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Contempo Reflect iPod Case from Griffin

Griffin, maker of all things iPod, introduces a very eye catching polycarbonate reflective case. Powered down, the only identifiable mark of an internal iPod is the nav wheel, power up and the screen comes to life through the luster Griffin finish.
griffin reflect
Griffin devised a polycarbonate shinny shell with a rubberized back-side for esthetic compliment and user sure grip. The Griffin Reflect fits the 2nd gen iPod Nano, video and SanDisk Sansa. Continue Reading

OrbiTouch is the Keyless Keyboard

Is it just me or is someone getting frisky with their keyboard?
The OrbiTouch is a revolutionary keyless keyboard for improved ergonomic experiences while computing. Using two dials a user will twist the domes into location for typing letters, numbers and symbols. For example, turn the left dial to a blue zone and the right to the UVWXY zone and you’ve just typed “Y” Continue Reading

USB IronDrive Sure to Survive a Blast

So the USB IronDrive has been circulating for a couple days. Designed for military application and sourced via Lockheed Martin the drive is truly indestructible. But where do you think the USB port is? Does the handle unscrew and leave you access to the port or does the tip come undone. Not clear, but I’m sure it’s in there somewhere.
usb irondrive
Here are some lofty claims from the manufacturer, R&D Electronics: Continue Reading

GetUSB Dealz – Kingston Two 1GB DataTravlers Only $4.95

For a limited time Kingston is offering two 1GB DataTravler flash drives for $4.95 after mail-in rebate. That’s not each, $4.95 for both.  Free economy shipping.
kingston 1gb datatravler
Stock sales pitch: DataTraveler USB Flash drive is ideal for home office, small business, schools and promotions. It is affordable and puts mobile storage in nearly anyone’s hands. Now you can store, carry and transfer files quickly in an affordable, convenient device. The DataTraveler from Kingston helps budget-conscious users break storage barriers, allowing you to easily store and move files in a device no bigger than a pocketknife. Offer good until Feb 28th 2007. If you’ve never ordered from it’s the best experience.  Mail-In rebates are ready and available in obvious location during checkout, smooth transaction process, nothing confusing at all. Grab the GetUSB Dealz now. Continue Reading

USB Sound Drive

Well here’s another twist someone came up with for a USB flash drive. Tele-CompSolutions came up with the all-new, patented USB Sound Drive. The UFD auto plays a message upon connectivity to the host computer.
usb sound drive
Not a bad idea as many UFDs are used for promotion. The USB Sound Drive becomes your triple threat; message, imprint, download. The patented technology is the playable speaker found inside the device. Continue Reading

Install U3 On a Flash Drive

Looking to install U3 on a regular flash drive? Or home-brew upgrade from generic flash drive to U3? Well, it’s not going to work and this is why.
install u3 on flash drive
U3 is not just software, it’s hardware too. In other words, if you don’t have the right hardware on the flash drive you’ll never get the U3 launch pad to load. U3 wrote their spec to call for certified IC controllers on the flash drive. Without a specific IC controller U3 will never work. So that’s it. If you want more info then read on. Continue Reading

MP3 Guitar Trainer Helps You Rock On

Wouldn’t it be great to loop a guitar solo to your MP3 player so you could mimic that perfect lead axe riff? The TASCAM MP-GT1 MP3 Guitar Trainer does just that along with a long list of other mind-blowing features.
tascam mp3 guitar trainger
How about pitch a song up or down to match the tuning of your guitar, or play back MP3s at variable speeds, or maybe cancel out the guitar all together so you become that lead guitarist? The TASCAM MP3 player can do that and Continue Reading

Failing School? StudyMinder for U3 Can Help

Kids will grasp at anything to make homework a little easier and with the over whelming amount of on-line content, schools are stacking on harder and harder projects to push a child’s limits. StudyMinder U3 software management system is an asset for any Academic these days. Combined the popularity of the personal flash drive and the power of the U3 launch pad there will never be another excuse on why your kid’s lost his homework.
studyminder u3
The StudyMinder is a time management system which has several valuable features other management software packages don’t have, for example: Continue Reading

GetUSB Dealz – Playstation 3 System 60GB HHD $599

For a very limited time you can grab the Playstation 3 System with 60GB hard drive for under $600…well, actually $616 with shipping. Limit one per customer and very limited stock.
Playstation 3 system
Pitch: As its digital soul, the Cell Broadband Engine represents a tour de force in parallel processing, which means a gaming experience that is beyond what you know today. Its built-in Blu-ray Disc drive delivers a whole new generation in high-definition gaming and unmatched Continue Reading

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