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Griffin PowerDuo is iPod charger & USB dock connector

Those guys at Griffin Technology sure have their act together. They’ve recently bundled two of their most popular products into the PowerDuo package. PowerDuo keeps you charged in auto, boat, RV, home, hotel, or dorm room. The universally useful PowerDuo package contains the PowerJolt auto charger, PowerBlock AC charger, a USB Dock Connector cable, and a 48″ USB Type A to mini-B cable. Continue Reading

USB iGuitar from Brian Moore

brian moore iguitar
The iGuitar.USB from Brian Moore is the first of it’s kind with a built in digital audio processor that allows you to plug your guitar directly to your computer for audio recording applications which eliminates the need for an external audio interface. The iGuitar can still be used with a normal amp so to go ahead and jam without being strapped to a PC is no problem. The Brian Moore guitar has a list of Continue Reading

SMC wireless bluetooth USB adaptor

The SMC Wireless Bluetooth USB Adapter allows your USB PC or notebook to work with all Bluetooth devices. Simply plug in your SMCBT-EDR Wireless Bluetooth USB Adapter into the USB port on your laptop or desktop. Bluetooth technology allows you to communicate with other Bluetooth devices to wirelessly share files, transfer data, print, synchronize your PDA information, send and receive email, browse the web, and use a mobile phone to access the Internet. The SMC Wireless Bluetooth USB Adapter supports Class 2 Bluetooth and has an operating range of up to 300 feet/ 90m. It also supports 3 connection tasks at the same time. Continue Reading

FP3 Player from Fisher Price

Normally we don’t talk about kid’s products but Fisher Price just announced a very neat MP3 player for children, the Kid-Touch FP3 player. The MP3 player is design with kids in mind, including large push-buttons for easy navigation, large LCD for view their favorite song titles and kid-friendly headphones designed to play at kid-safe volumes. In addition a break-away lanyard for safety along with user friendly software for easy song management from the PC. Last, the MP3 player includes a SD card slot for expanded memory. Great product for children’s songs or stories. Continue Reading

JetFlash V20 is Transcends entry into high capacity flash drives

Transcend today introduced the JetFlash V20 USB flash drive to bridge the gap between large capacity and accessibility. Based on the design of Transcend’s best selling JetFlash™ 120, the V20 features the same shapely chassis and semi-transparent colored mid-band that glows during use. The pearl-white JetFlash™ V20 suites any USB enabled desktop or notebook at home, work or school. USB flash drive size range from 512MB to 4GB. Continue Reading

Take global control of company flash drives

Press Release Summary: mSystems introduces enterpriese software to manage all your company’s flash drives. Through an mTrust server the IT department can enforce and control the devices on a global scale. The flash drive must have mTrust Manager software on the flash drive which empowers management to control the flash drive both inside the network and outside the network. Continue Reading

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