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Broaden Your Horizons With USB to RGB Dongle

IO Data is looking to broaden your viewing horizon with their USB to RGB dongle. Ideal for laptops without video or D-Sub output this “could” help improve your viewing experience by replacing the laptop screen with a bigger monitor. Then again, if you are missing video out, you’re probably missing USB too.
USB to RGB dongle
Before you consider building a panel of monitors from your laptop be sure to check your video card capabilities as most laptops can’t support more then original screen plus one monitor anyway. Another option is trying a new USB monitor which does the video processing for you. Continue Reading

USB Mini Computer Is Security Specific

There are times when my Avast Home Edition Security Software seems to lock up for 3 to 5 minutes downloading the latest update or version. Although it’s not a lot of time, the repeated event grinds on my nerves. For that reason I was very pleased to read about the Yoggie Pico Security System. The first of it’s kind, the Yoggie Pico device is a self contained mini computer on a USB stick which runs and manages 13 different security applications.

yoggie pico usb security

At first thought – doesn’t seem like much – why not load up 13 security applications on your computer and save a USB port? Well, the beauty lies within the combination of a self contained unit, a processor to run it self and the combination of hardware and software to protect your computer. Continue Reading

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Teams with USB

Undoubtedly there are certain sports which carry hard-core fans. Fans who will go to any length for that one unique piece of memorabilia. Right up there with hockey and football fans are Indy Car Race fans. Although I can’t find the press release now, today I received visual candy confirming our beloved Indianapolis Motor Speedway has officially endorsed the USB flash drive technology. Indianapolis Motor Speedway USB drive:
indianapolis motor speedway usb
For just $20 you too can get this exclusive (I want to say limited edition, but not sure) Indianapolis Motor Speedway 512MB flash drive for your storage pleasure. It’s never been easier to one-up your Indy loving geek friend with this piece of sporting memorabilia. Alan McKelvey, Retail Manager for IMS on-line stores sent me this back room photo to let the world know they mean business.
indy car usb
Continue Reading

QiGO USB Keys Unlock Internet Experience

So you’ve got a killing web experience but have no idea how to convince your visitors to pay for the premium product. Maybe some physical marketing material would help.
qigo usb keys
That’s the exact idea QiGO is going after.
“More and more companies are offering paid premium internet services but there is no compelling way to sell that experience physically, such as at retail or in a gift box. It’s still virtually impossible to go into a retail store today and buy an internet experience such as a one year’s subscription to a Web site or access to a popular band’s premium fan site,”
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The Pink Samsung 8mm Slim Mouse

Aving News gave some visual news about the new Samsung 8mm ultra-slim mouse. Although it’s no MoGo Mouse that slips into your PCMCIA slot, it is another great product for the minimalist. The Samsung USB slim mouse is going on sale in Korea next month – not sure if it will ever hit the states.  Specs include a USB connection, wheel that scrolls horizontally and five buttons.   Without seeing any buttons there must be a click feature on the wheel, and if there is – I’ll be the first to tell Samsung it’s a poor design.  But kudos for being slim.
samsung slim mouse
samsung usb slim mouse
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Give Your Secretary Something Else To Do; iPod Dictation with MemoMic

I would much rather have a 28 year old secretary take dictation then use the iPod MemoMic but using this we can put her to use on other tasks. The high fidelity digital audio mic recorder turns your iPod Nano into a flexible, detachable microphone suited for any situation.
ipod mic
As you can see in the picture, the recording time is prominently displayed on your iPod Nano screen in real-time, with built-in speaker you can instantly listen to your own monologue. Rather than pay double time for your trophy-looking secretary to first dictate then type, the MemoMic records your message as separate files on your iPod to later be important into iTunes. Getting creative, you can use Garage Band or similar audio editing software to play with soundtracks, movies or slideshows. The iPod MemoMic has a list of $60 but we found it for under $45. Continue Reading

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