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Bob Marley Exodus USB Music Album

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Bob Marley Exodus album a re-release is coming out as a USB Music Album.
usb album bob marley exodus
The USB album will be available May 28th to a limited 4,000 with exclusive video footage of Bob Marley and the Wailers playing at London’s Rainbow Theater back in June of 1977. 2,000 copies will also be released in the MicroSD card format along with a CD version. The CD version will have the exact look and feel as the original LP which was released in 1977. Continue Reading

Windows Readyboost Blows

I’m just a blogger; have written about Readyboost; but never investigated it’s performance. I found an article today from PC World who took a closer look. Basically, it blows. “What is Readyboost you ask?” well it’s a feature of Vista that allows flash memory (like USB Sticks) to be used as additional RAM to boost PC performance.
vista readyboost benchmark
PC World took that claim and put it to the bench. First off, Microsoft indicates that only the best performing flash drives should be used, (3.5MBs per/sec reads and 2.5MBs per/sec writes) so although some web sites claim “use any extra flash drive for Readyboost,” that claim is a bunch of BS. Using the best performing drives from Kingston, Lexar and Ridata it was concluded the Readyboost did improve performance, but only by 4 to 6%. So unless you had a stop watch – BFD!  My Vista upgrade is going to wait. Continue Reading

The Next Generation of U3; a Microsoft Version

The announcement of Microsoft developing a UFD platform to replace U3 could turn into a similar battle we saw 25 years ago between VHS and Betamax.
microsoft u3
Major suppliers have already dropped the U3 platform because of high royalty fees (around 5%) to bundle less expensive software which does the same thing. As these suppliers, like Kingston and Memorex, begin to choose the alternate like Migo Software, a heated war could surface between flash drive manufacturers. Originally SanDisk partnered with M-Systems to develop the U3 solution, but as time went on, SanDisk bought out M-Systems and the evolution of U3 continues with this most recent partnership. Microsoft is developing the software platform and SanDisk will continue offering their hardware for a total solution (yes, it’s a hardware/software thing). In addition, SanDisk and Microsoft will bundle in the TrustedFlash security technology developed by SanDisk.
“The U3 platform was established with the vision of giving customers a consistent and portable computing experience. The existing 20,000 U3 software developers that joined us show the potential for smart flash memory devices,” said Yoram Cedar, executive vice president of the mobile business unit and corporate engineering at SanDisk.
“We expect this relationship with Microsoft will raise the overall experience for consumers given Microsoft’s unique software expertise, and grow the momentum given the large community of 3rd party companies capable of utilizing Microsoft’s technologies.”
The migration process for the 20,000 U3 developers is a straight forward and simple one – Microsoft puts the pressure back on you to make the migration. Microsoft did say there will be tools to ad in the process, but the bottom line is U3 developers better get cracking if they want to see the light-of-day come mid 2008. Continue Reading

Temperature and Humidity USB Data Logger

For the “home grower” this is a great gadget to optimized “your crop” the USB environment data logger. This is also a great gadget for an obsessive compulsive gardener as the data logger allows for 32,000 readings to be stored on the device.
temperature humidity usb data logger
Although I don’t want to pigeon hold anyone, the temp and humidity logger is also good for other controlled environments like laboratories, clean rooms, storage facilitates and other critical environment areas closets. The unit can record environment readings from 1 second to 2 hours and all data is easily downloaded for analysis via USB. LED indicators will alarm if a minimum or maximum limit has been reached or exceeded. Gotta like the handy wall mount USB holster for optimal placement. Continue Reading

Lexar JumpDrive Secure II is Loaded, or is it?

lexar jumpdrive secure iiWe’ve seen the capacity meter before from Lexar and they’ve now officially introduces the capacity meter technology to the Secure II USB flash drive line. The load meter doesn’t require connection to display the amount of storage left, it doesn’t require firmware and isn’t OS specific. It’s a standalone technology to communicate one simple thing and ultimately provides a little more flexibility and convenience for the user. The Lexar Secure II ships with 256-bit AES encryption technology which lets users protect data quickly and easily. Users can easily create multiple password-protected encrypted areas and simply drag files into the secure area for automatic encryption. Drag the files out again, and they are automatically decrypted. An excellent feature Lexar includes is their File Shredder utility that safely erases files and destroys the digital trail usually left behind with a simple file delete command. With the File Shredder whatever is deleted cannot be recovered or restored. The JumpDrive Secure II is available now in sizes between 512MB to 8GBs. Continue Reading

