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Titan the Unequivocal Indestructible Flash Drive

So we’ve seen UFDs that withstand 2,000 pounds of weight, we’ve seen underwater flash drives and we’ve seen rugged flash drives, but what about all of that, plus the security of anti-shock and anti-static? After all, UFDs are most susceptible to static electricity which is a leading factor in failing flash drives. Slava Tyukalov answered this call with his highly customized and durable flash drive line specifically designed to address these types of issues, the Titan.
Each Titan is hand made with the highest quality materials and the greatest level of care. Here’s the run down: Each flash drive starts with a graphite/aluminum composite metal combination to create a light yet very durable enclosure, this type of mixture is something you’d see in NASA products or prototypes, next coat the UFD with Continue Reading

The Blade PMP Player from MPMan

So MPMan boldly states they are the creators of portable MP3 players and most recent entry into the market is the Blade PMP. In a few, we’ll look into the MP3 claim but for now lets look at the Blade.
With a 1.5 TFT color screen and the ability to play video, MP3, WMA, DRM and OGG along with slide through jpgs we’re off to a good start. The smooth touch-pad nav area looks nice and streaming FM radio is a nice touch. At just 7mm thick that’s the strong point of the Continue Reading

Pick Up Girls With Your BMW MP3 Watch

Late last night I stumbled upon the BMW MP3 watch. It amazed me the product was still available on BMW’s website. This product was at the top-of-it’s game maybe 3 years ago when flash memory was expensive and 256MB of space seemed like a lot. Since then, MP3 watches have become a pure novelty item.
bmw mp3 watch
Just to make sure I wasn’t off base, I contacted my buddy Darren, who is also a proud BMW owner, and asked for his thoughts:
“If I was trying to impress a girl, I’m not sure if she’d be impressed or turned off by headphones connected to my watch.”
Enough said. Continue Reading

Rugged QWERTY USB Keyboard

For the select few a rugged keyboard is the only solution, and I’m not just talking about Police, Fire and military what about kids and their infinite number of juice cups which always find their way onto your keyboard.
rugged keyboard
Staco Switch just released their USB ruggedized keyboard and although not priced for the home user, it is the leading edge keyboard system for police, fire, EMT and military. The M779 Keyboard series connects via USB and has a small built-in touchpad. The QWERTY keyboard is compact and designed for tight-fit applications and use. What’s especially nice about this keyboard is Continue Reading

Protect Your Zune – Four Great Zune Cases From Soft to Hard

1) Proporta is coining a new phrase, Mobile Sock. Here they show off a pack of socks which not only fit your Zune but just about any PDA or mobile device. Nice durable material and although everyone has the material to create an alternative, it’s nice to know your Zune hasn’t been hang’in with stinky piggies.
proporta sock
2) Next is the Alu Leather case, not pig skin, from Proporta. The leather case is lined with aircraft grade aluminum to protect your Zune from Continue Reading

Wireless Digital Media Player or Wireless DMP

Steaming audio and podcasts are today’s hype on social media but when will this convenient and idealistic technology make it into homes and TVs via wireless channel for video. At least in the sense of built in technology rather then home-brew solutions.
dmp wireless digital media player
KestrelMedia has introduces their first generation of wireless streaming media solutions. The DMP or Digital Media Player connects to TVs and displays stored audio, video or just about anything over an 802.11g network. Using UPnP-AV protocols to discover and play back remotely stored content Continue Reading

Cube Fun Series MP3 Player

Aztech has a Fun Series MP3 player which is nothing short of pure novelty. So common these days are MP3 players with a couple simply buttons for play, rewind, forward – it’s become our modern day widget.
square mp3 player
Definitely not your Sansa or iPod so I will file this under USB novelty as at least that’s the connection requirement for uploading to the 512MB of memory. If you’ve been called square before, then you might be interested, here’s the Fun Series MP3 link. Continue Reading

Vista USB Transfer Cable Makes Migration Easy

You bought a new computer with Vista installed and now you need to migrate your data from the old PC to the new Vista PC.  To minimize any problems you can use the Vista USB transfer cable or migration cable from Belkin to help in the process.
vista usb cable migration
So what do you need? Not much, a couple USB ports (obviously one on each computer) and that’s about it…Oh and Vista on one machine and XP on the other. Have an OS older then XP well then you are SOL. The Belkin migration kit will easily transfer your settings, email, photo’s, music, video – basically anything you have in Local Settings. Save yourself the hassle of cross-over cables, network connections or burning CDs/DVDs and use the Vista USB migration kit from Belkin. Continue Reading

U3 Game – Drops (Addictive and Fast)

A German software company (Derbrill) now offers Drops for U3 flash drives. This U3 game is fast paced and very addictive.
Drops is a cross between Bejeweled, Connect Four and Tetris. Open U3 Drops and a screen with colored balls appears. Simply click the group of balls connected with the same color to score points. The more in a group the better your score. Although not difficult at first glance, Continue Reading

TrustWatch is SanDisk Security Answer to UFDs

Today SanDisk launched their TrustWatch solution for UFD management. As one could guess, with hundreds of UFDs being deployed in a company there becomes a huge security risk for IT managers. TrustWatch is a well thought out solution to manage the complete life cycle of the SanDisk drives. In short there are 3 main components to TrustWatch.
TrustWatch Access – this component allows management of the UFD itself, such as passwords, email client, spyware scanner etc. TrustWatch Vault – This of course is the encryption portion of the solution for the UFD. Continue Reading

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