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Kick Ass Copper Cooling System

This post is like your twice removed Aunt Helen, although not USB specific it does ultimately effect USB as this kick ass Gemini II copper cooling system cools, not only your core processor, but surrounding components as well. So what are we looking at anyway?
gemini pc cooler
Well 6 copper heat pipes designed for superior cooling for starts. Fan bracket top plate for mounting two monster 120mm fans which are all built on a huge, high-tech aluminum fin chassis for excellent heat dissipation. Although no pricing I’m positive Continue Reading

U3 Error with Vista?

u3 error vista
U3 announced a bug prevents some applications from running on Vista. The problem occurs when your Vista computer has one or more non-U3 mass storage devices attached. A good example would be your PC having a card reader connected while trying to launch a U3 drive. Not all hope is lost as the error [message: #0x80040210 (DAPI_E_COMM_FAIL)] only occurs when that non-U3 device is connected with a drive letter assigned yet no media in the device. Continue Reading

GetUSB Dealz – Xbox 360 Wireless Network Adaptor

So you read in the Xbox manual you can use it for playing music, viewing photo’s or playing videos if you’d like.  BUT, you’re either killing yourself transfering the data to your Xbox or too lazy to copy it from UFD to Xbox.  Not to worry, the 360 wireless adaptor has-got-your-back.  For a very limited time and only one buy per address, get the Xbox 360 wireless network adaptor for under $80.
xbox wireless network adaptor
Make it easy to transfer audio, video, chat and play games via Xbox Live. Nothing to plug in except the USB connector. Grab the GetUSB Dealz Continue Reading

Transcend RDM2 Card Reader Does It All

Card readers are a dime-a-dozen but with newer cards such as SDHC and miniSDHC you could be missing what you really need. The Transcend RDM2 has a boat-load of connectivity and as I write this, the most diverse card reader available.
rdm2 transcend card reader
The multi-card reader is lightening fast for data transfer when using SD, miniSD, Compact Flash, Microdrive, Multimedia Card, Memory Stick new generation Secure Digital cards and all important SDHC and miniSDHC. Now if you didn’t know the SDHC and miniSDHC are not backward compatible so although they look like the form-factor of SD and miniSD, they don’t work like them. Continue Reading

Mother-of-Pearl Transcend JetFlash V90

USB refined fashion designs continue to rise in popularity. Take the Transcend V90 for example, the new Transcend UFD is coated with mother-of-pearl and stylish metal chassis makes for one trendy device. Inspired by USB UFDs becoming fashion accessories the V90 is also high tech.
jetflash v90
Bundled with the JetFlash Elite software there are eight valuable functions; auto login, PC lock, favorites, secret zip, e-mail, data backup, My JetFlash and online update. Hmm…sounds close to U3, lets call JetFlash Elite U2. Continue Reading

What is USB Readyboost? or Readyboost Flash Drives?

Readyboost is add-on memory for your Windows Vista operating system. With Readyboost one may use flash memory devices such as USB flash drives to improve PC performance. USB Readyboost allows increased PC performance without having to install additional memory on the motherboard, but rather externally via USB port. The newly inserted memory serves as additional cache location for RAM – or memory which the computer can access faster then a system hard drive. The Windows Vista OS will allow the user to secure the flash memory space so that other tasks cannot use that memory, for example, once a flash drive has been assigned as the Readyboost flash drive you can no longer use that device to save files or play music or retrieve videos and pictures.
usb readyboost
However, the Readyboost utility does give the user an ability to designate only portions of the memory for improving PC performance.  Need a Readyboost flash drive? Continue Reading

RoadBox the Black Box for Cars

RoadBox is your black box for cars. So you got in an accident; you could say wrong place at the wrong time.  To make matters worse, the “other guy” is over exaggerating her injuries and to top it off, YOU didn’t even cause the accident. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a video to fall back on?  With RoadBox let the video do the talking so you can relax knowing the truth is just a click away.
roadbox black box
PLK Technology, a company owned by Hyundai Motor Company, introduces the RoadBox. It’s a video capture device and software analysis tool for car accidents. How it works: Continue Reading

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