony kept the wire. 1) It gives me the ability to report on it as the connection is [obviously] USB and 2) I don’t like the battery-sucking wireless models.
sony mouse
slim sony mouse
usb skinny mouse
Continue Reading

USB Engine (Hub) Sure To Be A Blast

Now this truly is a USB powered gadget. Earlier this week SolidAlliance introduced the USB engine hub. Based off a two liter motorcycle engine the USB hub houses 3 USB ports and takes up quite-a-bit of space.
usb engine hub
Two things are crazy about this. One, the USB engine hub makes noise, a lot of noise. The non-soothing sounds begin with; starter, gear shift and rev-engine sounds. Two, the president of SolidAlliance predicts this novelty gadget will become their best selling product. Well, that isn’t much of a stretch considering SolidAlliance is best known for Sushi flash drives. If you need a USB hub and need to be heard, get the USB engine for only $43 USD. SolidAlliance ships globally. Continue Reading

USB Vertical Mouse – Something To Grab On

The USB vertical mouse might alleviate that pain you have from obsessive mouse clicking. I’m a little skeptical with products like this but after reading the description, there is definitely merit here.
usb vertical mouse
The shape supports you hand in a fully upright handshake position which reduces pain and strain from forearm twisting which comes from a normal, horizontal mouse. Introduced earlier this year, the USB vertical mouse is used at UC Berkeley, where it was developed, by nearly all the staff. It was found to be comfortable, easily adapted to, and promote a neutral wrist and forearm posture. When I first saw the vertical mouse I thought it useless because when you went to click, the mouse would slide sideways. After a moment of thought (and reading) you understand the thumb provides the balance as it naturally opposes the finger position.
vertical mouse
Albeit not a traditional looking mouse it does look very useful. If anyone at UC Berkeley is reading this, shoot me an email about it’s performance. I’ll update this post. FYI – The vertical mouse is a Windows only device, but Evoluent does provide a link to a third party Mac solution for mouse drivers to run on the OSX. Source: Evoluent via Blog De Onasis Continue Reading

iPhone Rate Plans Revealed

Today Apple posted a page detailing the cost of the iPhone rate plans (US). And they aren’t as bad as most people had thought. All plans have unlimited data (nice!) – $60 for 450 minutes, $80 for 900 minutes and $100 for 1350 minutes. Existing AT&T customers can add unlimited data for $20 – $40 with a varying number of text messages.
  • All iPhone service plans include Visual Voicemail and unlimited data — Internet and email — so you only have to decide how many minutes and SMS text messages you need. You’ll select your plan when you activate your iPhone using iTunes on your computer.
  • If you’re already an AT&T customer and want to keep your current voice plan, you can just add an iPhone Data Plan with unlimited data (email and web) and Visual Voicemail for just $20 per month.
BeSocial: iphone plans | digg story | methodshop Continue Reading

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