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Sony Ericsson Z710 with high speed USB 2.0

Now-a-days you have to ask yourself if RSS feeds and high-speed browsing is needed with your cell phone. I for one need it and that is why the new Sony Ericsson Z710 sparked my interest. Not only does it have the above mentioned but, you guessed it, it also supports high-speed USB 2.0, push e-mail support and HDR Bluetooth support (HDR is high data rate). You also get Bluetooth streaming in stereo so you can enjoy full stereo sound with the phone’s media player, all wire free of course, and yes there is FM radio support as well. 2.0 Mega Pixel camera, video, Memory Stick expandability, sync software…yes, this is something we all need. Continue Reading

USB VoIP Bluetooth headset with multipoint technology

So what is so great about multipoint technology? Well…take the new Platonic’s VoIP-optimized Bluetooth Headset System for example, the headset allows you to click from one device to another with a single button. So now that awkward looking Bluetooth headset will NEVER leave your ear. Use the 510-USB at your desk, then click over to your cell phone and head out for that lunch meeting. It’s the world’s first VoIP headset which is meant primarily for wireless use with PC-based soft phones but also works seamlessly with other technologies like mobile phones. Continue Reading

Print Server without wires from D-Link

D-Link enhances wireless performance for inter office interoperability with the RangeBooster G (WBR-1260) Print Server. With the quick install wizard the D-Link Printer Server can connect up to 4 printers in minutes. The techs have tested the print server with over 100 printer models and is compatible with a wide range of USB multifunction printers and is backward compatible with USB 1.1/1.0 printers. The Ethernet port on the Print Server can be used as a wireless bridge. This provides wireless connectivity for any Ethernet-enabled device, such as a computer, Digital Video Recorder (DVR), or Network-Attached Storage (NAS) to the wireless network. Continue Reading

Wirless connection from DVD player to HD-TV (UWB)

OMRON Corporation announced that it will launch a new SMD Polymeric Antenna for short-range, wireless Ultra-Wideband (UWB) applications. Driven by consumer demand for simple wireless functionality, “point-and-shoot” usability and increasingly mobile lifestyles, the wireless communications market, led by Bluetooth and wireless LAN, has shown phenomenal growth over the past few years. UWBi is now attracting particular attention as a solution for high-speed, high-volume reliable data transmission over short distances. Product launch is scheduled for 1 June, 2006. Continue Reading

USB hard drive spoon feeds information

Who says a hard drive can’t spoon feed you information? Today, SmartDisk introduced their Always-On Display palm sized USB hard drive, FireLite Xpress. The award winning, always-on display is readable without power, identifies the drive by a user-designated name, indicates the last date that information was recorded and provides a table of contents for the drive. The display provides excellent readability even in direct sunlight (so they claim) and allows for wide-angle viewing and exhibits high brightness to contrast. Continue Reading

Philips HD Plasma is USB enabled

Us USB guys wont be able to get our eyes off this USB compatible Philips HD ready TV. Now it’s easier then ever to view those photos from our USB flash drive – and wont they look nice. There are some bang-up features with this new Philips release…being the first plasma set to offer a guest appearance from Philips’ Pixel Plus 2 HD engine. The engine makes everything super sharp by adjusting interpolated pixels to ‘fuse’ with surrounding ones, and also boasts noise reduction for MPEGs, making the 1080i images even more clean shaven. Continue Reading

SanDisk with new 4GB PSP memory card

Need to save more than 12 hours of game saves, or how about 4,000 pictures so you can view them on your PSP? SanDisk to the rescue with their new 4GB Pro Duo Game Card for PSP. This Pro Duo Memory Card is in response to the growing demand from power users on the PlayStation Portable. “The PSP has clearly become more than just a gaming device,” said Wes Brewer, SanDisk’s vice president of consumer products marketing. “Since there is no internal memory for the PSP, a Memory Stick PRO Duo flash card is the only way to store large amounts of entertainment Continue Reading

USB MPEG video capture device from Sensoray

Sensoray, a leading input device manufacturer, announced a new addition to their video capture products, the 2250. The video capture box, which looks a little like a stereo car amplifier, accepts NTSC or PAL analog video source (composite or S-video) and converts it into one of supported MPEG streams along with the optional audio (line or microphone). Capture in JPEG format is supported as well. A USB interface allows video capture at full resolution and frame rate. Flexible resolution and bitrate selections provide the optimal balance between quality and storage requirements for a wide range of applications. Continue Reading

High definition USB TV stick from AverMedia

AverMedia debuts their HD ready USB TV tuner called the DVB-T Volar. With this USB flash drive shaped tuner you can avoid installing a TV tuner card on your PC or laptop and still get all the terrestrial channels available. AVerTV DVB-T Volar allows you to enjoy digital free-to-air TV programs with just one connection to your notebook or desktop PCs without carrying an extra bulky power adapter. The power Stand By mode is a value-added bonus to spotlight the ultra low power consumption feature-the power drawing from the Notebook battery can be greatly reduced even when the AVerTV DVB-T Volar connects to the Notebook computer without running AVerTV 6.0. Continue Reading

Cypress USB controllers stretch from NY to LA and back again

How far would half a billion USB controllers stretch if laid end-to-end? Try from NY City to Los Angeles and back again. That is how many USB controllers Cypress has shipped since their inception of the USB controller product line in 1997. Fueled by growing consumer demand in USB-enabled applications such as mice, keyboards, hubs, media and video players, mobile phones, mass storage (external hard disk drives & enclosures), set top boxes, photo printers and video capture peripherals, Cypress shipped over 130 million USB controllers in 2005, the most in its history, and is already approaching 600 million units shipped from inception to date. This press release in conjunction with our recent article about USB devices reaching 2.8 billion units by 2010 means we’ll be busy for a while… Continue Reading

New USB Skype phone from Brando

Brando has a USB Skype Phone looks and acts like your land line telephone at home. It’s got all those basic features, caller ID, including Skype titles & contacts, ring tone options, PC-to-PC or PC-to-phone operation, multi language support. What we like most is the high-tech look and simplicity of the unit. The Brando USB Skype Phone is available in two colors, (ahh) black and white. The list price for the Brando phone is $34USD. Continue Reading

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