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New Razer gaming mouse

Habu MouseMicrosoft hardware joined forces with gaming peripheral innovator Razer. The result is a fantastic, 2000DPI Microsoft Habu Gaming Mouse. The Microsoft Habu is jam-packed with technologies that will give gamers a performance edge in a comfortable shape. The black bullet has interchangeable side button panels to provide gamers with two options for different hand sizes or preferences. Odd feature, but unerstandable. Continue Reading

How can I use RSS?

RSS feedAt we receive emails from time-to-time asking about the RSS feed feature we provide and how it can be used. Today we are taking a few minutes to cover what an RSS feed is, how you can use it, what you need and how to validate the ones you subscribe too. Continue Reading Editor’s Choice Award – Bookmark Base

Bookmark Editor's Choice Award Did you ever ask yourself “Why hasn’t anyone come up with ‘XYZ’…” and the very next day you somehow, miraculously, stumble upon the exact solution you need? Well Bookmark Base was that exact scenario for me. Bookmark Base is a simple, clean software utility that auto-syncs your web browser bookmarks between computers. For example, doing research for creates Continue Reading

4G brushed metal MP3 player from Godot

Here’s a cool little, stylish brushed metal MP3 player. The Godot M9500 is small in size and big on features. The 4GB capacity should store up to 1000 songs in MP3 format or double that in WMA format. It can also playback in Ogg and WMA DRM. There’s 12 minutes of anti-shock, which should mean less skipping, along with a voice recorder, FM radio and Continue Reading

Oriental symbolism found on USB flash drives

Transcend flashdriveNeed to one-up your artsie-fartsie co-worker, well try some high cultured oriental art on your flash drive and test them on age old symbolism. Culturally inspired design the JetFlash 168 is the perfect example of innovation and technology, meeting art and beauty. As a Hi-Speed USB Flash Drive, the JetFlash 168 is a marvel of cutting edge design. By incorporating decorative oriental art into the JetFlash 168’s body, Transcend designers have created Continue Reading

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