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Rotating USB Hub Not For Color Blind

rotating USB hubApacer brings color to your desktop with their PH150 color-cube 4 port USB hub. I found this guy will surfing Me, My Coke & I and wanted to share. The great thing about the PH150 USB hub is the ability to twist the ports yielding more freedom to connect bulky USB powered gadgets. The PH150 USB hub is made of durable aluminum alloy with colorful red, orange, yellow, green and blue cubes. Supports both USB 1.0 and 2.0 High Speed the good looks wont slow you down. Continue Reading

Sony Playstation PS3

Sony Playstation PS3The Sony Playstation PS3 has created a great stir, starting from camp-outs to get the gear to some being arrested for cutting in line maybe next time Sony will figure to ship a couple more million units to statisfy the gamers, but heck when you’re Sony what’s another couple million of incremental revenue? Now, onto the console in question. Continue Reading

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