Old School Eraser Leads 2nd Life as USB Flash Drive

New Launches posted this old school eraser which houses a USB flash drive.
usb eraser
The clever design is an irony of sorts, the eraser erases your mismatched efforts while the USB Drive stores them!
The flash drive is a 1GB size and is available for about $100 USD. What is hard to get my hands around is the ability to turn anything into a flash drive these days. I did a post yesterday of the top 19 cheeziest flash drives from over seas, on top of the strange one’s I’ve reported on, like Spongebob, Pez figures and the USB bullet. Continue Reading

NEW Sony LipStick MP3 Player NW-E010 has USB Direct Connect Connectivity

This new Sony NW-E010 MP3 player is compact in size and saves space with a direct connect USB port so fumbling around for that long-lost-cable wont become a problem.
sony mp3 player
The NW-E010 uses the flagship Sony Walkman technology to house two audio technologies – Clear Bass and Clear Stereo – to deliver a crystal clear audio sound.
sony NW E010
The Sony MP3 player comes with SonicStage music management software which integrates the Sony CONNECT Music Store with the device for easy download of new music. Although the Sony CONNECT Music store is a far cry from the iTunes option, for those die-hard Sony fans, this is one player worth consideration. Continue Reading

Crazy – Wacky – Goofy – 19 of the Strangest Flash Drives Fresh-off-the-Boat has seen our share of bizarre flash drives – from Chewbacca to Stitch to Watches – but today we bring you 19 rediculous flash drives we found from over seas. Some of you wouldn’t be caught dead with these on your person, others just might want to buy a container full. Below is my list – not in any particular order – along with a link to the manufacturer in case one catches-ur-eye or tickles-ur-fancy. Enjoy. Continue Reading

Buffalo USB Card Reader (MCR-A28) – Supports 30 Card Formats

Tis the season for card readers…yesterday we had the latest from Kingston for the MobileLite announcement, now Buffalo introduces their latest line up – the MCR-A28 USB card reader.
Buffalo USB card reader
This USB card reader supports 30 card types and most notably the new SDHC and Memory Stick Pro format – which are not backward compatible with other card readers which previously supported SD and Memory Stick. Since the Kingston MobileLite is a 9 card reader focused on mobile memory cards, if you need something with a wider range of support YET still compact in size, the Buffalo USB card reader makes our short list. Continue Reading

Kingston’s Version of a Hatch Back (9 in 1 Card Reader)

The MobileLite 9-in-1 card reader is Kingston Technology’s version of hatch back – reminds me more of a beetle. MobileLite takes the shape of a flash drive but where you would typically find the flash memory, Kingston has placed a host of card reader slots. The top pops open reveling the memory card slots.
mobilelite card reader
The PC connection is USB (of course) and the nine flash memory formats are; microSD, miniSD, Secure Digital, SDHC, MMCmicro, MMCmobile, RS-MMC, MMCplus and full size MMC (MultiMediaCard). Continue Reading

USB Microscope – View Everything but DNA

Microscopes have long been a favorite for kids looking to see the details. With the ProScope HR USB Microscope the convenience of getting close is infinitely easier. Designed like a toy gun, the USB microscope is like a point-and-shoot device with the ability to capture what ever is being viewed.
usb microscope
There are three methods on how to use the microscope.
  1. Touch View – hold the microscope to item being viewed
  2. Distant View – Using one of the lens kits view an item from a table top.
  3. Analog Microscope – Connect the ProScope to a traditional analog microscope for viewing and capturing image
The ProScope HR magnification range is from 1x to 200x. Construction of the unit is durable and ideal for classrooms or CSI crime scenes. With the on-board camera, the ability to take snapshots and save images to your PC via USB is what truly makes this a convenient tool. The microscope is designed with backlighting to provide illumination while viewing. Continue Reading

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